Whose Life Is This?

Monday, July 15, 2013

As I’m sure any new parent knows, there is no introduction period to newborn babies. You don’t take a test before leaving the hospital, you don’t get a refund policy, you barely even receive training before you are sent home with a tiny human. And you are supposed to care for said tiny human and do everything you can to keep them alive. During the super crazy moments of trying to navigate this thing called parenthood, I did realize that this life is not that unfamiliar to me.

So please help me figure it out, do the following points mean someone is a new Mom or a college student?

1.) You pass out on your birthday.

2.) You stumble around the house at 3 a.m., not sure where you are headed.

3.) Your house is a complete wreck.

4.) The people that you hang out with throw up because they drank way too much.

5.) You call your Mom and ask a lot of questions about this thing called life.

6.) Getting up at 7 a.m. is the hardest thing to do…ever.

7.) Afternoon naps are a requirement.

8.) Dinnertime can happen anywhere between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

9.) Ponytails become a necessary daytime hairstyle.

10.) Your Mom stocks your freezer with pre-made meals for you because she isn’t sure you will actually cook dinner when she is no longer there.

So help me out, which life am I living? 


  1. It looks very similar to my college life mixed in with the homemade meals. I don't get those! Congrats on your tiny human ;)



  2. Oh man, this sounds pretty par for the course! College, and what we have to look forward to in December! Glad you got a bday nap friend!


  3. hahaha this is awesome. Now if only the college girlfriends were there to shuffle through it all with you, then it would be the life.

  4. Wonderful post! Gave me a good laugh this morning!! I, for one, am glad to be out of the "parenting a newborn" stage. Although, there are challenges with every stage of parenthood. Enjoy the afternoon naps, while you can still get them :)

  5. yay for freezer meals! This is a funny post... cant wait to see my life in a few weeks!

  6. hahah love it!! you're helping me feel like i may be a little more prepared that i think i am... :)

  7. Haha. I love this! Hope it gets easier and easier!

  8. Since I never went to college and in fact it isn't a big thing here to go to college I would have to say it sounds like the life of a mum...............although my mum never prepared meals for me once I was married and out living with hubby and bubs that was my job.


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