Monday, March 31, 2014

How To Make Money On UnUsed Gift Cards

Gift cards, the most loved and hated present around! At least in my book, they are viewed that way.

I LOVE gift cards because I can actually get what I want (or sometimes need), instead of asking for a list of things I'm not really sure I want, but wrote it down because I felt pressure to supply my gift giver with a list. However, I sometimes hate them because I don't always use them! Oftentimes, I forget that I have a gift card because for some strange reason I do not keep them in my wallet. I have no idea why I don't, so it will just waste your time to ask me why. :)

How many times have you ever forgotten you had a gift card and got bummed because you weren't quite sure when you would find a use for it again? To me, that feels like wasted money...until NOW. Have you heard of This is an AWESOME site where you can sell your old gift cards that you won't use and you can also buy gift cards for less than the face value. Um, hello, that is amazing!!! We all know that when Living Social offers a $20 Starbucks gift card for $10 that they sell out. Well now is your chance to get similar types of deals any time you want! And that poor gift card that is just taking up space in your purse or wallet? Sell it and at least get some cash for it to spend on an indulgence item, something you really want.

For me, the thing I really want is always going to be a new purse. Hands down, all the time, I will pick a new purse. It's sad, but quite the reality. Tolar and I have really been tightening up on our budget lately and not allowing ourselves frivolous items. But if I had extra cash thanks to the amazingness of, I would most definitely consider another purse. This Michael Kors purse below was purchased when Tolar got a holiday bonus at work...of for that time to enter our life again!

Let's allow Raise to put their idea to you simply:
"Shoppers can buy discounted gift cards to save on everyday essentials, and sellers can earn cash for otherwise unwanted gift cards to spend when, where and how they choose."

So go check out, there are gift cards available to purchase from so many vendors! I have my eye on some gift cards to Babies R Us - yes, that is my life right now! And of course, you can sell your unused gift cards on there too.

Tell me, what is an indulgence item that you would purchase if you had extra cash from selling your gift cards? It can be anything! I'd love to hear.

Friday, March 28, 2014

High Five For Friday

I am so super thankful it is Friday. This has been a very tough week and it has been helpful for me to focus on the good things happening in my life.

So here we go:
1.) These two cuddling on the couch, that's all I need to see to forget about anything else.

2.) Tolar and I went to Starbucks on our anniversary to get breakfast. They had pink streamers and all sorts of decor up - I told Tolar they too were celebrating our anniversary.

3.) Baby K got to meet her Uncle Matt and Uncle Marc this past weekend. These are two of Tolar's best friends who drove to our house in Northern Virginia all the way from Florida just to play video games meet her.

4.) During Baby K's 9 month well check up, Tolar and I got an outstanding progress report too. :)

5.) Our big girl stood up for a few seconds, we were so excited!!!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 Years Ago Today

So this happened three years ago today...

It has been an incredible three years where I have learned so much about myself and about Tolar and I as a couple. We have been through quite a lot together and through it all our love has remained and grown exponentially. I always say that my wedding day was the day that I loved Tolar the least, because each day we spend together he shows me more and more just what it means to have an amazing husband, a constant support, someone who loves me no. matter. what. 
Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. May we celebrate 103 more anniversaries together. :)

And I'd also like to wish a very happy birthday to my dear friend Bek, with whom we have the honor of sharing the great date of March 26!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

9 Months Old!!!

9 months old!!! How the heck did that happen???? I have no clue where the time has gone but I know it has FLOWN!!! We have been blessed with such a happy baby and are having a ball watching her grow and develop. I thought her 6 month update had a lot of changes, but I think this one will take the cake! She is into so many different things now and learning new things every single day. Its incredible!

Stats: 17.8 pounds, 26 1/2 inches tall. (Her 9 month well check up isn't until Thursday, so we had to resort to using the bathroom scale and a yard stick for these measurements)

Development: The biggest news - we have a tooth!!! She finally cut a tooth on the bottom of her mouth and is now drooling all over everything. Baby K still continues to roll all over the place, its her favorite way to travel currently. If she sees a toy that she wants across the room, she will roll until she gets to it. I love to watch her roll because she is so proud of herself every time she flips onto her belly. She has also started to pull herself up, its the cutest thing to watch - she tries so hard. She has been successful a few times to pull all the way to standing, she just needs to get her feet correctly planted on the floor to do it. She still isn't crawling but is very close; she scoots backwards just a little bit when she is on her belly. Occasionally she has leaned over from our laps and looked like she is going to take the crawling stance on her knees, but she usually falls all the way to her belly. Baby K loves to laugh and we are having such a great time with her. She currently thinks that Tolar and I are quite hilarious and we love entertaining her.

Loves: Besides laughing a lot, she LOVES to be thrown up in the air. And yes, even this very cautious mama tosses her around because she loves it so much. Anything to hear that fabulous giggle. Tolar is so happy because Baby K loves to tap on things. Whether it be her bottle, the table, her toys; she is constantly tapping on things - Tolar is hoping for another drummer in the family. Baby K loves to play; our girl doesn't like to sit still, she likes to be active and playing with all of her toys. Her eyes light up as she reaches for a new toy and discovers new things about it. We all love going for walks outside and it is very evident that our little girl simply adores being outside. She could be crying and fussing in our living room and all we have to do is put her in the stroller and head outside and our happy, talkative girl perks right up. And of course, she loves putting everything in her mouth: toy, straw, i phone, remote, bib, whatever.

Dislikes: She dislikes sitting still, there is nothing we can do to get this girl to be still. She is extremely strong willed and will do whatever it takes to get to where she wants to go or to reach whatever toy she wants. And on that note, if a toy is just a little out of her reach she will get frustrated very easily. She doesn't like to not be able to get what she wants (uh oh!!!).

Sleeping: We still have a terrific sleeper and are still using the sleep suit to help as we have experienced some super cold nights - the suit is so warm and snuggly, I don't want my girl to freeze at night. I know that we need to transition her out of the suit, but honestly I'm really scared to try because she sleeps SO WELL in it. We did try to transition her out of the suit last month and were only somewhat successful. We will keep trying, especially as the weather warms up and I don't have to worry as much about the temperatures at night.

Diapers: Nothing new here, holding steady in size 2 Pampers Swaddlers.

Eating: For the most part, Baby K is a great eater. She often gets excited at night when it is time for her to eat her dinner. If she is fussy, that is sometimes what helps her to calm down. She is still eating pureed food, but we hope to start feeding her solid food very soon. We have been practicing a lot to get her to pick up her food - she loves the puff cereal that helps with this. A lot of puffs end up in her lap because they fall out of her little hands, but she is improving each day with making hand to mouth contact. And recently when we went out to a restaurant, she started reaching for my glass of water, so I started giving her a tiny bit of water at a time through a straw and now she loves it.

Clothing: I am so sad because I have had to pack up a lot of her clothes, she is really growing. She is in 6-9 month clothing and very close to being exclusively in 9 month clothes (our girl is short - just like her mama). I'm so excited for the warmer temperatures because we have some really cute warm weather outfits for her to wear.

Miscellaneous: Just a few days ago Baby K started shaking her head no. She has zero clue what this means, its just funny to see her do it. Occasionally she will happen to shake her head as Tolar asks her a question, quite hilarious. And our girl ALWAYS has her tongue out. I don't know what it is about her tongue, but she loves to stick it out in a playful way or if she is just talking and entertaining herself. Oh and she still talks a lot and will sometimes "sing" along with Tolar, it is so adorable and completely warms my heart.

Thanks to my sweet friend Katie for snapping this terrific shot!

Monday, March 24, 2014

March Beauty Box 5

Beauty Box 5 has provided me with a complimentary subscription for review purposes. All opinions in this post are my own.

It's time for another Beauty Box 5 reveal. Have you checked out Beauty Box 5 yet? It is a beauty subscription service that sends a box with five different beauty samples to your mailbox each month for just $12. It's like Christmas every time I open my mailbox and see the pretty little turquoise box inside - I never know what surprises will be waiting for me.

This month is all about spring cleaning! I encourage you all not to forget your beauty products when you do your spring cleaning. Go through your cosmetics and hair products and be sure to get rid of the items that have been there for a long time (beauty products have expiration dates too!).

In this month's box I received the following new products to try:

1.) Swissco Dual-Sided Facial Pad - This is a great exfoliator pad that I would actually recommend you use on your body to slough away dead skin. Since it is now spring, I know we are all thinking about getting a tan. Use this exfoliator before you use your sunless tanner to help get an even application.

2.) H20 Plus Hand and Nail Cream - I am so intrigued that this cream includes the word "nail" in the name. Can't wait to give it a try and see if it helps my dry cuticles!

3.) Jane's Pick All Natural Soaps - This is an all natural, chemical free bar of soap with such a refreshing and relaxing scent. Beauty Box 5 gives you a tip: lather up and use this soap instead of shaving cream!

4.) Bellapierre Cosmetics Makeup Base - Such a cool makeup product!!! It's a concealer, illuminator and eyeshadow primer in one!!! Saving you tons of time all while keeping you looking your best. This is a must purchase, especially for a woman on the go!

5.) Tree Hut Shea Body Butter - This extra thick lotion is said to deep condition your skin. I've never been a big user of body butter, but I'm gonna give it a try and see.

Friday, March 21, 2014

High Five For Friday

I have a different High Five For Friday for you this week. And it starts with a story... apologies in advance if I use a lot of exclamation points. :)

As you know, we were visiting Tolar's family in Illinois last week and we were supposed to head home on Sunday night. Well the crazy weather brought some snow to the D.C. area which prevented us from flying home that night, so we booked a flight for Tuesday night. Well Tuesday's flight got delayed until Wednesday night, causing us to stay in Illinois one more night and invade my in laws' space until Wednesday afternoon.

All snuggled up in the Ergo.

We finally get to the airport on Wednesday, get through security and make it to our gate (all with a very tired Baby K) only to wait and wait and wait at the gate. We were supposed to leave at 5 p.m., around 5:15 we are still sitting there and are told they will start boarding us at 5:30. 5:30 comes and goes and we are stuck just waiting. They finally board us and by this time Baby K is cranky, but thankfully not that fussy. We pull away from the gate, I think "This is it, we are finally leaving. Once we get up in the air Baby K will hopefully fall right to sleep." WRONG. The pilot comes on to tell us that we have to wait our turn to take off and it will probably be another 20 minutes before that happens. The only problem...while backing away from the gate Baby K poops in her diaper (sorry for the TMI!!!). And now that we aren't at the gate, we are not allowed to get up from our seats!!!! We can't leave Baby K just sitting in a dirty diaper for that long, so Tolar and I decide that we have to change her in our laps.

Luckily Tolar places the changing pad down across our legs and I start to change her and then I realize - there is A LOT!!!! It is all up her back and all over her onesie (seriously, did this have to happen on the flight?). I start freaking out, because it is a lot of poop and we are stuck on a hot plane with tons of people around us. And it doesn't smell like fresh tulips either. All while changing Baby K she is screaming and squirming because she is so exhausted and for some reason no one on the plane is talking and the white noise that I usually look forward to is non existent. It is completely silent on the plane except for our screaming child (who I should add has been an absolute doll on her other FIVE plane rides - so Tolar and I are not prepared for this).

We finally get her changed (clothes and diaper) and the plane takes off. Once we are up in the air, Baby K starts to get fussy again because the poor thing hasn't napped that well and is completely exhausted. Tolar tries to calm her down first, but she just keeps screaming. I take her into my arms since I am by the window and hope that I can contain her crying - yeah right - but she keeps screeching. I know she is just tired and is fighting sleep, so I keep trying to rock and pat and shh and soothe her. Nothing seems to work so I just begin praying. I pray for God to give her peace, to help her sleep and for God to also give us grace because I am sure the rest of the very quiet passengers are not very thrilled with us.

Baby K finally quits fighting sleep and passes out across both of our laps and during her nap, is where I discovered this week's High Five For Friday. I was so thankful that our sweet girl was able to get the rest she needed and so relieved to not have to go through the stress that we just endured that I started listing off my five reasons to be thankful:

1.) I'm thankful that Tolar and I have this child - screaming, pooping and all - to love and to care for. I can't imagine life without her.
2.) I'm thankful for the women seated next to us who loudly declared for the rest of the plane to hear that they thought she was doing "just fine."
3.) I'm so thankful Tolar put the changing pad down or else we would have poo all over our pants too.
4.) I'm thankful that Tolar was on the flight with me and has been on every other flight too. Hats off to the parents who travel with infants alone. You are my heroes.
5.) I'm thankful that a screaming, pooping child was all the stress we had to deal with in that moment. I know there are a lot worse things happening to people all over this world and if that is what we had to be stressed out about, I consider us extremely lucky.

We survived, Baby K napped most of the flight and then woke up to play and bounce around. We made it home and put our little angel right to bed. Whew! So glad that flight is behind us.

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Have I got a treat for you! Everyone must go check out The Pinspired Mama right now. Jill has a great blog where she tries tons of different recipes that she finds on Pinterest (you read that right - Jill actually creates the things she pins! She's my hero.). Check out her recent recipe for Skinny Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins - she had me at skinny. Reading Jill's About Me page makes me think I am reading my own blog - we have so many things in common. She is a new Mama to an adorable son born only a few weeks after Baby K. I mean, just looking at the pictures of her cute little Cole is reason enough to visit her blog. The Pinspired Mama is so inviting and I really feel like I have spent the afternoon with her after reading through some posts. I would seriously love to hang with Jill and have her make me these stuffed bell peppers - to die for!

If you are looking for a great new blog, look no further than The Pinspired Mama. You will not be sorry you checked her out!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Do You Think?

Hi lovelies!

Most of you know by now that I have started a side business with Rodan + Fields, the doctors who created Proactiv. And it has been amazing! I have made some great contacts, new friends and even earned a great commission check with minimal effort all in part time hours. In fact, during my first month in the business, by reaching out to friends and contacts via facebook and e-mail, I earned a promotion and a pay raise.

Now, I would love to share this opportunity with all of you!!! I am looking for people who are hungry for a change. What would you do with an extra $100, $500, $1000 or beyond a month???? We all want to have some extra cash right? Well with Rodan + Fields you can do that. I am ready to invest my time in you to help you get this amazing business going so you too can experience this great company and amazing benefits.

It's so easy. You just have to talk to your friends about these amazing products. Have you ever told someone about a favorite restaurant, a cool new store, a fab hair stylist or details on taking a great vacation? If you have, then this business is for you!!! Rodan + Fields is all about sharing some great products that are seriously changing lives. That's it! No parties, no inventory. Your contacts order from a website, its so easy.

If the potential to make extra money or replace your income all together sounds good to you (because it WILL happen - many of my business partners are currently earning more than their regular income), then jump on this opportunity now. The products and the business are literally risk free with a 60 day money back guarantee. Allowing you an opportunity to try it out and see if it works for you.

Rodan + Fields is HOT right now, receiving a ton of media coverage every month. The time to jump on board is now. Let's chat, I have so much more to tell you! This is an opportunity that will change your life and I am so excited to share it with you!

If you want more information, leave a comment below with your e-mail address and I will get in contact with you immediately. Or reach out to me by e-mailing

You have nothing to lose!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Picks for Spring Accessories

Even though the East Coast just got another snow storm, I am concentrating on Spring. Of course with the warmer temps come cute accessories: fun shoes, purses and jewelry. I love when stores get in their new inventory for Spring. The colors, the light fabrics, everything! It just makes me smile.

I have picked out some of my favorite accessories that I hope to wear this Spring. I love the bright colors and patterns included in a lot of these items. Bright colors definitely make me happy when this snow that just won't stop tries to do so otherwise.

What items are you planning to add to your wardrobe for Spring? Anything you have your eye on?

1.) Striped Flats: LOFT.
2.) Bracelet: Stella & Dot.
3.) Sunglasses: Fossil.
4.) Stappy Sandals: LOFT.
5.) Bag: (on sale!).
6.) Earrings: Stella & Dot.
7.) Wallet/Clutch: LOFT.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Family Time Fuels My Soul

It is becoming the norm, whenever Tolar, Baby K and I travel to visit his family in Southern Illinois, our flight either gets cancelled or delayed when we have to return home. And this trip was no exception. On Saturday it was in the 60's, sunny and beautiful. We stayed outside all. day. long. And then on Sunday we wake up to rain which turned to ice later. And the D.C. area was hit with another snow storm which caused us to stay two more days visiting with the in laws. I don't mind at all because I absolutely love spending time with our families (which I believe I mentioned yesterday).

So for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures from our awesome week visiting with Tolar's family. Of course the majority are of Baby K as she rules the schedule.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Want to Win Some Stuff?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have been visiting with my in laws, getting a chance to spend some quality time with everyone and for them to spend some time with Baby K. I love family time - whether it be with my family or with Tolar's - it doesn't matter. Family is so important to me!! I'm starting my Monday off great because my love tank is now full after a great week of laughter and fun.

And to help your Monday start out right, my fabulous sponsors are teaming up to make one reader's day! That's right, it is time for the monthly giveaway on Pursuit of Pink! Check out all of the fab bloggers and prizes below and then enter to win some great prizes using the rafflecopter below. One lucky person will win everything!

Happy entering!

1.) Large Ad Space from Helene in Between

2.) $10 Target gift card from A Labour of Life

3.) $15 Target gift card and 30 day ad space from Love & Loyally

4.) $50 off mini session of $75 off full portrait session from Luv Bean Photography (usage must be local - can transfer the winnings if you know someone local)

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Friday, March 14, 2014

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday!!!

It's been a pretty good week, getting to spend some time with Tolar's side of the family. Here are some of our top moments from the week.

1.) We got to see our niece play in a volleyball game on Tuesday night and she rocked it! I'm so proud of her, she is the captain of her team and quite the awesome player.

2.) Baby K got to have a bath in the kitchen sink at G Ma and Pa Pa's. She loved it!

3.) I am so happy to be a part of the Rodan + Fields business. The company KEEPS receiving media coverage about the awesome, life-changing products. 

4.) All the toys that Baby K has to play with while visiting G Ma and Pa Pa's and she decides to play with an egg carton. Glad my girl is frugal!

5.) Super Kendall is here to save the day!
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Freshly Picked, aka the Most Adorable Baby Moccasins Around (Plus a Giveaway)

So there is an amazing trend happening in the baby world and I am in L-O-V-E with it...babies wearing moccasins. They have got to be the cutest thing around. I mean roly poly babies are already pretty irresistible, but put some too cute to handle moccasins on them and I just want to gobble them up! 

Have you heard of the company Freshly Picked? They have some of the best baby moccasins I have ever seen. Not only are the moccasins super durable, but they have a terrific elastic design to keep them on Baby K's feet. This child has a tendency to kick off her socks, so I wasn't sure how long the mocs would stay on her feet. But the Freshly Picked mocs aren't going anywhere. They stay on her feet and keep her looking fab. And thanks to the elastic at the ankle, they are really easy to get on. I don't know about other parents out there, but it is incredibly difficult putting shoes on someone who is running in place while you are trying to dress them. So I'm very thankful for this design!

And oh my goodness the color options...I had such a hard time deciding which ones I wanted to get for Baby K. I chose the Steel color because I thought they would go with virtually everything in her closet. However, I'm seriously considering purchasing her the Radiant Orchid color too. After all, that is Pantone's color of the year! Check out the selection, they have both leather and suede options. And I dare you not to drool over how cute the moccasins are. One other thing: this company means business. The owner, Susan, was featured on the tv show Shark Tank. So cool!

I ordered a size 2 for Baby K who is 8 months old. She has a little room to grow in them, so I know we will get some good use out of them!

Just a tip for you instagram lovers out there, follow Freshly Picked on instagram to catch some awesome photos of snuggable tots wearing these fab shoes. Their instagram account is one of my favorites. 

And as a special treat for all of you Pursuit of Pink readers, Freshly Picked is giving away a free pair of moccasins to one lucky winner!!! All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!!! Can't wait to see a pic of the winner rocking their awesome moccasins. 

Pants: Target.
Pink Striped Onesie: Carter's.
Polka Dot Jacket: Carter's.
Pink Hairbow: Carter's outlet.
Moccasins: c/o Freshly Picked.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wore: St. Patrick's Day

Who is NOT ready to get pinched on March 17? I hate getting pinched and yet, I have very little green in my closet. However, I do still have some green and I will certainly pull it out to wear on St. Patrick's Day.

I'm teaming up with Linda from A Labour of Life to bring you ideas on what you can wear for St. Patrick's Day.

I've had this green polka dotted shirt for a while and actually forgot I owned it until Linda and I were talking about what we could wear for St. Paddy's Day and I was hopeful something green existed in my closet. And to prove that I actually did forget about this shirt, I thought those were dots, but nope, they are actually diamonds. Is polka diamonds a thing? I went for a dressed down St. Paddy's Day look, but you know I still had to have some wedges for height.

Because I don't have a lot of green, I decided to wear shades of green to really get into the holiday. So I added a mint scarf to complete the outfit. Sidenote: check out Subtle Luxury's SPUN scarves. The scarves are so soft and amazing. They have so many color and design options. Plus, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez were all just spotted wearing the scarves. Which means they are super cool, am I right?

Jeans and shirt: Old Navy.
Vest: New York and Company.
Scarf: c/o Subtle Luxury.
Shoes: Target.

Now Linda maxed it out with her St. Patrick's Day outfit. I adore her green dress, it is the absolute perfect shade of green! So bright and cheerful. I love how she paired the outfit with some black leggings and boots, very seasonally appropriate - just look at all of that snow! However, Linda thinks the dress is way more fun if she doesn't have to wear the leggings and boots. But I'm sure she looks fab either way. And I love that she really got into the St. Paddy's Day spirit by adding a leprechaun hat. I need to go find me one of those!

Linda's Outfit Details:
Dress: Old Navy.
Leggings: J. Crew Factory.
Boots: GH Bass.
Necklace: Zellers.
Hat: Dollar Store.

Linda blogs over at A Labour of Life about her travels, her clothes, her love, her life and more! She is a woman after my own heart because she loves Diet Pepsi and has over 100 pairs of shoes! I'm a Pepsi girl too and I wish I had 100 pairs, I'm close though! Just scrolling thru her blog you will see all of her terrific shoes, I have definite shoe envy. She has a great sense of style, just check out her blog for some inspiration - I love the leggings that she wears in this post here. I love that Linda is such an honest blogger and that she can also laugh at herself. Check out her blogger blooper post. We have all been there; standing awkwardly, making funny faces, hoping for a ton of great pictures of our amazing outfit to only end up with three decent photos. Thanks for making me smile Linda!

And to put a smile on your face too, Linda is giving away ad space on her site. You can enter below to win the Full Bodied and Rich spot which features: an individual guest post including up to 5 pictures and the option to host an individual giveaway. She promises some social media love too. To enter, just use the rafflecopter below.

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