Monday, November 29, 2021

Christmas Cookies!

Christmas Sugar Cookies

December is almost here which means it's time to start the holiday baking! One of my favorite memories as a child was making Christmas sugar cookies with my mom and sister and decorating them afterwards. Because I have such fond memories of that activity, I always make sure to set aside time to bake and decorate sugar cookies every Christmas with my children.

I scoured the internet for years looking for the perfect Christmas sugar cookie. I wanted a recipe that was easy, didn't require refrigeration of the dough beforehand and that made a ton of dough for plenty of cookies. Luckily I found the perfect recipe and I wanted to share it with all of you. Below you will find what is, in my opinion, the best Christmas sugar cookie recipe.

I'm also teaming up with some other bloggers to share their favorite Christmas cookie recipes. You will find links for those recipes at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check back this week, as I will be updating this post as more bloggers publish their recipes. And MAKE SURE to head over to instagram and give me a follow there, as we will all be sharing our recipes in our instagram stories.

Sugar Cookies for Christmas

Christmas Sugar Cookies


1 cup unsalted butter
1 cup granulated white sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon almond extract (don't skip this part - it is the best part!)
1 egg
2 teaspoons baking powder
3 cups all purpose flour


1.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2.) In your mixer, cream butter and sugar until smooth.
3.) Beat in the extracts and egg.
4.) In a separate bowl, mix together baking powder and flour.
5.) Slowly add in the flour mixture to the wet mixture. The dough will get tough, but keep mixing.
6.) Once completely mixed, flour your counter top and roll out the dough to about 1/4 inch thick (Not-so-professional tip: if you don't have a rolling pin, use a wine bottle!)
7.) Cut the cookies using any cookie cutters you desire.
8.) Bake for 6-8 minutes (my oven is on the hot side, so 6 1/2 minutes worked great!).
9.) Let the cookies cool before transferring them to a cooling rack or plate.
10.) Decorate and enjoy!

This recipe was originally posted on In Katrina's Kitchen. Be sure to hop over and check out her site, I also highly recommend her frosting recipe too.

Sugar Cookie Dough
Best Sugar Cookies for Christmas

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Gift Idea -

Thank you for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Sunglasses Holiday Gift Idea

I am full swing in gift guide mode over here. I hope you've found the gift guides I've shared the past few days helpful. I've got even more to share! When I shared the Ladies Gift Guide, I included the Flower Eyewear Sophie Sunglasses that I just received from, but I felt like deserved their own blog post because there is SO MUCH goodness on their site. Definitely add this website to your list for your holiday shopping! Keep reading to find out why!

To start with, is an online optical retailer that makes stylish and high-quality eyewear all at affordable prices. I know the past year and a half has really hit some families hard and I love that is making their trendy eyewear affordable for everyone. Yes, I ordered sunglasses, but they have eyeglasses, reading glasses and accessories as well. One thing that I love, in particular, about is that they are committed to providing trendy eyewear to help show off your own personal style. They have so many different styles to choose from - there is definitely something for everyone. Their color selection is incredible; I'm sure you will find just what you are looking for in eyewear on this site.

Now the real reason that makes shopping a no brainer this holiday season is their return policy. They have a 365 day return policy! Yes, you read that right! You get an entire year to decide if you want to keep the glasses or accessories you ordered. Talk about buyer confidence when shopping for someone else this holiday season. offers free return shipping (in the U.S.) making it so you don't have to worry about gifting someone the wrong size, color or simply just getting them something they don't like. You won't have to worry about rushing around during the holidays to get an item returned. I've never seen a 365 day return policy, but I'm pretty impressed with that feature. I guarantee that their return policy will makes things a lot easier on you as you shop this holiday season. They even have a 365 day kid proof warranty, offering you a full year of protection on glasses you buy for kids.

Another great feature that they offer is their virtual try-on. What a perfect way to see how all of their different frames and styles will look on your face. The directions for the virtual try-on are very helpful and specific, so I am confident that you will be able to select the perfect frames for your face. 

Be sure to check out as you do your holiday shopping. With the numerous styles and colors of their frames, you will be able to purchase a unique set of glasses for all of the unique people in your life. They have styles for men, women and children - something for everyone! 

I picked out a few accessories and glasses on their site that I think would make a great gift for anyone:
1.) Visor Clip - so you don't lose your sunglasses in the car. What a perfect idea for a stocking stuffer!

2.) Eyewear Organizer - for the person in your life who loves their eyewear and needs a way to display it.

3.) CalOptix Double Vision Case - this is perfect for someone who needs both eyeglasses and sunglasses. They can store both pairs in one place!

4.) Men's Eyeglasses - I love the classic look, these would be perfect for just about anyone.

5.) Women's Eyeglasses - a perfect neutral with a pop of something extra.

6.) Kid's Eyeglasses - such a cute pair with several color options. has all of your eyewear needs covered this holiday season!

Discount Glasses

Discount Glasses Sunglasses

Sunglasses as Gift
Sunglasses Discount Glasses

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Girls Gift Guide

Girls Gift Guide

For this gift guide, I enlisted the help of my 8 year old daughter. She is very much into electronics and video games right now, but still has a taste for a few toys and other fun things. This gift guide would be perfect for girls between 8-10 years.

1.) Squishmallow Plush Toys
More than a stuffed animal, a squishmallow serves as a squishy pillow and is available as all sorts of different animals. The owl comes recommended from my 8 year old.

2.) Echo Dot
If you allow your kids to have electronics in their room, an echo dot is a great item. My daughter will use this at night to play Audible books so she can listen to stories as she falls asleep. We use echo dots as a family all over our house for our intercom system and it is very convenient to "drop in" from another room to ask a question or chat. There are so many uses, we love them in our house.

3.) Glitter Girls Horse Set
I feel like horses are a toy that most girls love playing with. My daughter has always loved horses ever since she was 2 years old. This set comes with a posable riding doll, the horse, clothing and some accessories.

4.) Kindle Fire Tablet
The perfect first tablet for your child. With a Kindle Fire your child can stream tv/movies, listen to Audible books, play games, listen to music and more - all for an extremely reasonable price.

5.) Instax Mini Camera
This camera was a gift that my daughter received for her birthday, but it is something that she loves to use, especially when her friends come over. It is the polaroid camera for the current generation. The link I provided for you here not only comes with the camera, but a twin pack of instant film, frame stickers and hanging frames.

6.) Light Up Rock and Gem Collection
Comes with 29 different, beautiful rocks and gems. You can use the agate slice that comes with it to make an LED display lamp.

7.) Strip Lights
Turn your daughter's room into the coolest place in the house. These strip lights can sync with music and you can change the color with a remote. Available in 25 or 50 feet.

8.) Mickey and the Beanstalk Game
For the girl who still loves Mickey and loves to play games. My daughter (and our family!) is game obsessed and this is a different game that she's never played before. This game brings the animated film to life.

9.) Rainbow Sequined Slippers
How cute are these slippers? With rainbow sequins and faux fur, the girl in your life will feel so fancy wearing these. This brand does have the slippers available in several styles and colors.

10.) VTech Kidizoom Creator Cam
The perfect camera for your wannabe YouTube star. :) Kendall received this last year and plays with it all the time. It comes with a green screen and animated backgrounds so your child can create fun videos.


Monday, November 8, 2021

Boys Gift Guide 2021


Boys Gift Guide

This year, my 3 year old has already given me LOTS of ideas for gifts for him. He is very excited about Christmas and playing with all sorts of new toys. If you are at a loss for what to get a younger boy for a gift this year, let this gift guide be your helper.

1.) Excavator or other construction vehicles
My son has fallen into his gender role completely on his own and has a fascination with all things construction equipment. Also, watching Blippi has made him fall in love with excavators. This excavator is super affordable.

2.) Work Bench
Another favorite of my son is anything having to do with tools (especially a drill!). This cute work bench is the perfect addition to any little boy's play room.

3.) PJ Masks Headquarters Playset
If you have a young child, chances are they like PJ Masks. This HQ playset will bring all of their PJ Masks dreams to life!

4.) PJ Masks Vehicle Set
To accompany the headquarters, your little one will love the PJ Masks vehicle set. It comes with all three characters, a car for each, removable hero vests, traffic cones and a stoplight.

5.) Grill
We actually bought this grill for our little guy last year and he has loved playing with it. It comes with plates, utensils, lots of grilling items, a toy lighter and charcoal that actually "lights" and "crackles" when touched with the lighter. Such a cute gift!

6.) Toy Sink
This is such a cute gift idea and I'm sure will be hit as young kids love to "help" around the house. This toy sink actually has a working water pump and plenty of sounds to mimic cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

7.) Inflatable Dome
If your children love building blanket forts, this might be the perfect gift for them. It inflates in under 30 seconds and no assembly is required. We actually bought this for our children this year and currently it is on MEGA sale. So hurry, I'm not sure how long the sale will last. Clean up time is much easier than folding tons of blankets, so this might be the best gift ever!

8.) Scooter
Kids love playing outdoors and this 3 wheeled scooter is perfect for little ones who can't quite ride a bike yet. The 3 wheels help them to balance and my son absolutely loves his!

9.) Magna Tiles
The gift that will keep them entertained for years! My kids have played with magna tiles so many times over the years, I love watching their creativity come to life. Magna tiles are durable and have lasted countless play times with both of my children. These are perfect to keep them entertained for more than 5 minutes.

10.) Marshall Fire Truck
My son likes Paw Patrol as well and went crazy when he saw a commercial for this fire truck. Shhh don't tell him, he is getting it. :) It features a really tall rescue ladder (apparently taller than any other Paw Patrol vehicles with ladders), has a water cannon launcher, lots of realistic sounds and tons of lights. 

Boys Coveted Gift

I have a bonus gift idea that I wanted to share. For some reason not known to me, Knox has decided that this bubble gum machine maker is THE gift he has to have this year. He has told everyone that this is what he wants! When he saw a picture of it, he saw it assembled and loved it. The toy is actually a maker that you put together yourself, so do not be fooled by the picture of the gumball machine itself.

I wanted to share though because it is slightly hard to find. With shipping delays being an issue this year, I figured I better find it sooner rather than later. It sells out often on Amazon, but keep checking as they constantly restock. I found it on Hobby Lobby's website, but then I went into my local store and found it there as well. 

Friday, November 5, 2021

Guys Gift Guide 2021


Guys Gift Guide

Ladies, today I've got you covered with a gift guide for the man in your life. All but one item included is something that Tolar (my husband) personally owns. The one item that he doesn't already own is something on his wish list, so rest assured that these are man approved. :) To shop any of these, just click the links in pink.

1.) Multiple Device Charging Station
The perfect gift for the tech guy in your life. This device charges six devices at one time and keeps everything neat and tidy (so maybe this is a gift for you too!). It is compatible with both Apple products and Androids. We use ours to charge tablets, phones, portable chargers, smart watches and more.

2.) Smart Garage Door Opener
This garage door opener is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible (meaning: you can control it with your voice!) plus very easy to install. There is an app that you can use which sends you alerts when your garage has been opened or closed. You can open and close your garage even when you aren't home. 

3.) Meat Thermometer
If you have a man in your life who loves to grill or smoke meat, this is a great thermometer for him to have. It has a rotating display making it easy to use for those hard to reach angles and it is also great for left or right handed people. It has motion sensing and powers on when the probe is opened, giving a fast and accurate reading.

4.) Key Finder
My husband is likely rolling his eyes as he reads this, but this key finder is great for anyone who might have a tendency to lose things. It comes with six different fobs to attach to keys or other items you might misplace and it also includes a remote to help you locate the missing item. Just be sure you don't misplace the remote. :)

5.) Dude Perfect Trick Book
For everyone who loves to watch Dude Perfect YouTube videos, here is a book that teaches you how to achieve the trick shots they perform. This is a terrific book for Dad and kids to work on tricks together.

6.) Ratchet Dress Belt
This is my husband's favorite belt, he wears it daily. He bought it in Summer 2020 and it is still in perfect condition because it is so durable. No more adjusting his belt with holes, the ratchet provides 38 different adjustments for a comfortable fit. It has such a sleek look and goes with everything.

7.) Cordless LED Workbench Light
Here is the one item that my husband doesn't own, but has on his wish list! This work light offers bright and powerful light to help see better when working on a project or in the garage. Providing up to nine hours of light, you can adjust the arm to be able to see virtually anywhere.

8.) Anker Bluetooth Speaker
A speaker so nice, we bought three! Tolar is a musician and an audio/visual technician so quality sound is important to him and this Anker Bluetooth Speaker gets his seal of approval. It is waterproof, offers stereo sound and can work with your phone/tablet/smart device to provide exceptional clarity and zero distortion. Plus it is very reasonably priced and available in multiple colors.

9.) Wyze Watch
Our family has many of the Wyze products and we have loved everything we've bought from Wyze. Wyze offers smart devices with tons of features at a price that is accessible to all. Does the guy in your life want a smart watch with all the bells and whistles but doesn't want to pay the high price tag? Get him this watch and he won't be disappointed. Tolar knows a lot about tech gadgets and this watch gives him everything he needs. 

10.) 6 in 1 Grilling Utensil
This is the swiss army knife of grilling utensils! This compact utensil features a fork, spatula, knife, tongs, bottle opener and wine corkscrew. He will have everything he needs right at his fingertips while grilling up dinner for everyone.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Ladies Gift Guide 2021


Ladies Gift Guide

Searching for a gift for the lady in your life? If she has an eye for all things feminine, feast your eyes on this guide. To shop everything, you can click the links in pink below.

1.) Jewelry Display Stand
A 20 hook stand perfect to organize and display your necklaces and bracelets. The bottom of the stand also serves as a place to store rings and earrings. Available in three colors.

2.) Makeup Case
The perfect travel case to organize toiletries and makeup. You can easily adjust the dividers to fit all of your products. Water resistant and easy to clean, high quality leather.

3.) Flower Sophie Sunglasses
I just got these sunglasses and I absolutely adore them! They are available in Blush Crystal with Brown (shown here) or Black Ivory with Grey. The perfect classic shape to add plenty of style to any look. These sunglasses are from and come with a 365-day return policy, so you won't have to worry about giving a gift that she can't replace.

4.) Cheetah Print Blanket
Such an affordable item, you might as well get two! The blanket comes in several colors/prints and has terrific ratings (4.8 stars out of 5!). The material is ultra-soft microfiber polyester and is also available in several sizes.

5.) Facial Ice Roller
I personally own this and find it to be so luxurious and refreshing. This is supposed to prevent wrinkles and puffiness. While I haven't used it enough to speak to either of those claims, I can say the feeling I get when I roll it on my face is quite addicting. You get both a large and small roller; I prefer to keep them in the refrigerator.

6.) Puff Beanie
The cutest cashmere beanie with an incredible puff. The beanie is available in tons of color options and a few different styles. 

7.) Quilted Purse
What a perfect little quilted purse at an incredible price! This purse could complement either a dressed up or a dressed down look. The style is chic and classic.

8.) Puff Sleeve Sweater
Available in several colors, with a slimming ribbed style. The puff sleeves take this sweater up a notch. Will be perfect paired with jeans or a skirt.

9.) Portable Charger
I realize this seems a little out of place, but I'm sure the lady in your life uses her phone a lot. This is the best portable charger I've found. Featuring a terrific price, three charging cables and the capability to charge your device and the charger at the same time. Plus it is compact and comes with a case.

10.) Fluffy Slippers
These slippers are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and are on my Christmas list this year! They are available in several colors and feature a super soft faux fur collar. I cannot wait to slip my feet into these.


Monday, October 25, 2021

Seasonal Home Decor

Fall Decor with Decocrated

Scroll back through some of my recent blog posts and you will see that I have a deep love for Decocrated. In case you don't know what it is, Decocrated is a home decor subscription box that gets shipped straight to your door each season. Every seasonal box has 6-9 home decor items that you can use to turn your house into a home.

I love to use my Decocrated box to update the entryway of our home. I like having a designated space that I know will get a decor facelift each season to help brighten things up. On the other side of our entryway is Tolar's mancave which needs some serious attention and dedication (which I'm working on right now - a designer is helping me!). In the months prior to now, when Tolar's room lacked design appeal, it was important to me to give the entryway a nice welcoming feel. And Decocrated came to my rescue.

Decocrated sends out a box for every season, so a subscription gets you four boxes full of home decor each year. You can buy annually to get the four boxes or just buy per season. No need to go shopping at all, everything ships straight to you house! One thing you might not be aware of is that Decocrated has also started offering Holiday boxes. Check out the photo below to see some of the items that came in the most recent Halloween box. I love the Holiday boxes because they offer different items and holiday specific items, separate from the seasonal boxes. 

Decocrated Halloween Items

The Holiday boxes are very popular though and often sell out fast. In the past, Decocrated has offered a Christmas box, an Americana box (4th of July) and an Easter box, in addition to the Halloween box. They currently have the Christmas box on sale for 2021. You can grab it by clicking this link and signing up to become a Decocrated member. Once you are a member then you can order the Holiday box. The Christmas box promises to be spectacular!

If you are interested in starting a Decocrated subscription, be sure to use code LINDSAY15 for $15 off your subscription.

I'm sharing an assortment of photos below to show you how I have used Decocrated items in my entryway over the years. It is always so fun for me to get a new box and then create a new entryway tablescape each season. Do you have a dedicated space in your home that gets updated regularly throughout the year?

Decocrated Home Decor
Decocrated Spring Home Decor
Seasonal Spring Home Decor Decocrated
Fall Decocrated Seasonal Home Decor
Halloween Decor Decocrated
Winter Decor Decocrated

Thank you Decocrated for sponsoring this post. ALL opinions stated below are completely my own.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Decluttering Tips for the Fall

Fall Clean and Declutter

Did you know that Fall is a perfect time to clean and declutter around the house? Most people think of cleaning out their homes during the Spring or decluttering at the start of the new year, but Fall should definitely be added to the list as a time to clear things out.
Why might you ask? It is a great time to get organized before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins. Fall brings lots of change for many people and offers a chance to purge the old before you add all sorts of new items to the mix.

But where should you start? Keep reading for my tips!

1.) Designate an area or a room as your “get rid of space.”
When I get in a decluttering mood, I can sometimes get pretty serious, which means I get rid of a lot of stuff. Therefore I need an area to store all of the stuff until I can get it out of my house. I usually grab some big boxes and place them in our guest room, and anytime I find an item that I no longer want, I will put it there. Find an area that works for you: dining room, mudroom, etc., just somewhere that you can store stuff temporarily while you gather everything you no longer need. The important thing to remember is to get rid of the items that you no longer want and make sure they leave your house.

2.) Pull out all of your Fall decor and decide what you will keep and what needs to go.
I’m sure you are just like me and bought plenty of decor thinking it was “cute” but haven’t found the right place for it. So year after year, it sits in your Fall decor box and never gets put on display. If that is the case - get rid of it. If you haven’t used a Fall decor item in recent years, don’t hang on to it and let it take up precious storage space. Also, your tastes might have changed over the years, so if you find items that no longer speak to you, it is also time to get rid of them. Consider donating your items to a local thrift store or even sell them on Facebook marketplace. 

Fall Decor purge

3.) Go room by room in your house, clearing out what you no longer need.
If you have time, go through your house a room at a time to determine what you can clear out and get rid of. Go through everything: dressers, cabinets, nightstands, closets, etc. IF you don’t have a ton of time to go through every room, concentrate on your children’s rooms and your guest room. With the holidays approaching, you want to make sure that your guest room is decluttered so you can welcome guests into your house comfortably. Also, children will get a ton of stuff between Fall and the New Year, so clearing out their rooms will be beneficial.

4.) Purge toys.
I do recommend that you get your children involved in this activity to save yourself any tears in the end. Gather the toy bins, the boxes, the crates, the stuffed animals, everything into one place so you can see what you are working with. Have your children go through and select their absolute favorite toys to keep. This will help your children relax, knowing that their favorite toys are safe. Next, go through the toys one by one. If anything is broken beyond repair (or might take too long to fix, making it a hassle), it must be trashed. As you go through each item, have your child tell you the last time they played with the item. Then ask them if they want to keep it or give it away. You do have veto power, but it is a good idea to let your child make some decisions with their belongings. Children are likely to get a bunch of new toys during the holidays, so cleaning out what they already have now is a GREAT idea.

5.) Clear out the school art work and other paper items like magazines and catalogs.
Here is another place where your children can help. Have them go through any artwork they have already brought home from school and have them pick out their absolute favorite pieces to keep. The rest needs to go! A helpful tip if you have very sentimental children is to take pictures of each artwork piece and create a photo book for them to keep.
I'm sure you've got a pile of mail or magazines that need to find their way to a different home or the trash can. Flip through your magazines and tear out the pages that really interest you, then throw the magazines away or recycle them. If you need to keep magazines, only keep the three most recent issues. Go through your mail, throw out the junk and assign a home to everything else.

6.) Don’t forget your front porch.
Give your front porch the Fall cleaning treatment. Sweep or blow away any bugs, leaves, sticks, etc., that have accumulated. Check your front door, lights, windows, and shutters for cobwebs and give them a good wipe down. This is a great time to take inventory of what you currently have on your front porch. If any decor is old or extremely dirty, get rid of it. If you need new cushions or pillows, there are always plenty of terrific Fall and holiday-themed options to purchase.

Clean and Declutter Front Porch

7.) Get your pantry ready for all of the Fall cooking and baking you will do.
When looking through your pantry, first throw out anything that is expired or that your family does not eat. If you have unopened items that your family won't use, consider donating it to a local food bank. Pair items together (pastas, canned goods, cereals, beverages, baking supplies, etc.) and arrange them back in your pantry. I personally like to have all labels facing forward to clearly see everything when I open my pantry door. I also like to store the snack items on a lower shelf so my children can easily reach them.

I hope these tips help you get your house ready for all the fun that Fall brings. The above list doesn’t need to be done in a day. Allow yourself time to clean and declutter, but also enjoy all of the Fall festivities.

Fall Decor Tray

I originally wrote this blog post for the Decocrated blog. Decocrated is home decor delivered straight to your door each season. I'm a huge fan of theirs and recommend a subscription to anyone I know who is interested in home decor. To get started on a subscription, click here. Use code LINDSAY15 to save $15!

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Highlands, North Carolina Travel Guide

Last fall, Tolar and I took a mini trip to Highlands, North Carolina and it was pure bliss! The leaves were beautiful, the scenery was incredible, the restaurants were yummy and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Highlands is a quaint town in the mountains of North Carolina - the perfect retreat. 

My grandparents actually retired to Highlands and I grew up visiting them there every summer. To be honest, as a child (and even as an early 20-something), I didn't really enjoy Highlands because I didn't allow myself to truly soak in and appreciate the beauty. As a mom with two young children, Highlands was a wonderful mini vacation. We visited several water falls, we hiked, we walked around downtown, we ate like kings and we relaxed.


Where we ate

1.) Ugly Dog Public House
This was our first dinner and it did not disappoint. There was a little bit of a wait, so we gave the hostess our name and walked around downtown while we waited. The hostess called us when a spot opened up at the bar, so we could wait there before moving to a table. Just as the name suggests, this was a casual restaurant offering pub food. The food was absolutely delicious! We ordered the fried green tomatoes, burgers and their house made chips. Everything was melt in your mouth YUMMY.

2.) Julep Kitchen at Julep Farms
This restaurant is actually in Georgia, but it's just over the line and only a short drive down the mountain from Highlands. Be sure to check their hours as they do close between lunch and dinner. Julep Kitchen is a bit more upscale than Ugly Dog Public House and worth the price for sure. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I ordered the salmon and Tolar order their pasta dish and we split a cheesecake for dessert. The restaurant itself was trendy and offered a relaxing vibe. I highly recommend you walk around the property while you visit, it is such a beautiful location.

3.) Wild Thyme Gourmet
This was a recommendation I found on Pinterest, but I would probably tell you to tread lightly with this restaurant and maybe try something else. The food wasn't memorable and the atmosphere of the restaurant was a little lacking. Nothing was particularly bad about it, just not my favorite.

4.) Blue Bike Cafe
A very popular breakfast location that delivered on tastiness. Every review I read mentioned how the place fills up and can have a long wait, so we arrived as soon as they opened. By doing that, we didn't have to wait at all. Their menu is full of mouth watering breakfast items, it was hard to decide what to choose. I ordered biscuits and gravy and Tolar got pancakes. My only complaint is that our server was a little stingy with the coffee creamer (I use a good amount), but I saw other servers offering an appropriate amount to other patrons. I won't hold that against them.

5.) Calders Coffee
Instead of coffee, we stopped in and ordered hot apple cider. The coffee shop was cute and definitely worth checking out if you visit. We didn't sit inside, instead we opted to take our drinks to go and walk around downtown.

Waterfalls We Saw

1.) Dry Falls
Just like the name suggests, you can actually walk behind this waterfall and stay (mostly) dry. You do get a little mist from the waterfall, but it is quite the sight to see. There is a nice sized parking lot and it was actually pretty crowded the day we visited. The trail that leads behind the waterfall is paved.

2.) Bridal Veil Falls
This waterfall is on the side of the road and I remember seeing it on my summer visits as a child. There is a little area where you can pull off to see the waterfall, but not a huge parking area like there is at Dry Falls. You can walk under this waterfall and don't really get wet either.

3.) Glen Falls
My grandparents house is actually just up the mountain from Glen Falls, but I honestly don't remember ever visiting Glen Falls as a child. I found out why I likely never visited it, the hike is quite difficult. Most of the websites I visited said the hike wasn't too steep, but for my very short legs, I found it quite steep and difficult. But the views were breathtaking. You actually get to see the falls at several different points of the hike. There is a nice big parking lot and ample space for lots of visitors.

Other Places We Visited

1.) Whiteside Mountain
During our venture over to Cashiers, we decided to hike Whiteside Mountain. Another quick google search revealed that it can get pretty crowded, so we decided to hike in the morning. We took the inside trail up the mountain and the outside trail down. The inside trail is a bit more narrow and treacherous, but completely manageable. Unfortunately on the day we hiked, there was a ton of fog at the top of the mountain, so we weren't able to get any pictures of the amazing views. But it was still a neat hike and quite a unique experience to be surround completely by white fog.

2.) Will Henry Stevens Covered Bridge
We saw this bridge while driving around and decided to pull over. The detail of the bridge was so pretty. After taking a picture, I found this link with a fascinating story about the origin of the bridge.

3.) The drive to Cashiers, NC

If you have time, venture to the town next to Highlands. Cashiers is another quaint town with cute restaurants and shops but the drive between Highlands and Cashiers is full of breathtaking scenery. There are several pull off areas where we stopped to take in all of the changing leaves. I was overwhelmed by just how beautiful the views were.Highlands_View_On_Way_To_CashiersHighlands_View_From_Cashiers

Worth Checking Out

1.) Highlands Playhouse
I can't type a post about Highlands, NC without mentioning Highlands Playhouse. My love for musical theatre started by attending a play or musical here every summer. Highlands Playhouse is a professional summer stock theatre and I looked forward to going every year. Since they are a summer stock theatre, they turn the inside into a movie theatre during the rest of the year. It is definitely a place to check out!


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Packing List for a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Line Packing List

Our family just got back from an incredible cruise on the Disney Dream. This was the third Disney Cruise for Tolar and I (the first for the kids!) so I've got a solid understanding of everything you need to pack. I've compiled a list of helpful items that I think you will want to consider when packing. Any text in the below list that shows up in pink has a clickable link for you to make finding my recommendations easier.

It is important to note that Disney does not allow surge protectors or power strips onboard and the outlet situation in each stateroom is extremely limited. In our Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom there were only two regular outlets. The bathroom did have an additional outlet in the ceiling for shavers. For the full list of prohibited items for Disney Cruise Line, click here.


-Multiple Device Charging Station 
-Portable Charger
-iPad/Tablet with favorite shows already downloaded AND sound machine app
-Smartphone (Disney relies heavily on their Disney Cruise Line app, so a smartphone is needed.)


-Face Masks
-Mask Lanyards (We used these with our kids so I didn't have to keep up with their masks when walking around. When we were in an area that didn't require masks, they could take their masks off and wear them around their necks like a necklace.)
-Seasickness Medication (Can be purchased through a ship gift shop or the infirmary.)
-Laxatives (Can be purchased through a ship gift shop or the infirmary.)
-Antacid Tablets (Can be purchased through a ship gift shop or the infirmary. Pro Tip: you can also ask for some at Guest Services and they will give you a few free of charge.)
-Antibacterial Hand Soap (Disney does now provide a pump hand soap in the toilet bathroom of your stateroom, however, if you want to also have a pump hand soap by the other sink in the shower bathroom I recommend bringing an extra.)


In addition to the regular clothes that you would pack for an trip, here are my recommendations on items you will definitely want to include.
-Multiple Swimsuits
-Swim Coverup (I wore this the majority of the time on our cruise and was so pleased with it. This coverup has over 14,000 reviews and 4 1/2 stars so it comes highly rated.) 
-Formal Attire
-Light Jacket
-Hat (I love this straw fedora!)

Fun Items:

-Custom Refillable Cups
-Door Magnets (I ordered magnets from this Etsy shop and they were incredible quality. I HIGHLY recommend!)
-Pirate Costumes for Pirate Night (We purchased these eye patches and hats that worked well and were very affordable.)
-Halloween Costumes (If going on a Halloween On The High Seas Cruise.)
-Wine! Champagne! Beer! (Each adult guest is allowed to carry on a maximum of 2 bottles of wine or champagne OR 6 beers.)
-Mickey Ears

What To Pack For A Disney Cruise


-Proof of Vaccination
-Proof of Negative COVID test for children under 12 (This information is as of September 2021. Things might change depending on new vaccines).
-Passport or Birth Certificate
-Online Check In QR Code/Print Out
-Travel Insurance Information
-Disney Cruise Line Issued Luggage Tags (They mail these to you prior to sailing.)
-Folder to Keep Everything In


-Ziploc Bags
-Small Bottle of Dish Soap 
-Wrinkle Release Spray
-Cash For Room Service Tips and any additional tipping
(Disney has updated their app and you can now add a tip for room service, any bar drinks, Cove Cafe, etc. right on the app. However, we still brought cash because there were a few instances where we tipped employees and didn't have an official "transaction.")
-Extra Hangers (There is plenty of closet space, but never enough hangers!) 
-Old Gift Card (To turn the lights on in your stateroom, you need to use your room key. However, it was a pain to always have to take it out of our lanyard, so we brought an old gift card from home and kept it by the door to turn the lights on.)
-Lanyard to hold your Key To The World Card/Room Key (You only need to pack a lanyard if this is your first Disney Cruise. They provide you with lanyards anytime after when you become a Castaway Club member.)

If you have any questions about the items I have included in this packing list, feel free to reach out! You can easily send me a DM on instagram or leave me a comment below.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Decocrated Home Décor Around The House

Decocrated Entryway Decor

One of my favorite things to get shipped to my house is my Decocrated Curated Home seasonal subscription box. With every new season, Decocrated puts together a box containing 6-9 home décor items and ships them out to their subscribers. Home décor shipped straight to your door!!!! What's not to love? 

Before I found Decocrated, I really only decorated my house for Fall/Halloween and Christmas. The rest of the year, I kept the same décor up without making any changes. However, Decocrated has inspired me to give spots in my home a refresh with each new season. 

Many of the pieces included in each box have more than one use, with some pieces even having two sides so you can really stretch the use for each item. The pieces included do match the current season, but I've also found that I use a lot of the items around my house all year long. The team at Decocrated always does a terrific job in selecting items that can be paired together no matter the season.

The primary area that gets a seasonal refresh is my front entryway. It is always fun for me to see what comes in each Decocrated box and then work on styling my table to match the season. When I share photos of my new Decocrated box on social media, I normally stick to sharing my entryway table. But there are quite a lot of other places in my house that get the Decocrated treatment.

Decocrated Spring Entryway

Besides not having to go to the store to buy home décor, a big reason I do love Decocrated so much is because I get a lot of use out of many of the items on an almost daily basis. I have Decocrated items in my Living Room, Kitchen, Coffee bar area, Master Bedroom, Guest Room and Knox's Bedroom.

Feast your eyes on the following pictures to see how I use Decocrated around my house. If you like what you see and want to start getting Decocrated shipped to your door, click this link to start.
You can use code LINDSAY15 at check out to receive $15 off the Quarterly or Annual subscription.

Decocrated Summer Bedroom DecorDecocrated Coffee Bar
Decocrated Mudroom Decor
Decocrated Coffee Nook
Decocrated Summer Decor Bedroom
Decocrated Summer Shelves
Decocrated Living Room Table
Decocrated Kitchen Decor

If you want to read more about Decocrated, you can click here and here.