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Welcome to Pursuit of Pink! I'm thrilled to have you here!

Pursuit of Pink is a place where women can come to gain inspiration for home décor and life. Through this blog I hope to help you create a home and life that you love. I designed this space to offer you tips and tricks on making life a bit easier to navigate. Life can be messy and hard; I want to come along beside you and offer resources to lessen your load. It is my heart to give you a place of positivity that encourages you, lifts you up and helps to build confidence in who you are as a woman.

Is your to do list constantly growing, keeping you from looking for the best products to use in your home? Need a quick dinner recipe? Looking for affordable, everyday style advice? Trying to figure out how to balance it all? I'm here to help! 

This blog is a place for me to write about the things I love and the adventures I take during this awesome life that God has blessed me with. Pursuit of Pink is a place to come for happiness and love, without judgement. A place to escape the darkness of the world and smile a bit more. I want to challenge myself to be creative and I hope to inspire you to do the same. Join me on this crazy journey and let's make love be our loudest voice.

About Me Pursuit of Pink


I'm excited to have you here, I'm sure we will be fast friends! A bit about me:
I love the color pink, though quite often my wardrobe choices involve more black and grey. But I love to find other ways to add pink to my life. I'm a girly girl who loves clothes and a good deal and I frequently combine the two. I’m married to the most amazing man I know, I call him Tolar. He’s super supportive and tells me I’m beautiful all the time; everyone should have one just like him. We have two children, one girl and one boy, who are the center of our world. In my spare time I love to read and practice photography (I take all of the photos for this blog myself!), although these days spare time doesn't come around often. Even with children in the house, I'm quite the neat freak and I love organization. I actually can't relax until my house is clean. Tolar thinks I like to clean, but I really just love the end result.

I am a Southern girl, having only lived in Virginia and North Carolina. In my mid-twenties I moved to the Northern Virginia/DC area and it was such a good decision for this city girl at heart. There I worked as the Publicist for the Shakespeare Theatre Company, what I considered my dream job. A couple years after living in DC, I met Tolar. We have since moved to Southwest Virginia where we built a house and are raising our children. I miss the city life, but I'm very content with the community we have created. I'm a theatre lover and I am extremely lucky that it is still a part of my career. In addition to running Pursuit of Pink and my social channels, I also work part time for a local theatre. A few other loves of mine: tart frozen yogurt, pretty things, a morning cup of coffee, makeup and jewelry.


  1. Linds- love your site! That is awesome that you are stepping out into the blogosphere! I could use some more Lindsay in my life....I agree with you that we need some more of the South here, Tolar and DC Metro are wonderful, and tart frozen yogurt is absolutely delicious! I am excited to hang out soon sweet girl...

  2. Just stopped by, love your blog!

    Sarah J.
    {Blonde Southern Lovin'}

  3. Shut up! I didn't know you were from Northern VA. :) How cool. I live in Fredericksburg, but I'm originally from Alexandria. So great connecting with you.

  4. Hey! Found you from Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos' blog. :) I'm from Nova as well! haha. And I am short too...but can't pull of heels too well.

    1. Awesome! I'm loving that the blogging world is introducing me to so many people, especially people who live close by! Hope to see you around sometime.

  5. Just popped over to say Hi! I found your link on Lauren's H54F post. Your blog is super cute! If you get the chance, hop on over to my little blog!

    XO Jenn


  6. Hello! I noticed you said you were a southern girl living in North Virginia. I'm starting up a Squidoo page called "Crossing State Lines" featuring bloggers who have moved from one state to another, and at least occassionally blog about where they are are where they came from. If that fits you and you'ld like to be included, please let me know. ecarian at yahoo dot com

    And I have a monthly linky (1st Wed - ie tomorrow) and if you have any posts about place you'ld like to link up please stop by and link them up. For the time being, no link-back required:


  7. I found your blog through the Community Link Up at Chasing Big Dreams! I love your blog, it's so cute! Can't wait to keep reading and see what else is in store!

    The Write Direction

  8. Hi! I'm a new follower to your blog! I found you through Caitlin at Crossroads of the Heart. I'm also a Northern Virginia blogger. I hope we can connect through here! I can't wait to read more of your posts. :)

  9. Hello from Roanoke! Saw a shot out on Beth Ann's wall. Then realized it was you from the engagement shoot I loved. Nice blog for someone who is vertically challenged but loves rocking the cardigan and heels. Ironically my blog bears the name pink as well =) Happy blogging!-Amanda

  10. Hi there, I just joined the VA blog group on Facebook and I live in Richmond!!!!! I am thrilled to see so many lovely ladies so close by!!!! Excited to get to know you, congratulations on your lil peanut and becoming a new momma xoxo

    Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  11. LOVE PINK! Love your design, excited to follow along and learn more :)
    *New blog friend here!

  12. Came across your blog via the Bloglovin Blog Hop...looking forward to seeing more!

    Kate @ kategonecoastal.blogspot.com

  13. Such a sweet blog! We have a lot in common - I am a Christian, a neat freak, mom to a girl, and a dog lover. I am also a new blogger at charminglucy.com! I am so glad I found you! Blessings! Susan

  14. Found you through the DC Ladies Blogtober Monday! Love your blog!


  15. Hey!
    Just found your blog!
    I am now following! Looking forward to keeping up!


  16. Hey! I just found you from Living In Yellow! I love that your a make up girl that also shoots or shot. haha That's the best mix! Well, I'm not a make up girl. But I'm a blue collar girl around white collar folks haha :)


  17. Awesome, a fellow DC Metro blogger :) I remember you and your husband (and your little baby!) from "couples game night" last fall. He said I should learn to play the bass guitar. And guess what...I am haha. It's a small world.

  18. Love the blog! Thank you for the add on Instagram!



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