Friday, February 23, 2018

Create Your Own Target Scavenger Hunt

Alright ladies...listen up!!!

We all love Target (obvi) and I'm sure we all love to have fun. I'm sharing a way to combine the two into something awesome. You can create your own Target Scavenger Hunt with your friends!

Target Scavenger Hunt

For the past two years, my MOPS group has hosted a Target Scavenger Hunt and it is always a top event to attend. I loved it so much that I introduced it to the ladies group at my church for a fun night out. Then several friends messaged me asking questions about all of the fun, so I figured I would share the goodness with all of you!!!

The rules are simple:
1.) Pick a place inside Target to meet. We chose the Starbucks inside Target.
2.) Divide into teams. You can divide into teams however you choose, but teams of 4 and 5 people make it much more fun.
3.) Everyone is given a list of items to find/activities to do inside Target. I'm sharing a list I created below, but feel free to create your own list! Around 20 or 25 items on the list is best; 15 can be finished really quickly so it is best to have a more robust list.
4.) Each team can interpret the list however they want. The goal is to be silly and goofy and have FUN.
5.) Take pictures of every item on the list. It is always fun to share photos with the other team at the end to see how everyone interpreted the list.
6.) The first team to complete the list wins! As soon as teams finish finding the items on their list, they should race back to the meeting place. The first team back is the winner.

Blue Sparrow Designs Co
image source

Here is a list you can use:
1.) Build a tower out of toilet paper/paper towels
2.) Spell out #blessed
3.) Find Mr. Clean's wife
4.) Select an item to help you relax
5.) Something to help soothe a crying baby
6.) Put together an outfit you might see on someone in the Bible
7.) Something with Minnie Mouse on it
8.) Model a wacky headpiece
9.) Something to keep you cool
10.) Something to keep you warm
11.) Create a battle scene
12.) Everyone holding their favorite cereal
13.) Something pink
14.) Something that comes in a package of 6
15.) A gross food and a yummy food
16.) Take a selfie of team members wearing something Patriotic
17.) Locate the perfect shade of lipstick for an alien
18.) Find a book with love in the title
19.) Your team wearing sunglasses (everyone wears a different pair)
20.) Something that makes a beautiful sound
21.) Something you like to share with others
22.) Something to represent the Winter Olympics
23.) Something you no longer need
24.) A movie you love
25.) Find an item at the Target dollar spot that starts with the same letter as a team member's first name

I'd love to hear if you have ideas on items to add to the scavenger hunt list. Please feel free to share them in the comments below.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I certainly didn't think I would be making this announcement in February, but my children certainly have a timing that is all their own. Just like his sister, our newest bundle of joy made an early entrance...four weeks early to be exact!
Knox Ricardo Tolar

Introducing the newest addition to our family:

I will share his full birth story later, but just know that he came fast and furious on the morning of February 16. I honestly didn't even think I was in labor; I thought I was having Braxton Hicks contractions. Luckily, even with arriving at 36 weeks, Knox is completely healthy and already such a good baby.

Everyone is super smitten with him, especially his big sister. The day we came home from the hospital, Kendall was so sweet with him. Her sweetness brought me to tears. I knew she would be a great big sister and she is already exceeding my expectations. She asks to hold him everyday and I will gladly oblige; its the cutest thing.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Baby Product I Wish I Knew About: Chic Pumping Bag

Thank you Sarah Wells Bags for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed below are completely my own.
Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag

My first pregnancy was five years ago and I felt like I had access to quite a lot of fabulous products. This time around, I've learned about so many other products that I had no clue about with my first pregnancy. I've found myself declaring many times, "that's a baby product that I wish I knew about the first time around." I'm considering it my duty to share about these fabulous products I've discovered.

Awhile ago, I shared about my breastfeeding journey, so most people are aware that I'm definitely no stranger to a breast pump. And I'm sure everyone is aware that I like to look pulled together and carry cute bags. Which is why I'm absolutely stoked that I discovered Sarah Wells Bags.

Let me take you back to my very first breast pump. It was a Medela pump that my insurance covered and had me order from a medical supply company. In one word, the bag was ugly. It was a yellow/brown color, shaped like a cooler and there was no denying I was carrying some sort of medical device. I tried to camouflage it as best I could, but I really did not enjoy the look of it, especially for as long as I used it. While there was plenty of storage for my pump and all of its parts, there was not any extra space for any of my personal items.

With this pregnancy, I have decided to try a different brand of breast pump that did not come with a bag so I started looking for something with lots of pockets and inside storage that could accommodate everything. I found Sarah Wells Bags and immediately fell in love. Their bags fit all sorts of breast pumps, BUT they look like purses and stylish bags. No medical looking bag here. After discovering the bags, I checked out how Sarah Wells started her company and I felt like I was reading my own story. I too used to work in Washington, DC after my first child and had to carry my purse (which was much larger than it is now), a lunchbox and a separate bag to carry all of the other things I might need for working late nights at the theatre. Hello bag lady!

The beauty of a Sarah Wells pump bag is that you can carry everything inside it, eliminating the need for multiple bags.
There is room for:
-your pump
-all of your pump parts
-expressed milk (that can be kept cool in a separate insulated container inside the bag for up to 6 hours)
-the contents of your purse
-any other personal items you might want (like a laptop, ipad or Kindle)

I have the Claire bag in black and I'm blown away by how much room there is inside and that the bag looks like a chic travel bag/tote. The organization junkie in me absolutely adores this bag, because there are pockets everywhere (12 to be exact), allowing you to store so many of your everyday/personal items. There are side pockets that allow you to easily access your pump and operate it from within the bag - no need to pull your pump out. The bag also includes easy to clean nylon for those inevitable days where something might get spilled.  And such a cute part of the bag is that there are two clear photo pockets, allowing you to slip pictures of your kiddos inside where they won't get damaged.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My Baby Shower

Baby Shower Mama and Hosts
Baby Shower childhood friends

Huge life milestones are always so much fun for all of the obvious reasons! One of my favorite reasons is that a bunch of the people I love most in life, from different stages of my life, get to come together and be in one single place. This past weekend, my sister and two dear friends threw me a baby shower to get ready for baby boy. We had a blast together and I was completely overwhelmed with the generosity of my family and friends.

Before I jump too far into this post, I must take a brief detour. Tolar came down with the flu the day after my baby shower, which immediately sent me into nurse mode. Then Tuesday, Kendall also came down with the flu. Luckily, I've successfully avoided it thanks to lots of hand washing, laundry, lysol and face masks. The people you see in these pictures are my tribe. They are the people who support me, pray for me, check up on me and offer help when needed. And they have certainly shown up for me these past several days while my household has been sick. I'm so thankful for these people; God has surely blessed me in many ways.

Back to the shower...I've decided on a mustache theme for baby boy's nursery and my shower had the same theme. We laughed, we ate yummy food, played one fun shower game and hugged like crazy. I was so happy to see my college girlfriends and my oldest friends from childhood in addition to celebrating with my family and friends that live locally to me.

I must add that a photo booth needs to be a part of any special occasion from here on out. My fabulous hosts set up a photo booth and we got some fun pictures of everyone. We had a photo booth set up for Kendall's 4th birthday party that was quite the hit, especially among the adults. I love a photo booth because it helps to capture photos of almost everyone present.

Thank you to my sister, Liann and Jessi for loving me well and putting together a fun shower. And thank you to everyone who attended for more than showering our baby boy (and my precious Kendall) with presents. It was such a special day and my heart is so full.

Baby Shower Mom and Sister

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Maternity Style That Transitions With You

I received some clothing pieces from Pink Blush for review purposes. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Trendy Clothes for Pregnancy and Beyond

When I was pregnant five years ago, I found it hard to locate cute and adorable fashions to dress my bump. I only knew of a few stores that carried maternity clothing and I found myself repeating a lot of the same few outfits due to lack of options. Luckily, this time around I've learned there are some pretty cute shops that offer chic and stylish maternity clothes. And double bonus, Pink Blush carries maternity clothes that transition with you even after baby is born.

If you've never heard of Pink Blush, whether you are pregnant or not, I encourage you to check them out. Their clothing is BEAUTIFUL. They offer so many different styles and patterns in a variety of clothing options.

I personally love all of their dresses; when shopping it is so hard to select just one or two styles because they are all so beautiful. Their maternity dresses are feminine and trendy and dresses I would wear even when I'm not pregnant. Which is the beauty of Pink can wear their clothes when you are pregnant, postpartum and beyond. I love that their clothing is designed to grow with your expanding bump, but can also look amazing without a pregnant belly underneath.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Final Days As A Family Of Three

Thank you Toyota for letting us test out the Highlander. I was given the opportunity to test out a Toyota Highlander for a week, but all opinions included in this post are completely my own. #LetsGoPlaces #DriveToyota

Circus Visit With Toyota Highlander

Our final days as a family of three are here...the countdown is officially on!
We have been busy gathering all of the baby things that we will need, planning his nursery (I've got some time since he won't have a nursery until our house is complete) and showering Kendall with lots of love and adventure.

I've mentioned in my last couple of Bumpdates (here and here) that I'm determined to keep Kendall feeling as much love and appreciation as ever. I cannot even imagine how her precious little mind will absorb the fact that she will no longer be an only child after almost five years. I do know that she is VERY excited for him to be here and she can't wait to teach him to walk and talk. Ah, she makes my heart smile! In our efforts to celebrate our last days as a family of three, we decided to make some fun memories. One of those memories started with visiting the circus!

Thanks to Toyota, we got to test out a 2017 Highlander for a week and we were able to take the car on our adventure to the circus. The circus we attended was about an hour away from where we live so we really got to enjoy the car on the drive. Kendall was just as excited about the new car as we were because there was so much room! Even for a small four year old, she appreciated that there was plenty of extra leg room for her. We all appreciated how much space was inside the car after the circus too - we bought K a large balloon and we did not have spend the ride home getting hit in the head 67 times with said balloon. Thank you beautiful Highlander for being so spacious.
Toyota Highlander

Friday, February 2, 2018

Bumpdate - 34 Weeks

34 Weeks Pregnant

WOW!!!! It is hard to believe that in 3-6 weeks, our little guy will be here. I say 3 weeks because Kendall came early at 37 weeks, so we are preparing ourselves that the same could happen this time. With Kendall, I was shocked and completely unprepared when she came early. With this little guy, I'll be perfectly fine if he arrives at 37 weeks.

How far along: 34 weeks and 1 day

Thoughts: Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm at the end of my pregnancy! I'm seriously shocked it got here so fast. I've certainly enjoyed being pregnant (hello, I LOVE that I get to proudly display my bump and don't have to suck in my stomach) and Tolar tells me that I have handled this pregnancy much better than my first. I think there is a compliment in there. I'm ready to meet our son and begin life as a family of four. It is so fun to feel him move, but a lot of his movements at this point really hurt so I'm ready for him to be in my arms instead of my belly.

I will admit, this past week it really hit me that we will be living with moving boxes and clutter and tons of baby stuff for a few months before our house is done. And it has already started to bother me. I'm a person who hates clutter and stuff just being there and that will be my reality until our house is built. I recognize this is a first world problem, but it bothers me nonetheless. I'm trying to prep myself for how life will be and focus on the positive: having a precious baby to snuggle.

Advice Received: Recently I've been seeking advice from friends on how to celebrate with Kendall while she is still our only child. It is so important to me that she not feel any less loved, because she isn't. We are just making room in our hearts for more, but I still want to celebrate her. She and I went to the salon to both get our hair cut, we took her to the circus as a family and have plans to do lots more outings with her. One sweet friend told me to ask Kendall for things she likes to do with mommy and write them down. We plan to do that this weekend and we will refer to the list even after brother arrives. I plan to make sure and spend one on one time with Kendall once the baby arrives (and I'm able) as much as I can.

Baby: The Ovia app tells me that he is the size of a Savoy Cabbage. He definitely feels HUGE and my belly has really popped in recent weeks. The app says he is around 18 inches and could weigh 5 pounds, but you can't completely trust the app. We will get another ultrasound at 37 weeks and will be able to get actual measurements on him then.