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Ready for Anything with Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller

Thank you Britax for sponsoring this post. We have always been fans of Britax; all opinions expressed are completely my own.

Get ready for this mamas, because I'm about to introduce you to what I consider to be THE stroller that you need in your life. Feast your eyes upon the Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller. This stroller is perfect for almost everyone. Whether you just have one baby or two small children or twins, this stroller conforms to meet your needs.

First I must say that we have been a Britax family for over five years now. When I was pregnant with my first child, we did a lot of research on strollers and car seats and we determined that Britax was the brand for us. Their safety standards are unparalleled. In fact, Britax engineers their products to exceed the safety standards set by the federal government for car seats. They conduct twice the number of tests required so we as parents can feel secure knowing that these seats have been tested and retested for safety. Plus, Britax is continually enhancing their products with new technologies that distribute crash forces away from your child during a crash. You can read a thorough description of their safety standards on their website.

We've always been pleased with our Britax items and have found them very easy to use. We recently started using the Britax B-Ready G3 Stroller and are blown away by the features included. I'll break everything down for you below.
Britax B Ready with infant seat


The biggest reason to use the B-Ready G3 Stroller is that you can use it for years and years as your children grow. Any Britax infant car seat or bassinet will click into the stroller. Once your baby is big enough to sit in a convertible car seat, you can use the main seat that comes with the stroller. This seat can either face you as you push the stroller or face front. I love that the seat can face you! We are using the stroller having Knox face us now, while he is still little. He is able to see all around him and we can keep a close eye on him while in this position. Then when he gets a bit bigger, we will turn the seat around to face front. There is also a peek a boo window on the seat so you can see your child when they face front. The stroller even folds down with two seats in it.
Britax B Ready Stroller with infant carseat
Britax B Ready Stroller Seat
Britax B Ready Nanotex
Britax B Ready

Ability to add another seat

Like any older sibling, Kendall's biggest complaint when we push Knox in the stroller is that she doesn't get to ride in it anymore. With the B-Ready G3 Stroller, you can add attachments that allow you to add another infant seat or full size seat. So this stroller can easily become a double stroller while still staying compact. There are actually 12 different seating configurations that you will find in the user guide that comes with the stroller. We are planning to add another seat so Kendall can join her brother on some stroller rides before she exceeds the weight limit (the benefits of having a short child!).
Britax B Ready Seat


There is absolutely no need to worry about having enough storage space with the B-Ready stroller because the storage bin is insanely large. There is plenty of clearance between the storage bin and the stroller seat allowing you to store large bags and multiple items. You won't have to worry about forgetting anything because there is enough room to fit everything you need for several people. Jackets, bags, toys and more can easily fit in the storage compartment. Also, you can access the storage space from the front or the back of the stroller. The front has a zipper option that can open and close allowing you easy access and the back has a large opening.
Britax B Ready Stroller Storage

Numerous Adjustments

Everything with this stroller can be adjusted to meet the needs of you and your child. The leg rest on the seat can be raised and lowered as your child grows in height. The seat back will recline if your child needs to lay back for a nap. There is an extra large canopy that can block the sun or other elements from your child. The shoulder straps are adjustable in height as your child grows. You can easily switch them through a panel in the back of the seat. And finally the handle bar can be adjusted into a comfortable position for the person pushing the stroller. Every single adjustment can be made smoothly and easily thanks to the incredible design of the stroller. (If you head over to instagram and watch my stories, I show you how all of these adjustments work.)
Britax B Ready Stroller Shade
Britax B Ready Foot Rest

Easy to use brake

The upgrade to the brake design could quite possibly be my favorite feature. To engage or disengage the parking brake all you have to do is step on the brake pedal. A red or green indicator will show up letting you know if it is locked or not. I love that you don't have to use the top of your shoe to disengage the parking brake. It is all one quick motion and you don't have to worry about scraping your shoe in the process.

Assembly is a breeze

When the stroller first arrived, we immediately got to work putting everything together. Assembling the stroller was easy. We followed the very clear and thorough directions in the user guide and put the stroller together in a matter of minutes.

High Quality

We have the Nanotex, which is a moisture, odor and stain resistant fabric. The fabric itself feels extremely soft and solid and has a high quality appearance. I love that fabric will repel stains and resist odors as I know we will be using this stroller for years to come.
Britax B Ready Stroller
Britax B Ready Tray
Britax B Ready Stroller tray
Britax B Ready with infant car seat
Britax B Ready Shade

For more information on the B-Ready G3 Stroller or other Britax products, head to their website. Britax products are available at many popular retailers nationwide.
Don't forget to head over to instagram to see videos of how this fabulous stroller works!!!!

Halloween Through The Years

Happy Halloween Eve!!!

I thought it would be fun to share our costumes through the years. We make all of our own costumes and I've become quite proud of our creations. This is Tolar's absolute favorite holiday and it has also become Kendall's favorite. In full disclosure, until I met Tolar I never really celebrated it because I do not like anything scary. However, once Kendall was born and we decided to dress in theme for our costumes, I have developed a love for Halloween. I even remarked this year that I love how creative we are becoming and I look forward to the time that Tolar and I spend putting the finishing touches on the costumes.

I do have to give credit where credit is due. My mom has helped us create some of these costumes due to her wonderful sewing skills and we are so thankful. She luckily has taught me some sewing knowledge and thanks to being a theatre major in college I picked up even more. Maybe next year I will actually get my sewing machine set up in our house so I don't have to bother my mother.

It is fun to look back and remember the awesome times we had. It is also fun to see how my photography and staging have improved over the years.

2013 - Kendall's first Halloween
Super Mom, Diaper Decimator and Captain Chaos
All of these costumes were created on the fly, using items we had around our house.
Halloween Diaper Decimator
Halloween Super Heroes

2014 - Stick Figure
This was a big transition year for us, having just moved away from DC. So Kendall was the only one who dressed up.
Stick Figure Halloween Costume

2015 - The Flintstones
With a daughter who has bright red hair, you HAVE to dress her up as Pebbles, right? So Tolar and I joined the fun as Wilma and Fred. Mine and Kendall's costumes were made out of blankets and Tolar's was made out of fabric we purchased and pinned together. Also, what a perfect excuse to wear my leopard print booties!
Halloween Flintstones
Halloween Pebbles
Halloween Pebbles costume

2016 - An Owl and her Tootsie Roll Pops
This owl costume I am most proud of because I cut out every single feather you see. It was a labor of love to create this for our daughter. Our Tootsie Roll Pops took us almost all day to create!
Halloween Owl and Tootsie Roll Pops
Owl Costume Halloween
Halloween owl costume
Owl Costume for Halloween

2017 - An Elephant and her Peanuts
Halloween costumes Elephant and Peanuts
Halloween Elephant and Peanuts
Halloween Elephant
Halloween Elephant costume
Halloween costume Elephant

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? To see our costumes from this year, keep your eyes on my instagram stories tomorrow!

Kids Labels Made Easy

Thank you Inchbug for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are completely my own.
Inchbug Bag Tags and Orbit Labels

It is storytime y'all!
Several weeks ago, I had an event to attend and I needed to leave Knox in the care of some nursery workers. This was the first time he was in this particular class so his schedule was new to the friendly workers. I explained that he needed a bottle at 11 a.m. and I showed them where all of his belongings were kept. But there was one problem I didn't realize existed...I had not labeled anything! I know this is shocking to some as I consider myself to be a very organized person.

After my event was finished, I went to the nursery to pick up my child and found a bottle that didn't belong to us in the diaper bag. I thought nothing of this, placed the bottle on the counter, and then we went on our merry way. Once we made it to the car I made a shocking discovery: Knox's bottle was still in the bag completely full!!! Now I cannot be certain if that bottle I found earlier was simply just placed in our bag by mistake, if Knox missed his 11 a.m. bottle or if Knox was fed someone else's bottle. I'll probably never know the answer to that riddle. But here is something I do know: Knox will never be left in a nursery without his belongings being properly labeled again. I'm certainly not interested in learning that there was a chance my child was potentially fed someone else's food. (I don't want to get too deep into that subject matter, grace has been given regarding the situation I share above. I tell you this story to paint the picture)

Once I discovered the bottle mix up, I knew I needed to remedy the non-labeled items immediately. So I took to the internet and did some research on the best labels for bottles and other baby items and I'm here to share it with you all: Inchbug!

The Inchbug Orbit labels are my new best friend for many reasons.
1.) They fit the bottles we already use and actually fit all bottles and sippy cups (except Dr. Brown's 4 oz standard bottle).
2.) They are waterproof and dishwasher-safe.
3.) They don't move when on the bottle; once I place the label on the bottle I know it is going to stay nice and snug.
4.) They have so many pretty colors making it easy for me to identify from across the room which bottle belongs to us.
5.) The Orbit labels also transition from baby bottle to sippy cup to travel mug allowing me to get a lot of use out of them through the years.

You can customize the Orbit labels several different ways. The ordering process is quite simple and easy to navigate. Your options include:
-color choice
-a fun icon to jazz up the label (or no icon at all)
-2 lines of text (which can include your child's name and your phone number)
-3 choices of font

Inchbug Orbit Labels for Baby Bottles
Inchbug Orbit Labels

If you have more than one child that requires Orbit labels, you will be able to easily customize the labels for each child and you won't have to worry about anything getting mixed up. The Orbit labels would have helped in my above situation but now that we have them I am confident that there will be no mistaking which bottle belongs to Knox.

In addition to the fabulous Orbit labels, I also grabbed a Bag Tag for our diaper bag. Have no fear, this tag is definitely not going to get crumpled or bent. It is made from very durable plastic that is scratch-resistant; certainly built to last. I actually had to giggle because the website features an icon of a big, muscular arm with the words "Super Durable" and that description is 100% true. The quality of the bag tag is even better than I imagined it would be. That is one thing I love about Inchbug: they send you quality products that are going to last you for years.
Inchbug Diaper Bag Tag

You can also customize the Bag Tags. Your options include:
-selecting a style/design (they have allergy alert styles available which is very helpful!)
-choosing customized text on just one side or both sides
-lines of text (4 lines on one side, 1 line on the other side)

I chose to have customized text on both sides of the Bag Tag so there would never be any question about to whom the diaper bag belongs. The fun colors of the Bag Tags make it easy to spot which bag is yours and the tags have full color on both sides.

Thanks to the genius people at Inchbug our items are now properly labeled. I don't want a story like mine to happen to you, so do yourself (and your friends!) a favor and grab you some of the Orbit Labels and Bag Tags now. It will help to put your mind at ease if you have to leave your baby during a feeding time. One of my goals with this blog is to share products that are helpful and make life easier for us as moms. Well, consider your life that much easier with these labels that are made to last (and look pretty at the same time!).

Inchbug Labels for Bottles
Inchbug Labels for Baby
Inchbug Bag Tag

Old Navy Options For The Cooler Months

Last week I received some INCREDIBLE customer service while shopping at Old Navy, so I have decided to spread the love and share some of my favorite items. Old Navy is always a good option because of the super affordable prices. You can really find some great pieces and almost everything in the store can be styled multiple ways. Old Navy is always where I head to stock up on basics and to find comfortable dresses that you can wear everyday.

I've compiled a list my favorite tees, dresses, vests and shoes for you. This post is clickable and shopable - all you have to do is click on an item if you like it and you can purchase it immediately. And right now through October 28 you can use your Super Cash to score some really great things. If you don't have Super Cash just use code SWEET for 20% off your purchase!





Hello 8 Months

8 Months Old

I do not know how we got here so fast!!! As much as I try to make time stand still, it keeps right on not listening to me and actually moving faster instead (is time a child or something?!?!)! Here we are at 8 months old and I'm definitely not ready for this. So let's just get on with the monthly update.

Stats: I don't know his exact height, but I do know Knox is 18 pounds, 11 ounces. Knox unfortunately has been sick in recent days and we ended up at the doctor on Friday where they weighed him.

Development: We have a full blown crawler! Knox picked up crawling fast. One day he was rocking back and forth on his hands and knees, the next day he was on the move. There is no sitting still with this kid. Now that he is mobile, he wants everything in sight and will get whatever object he wants all by himself. He can also pull himself up to standing. He particularly loves to do this in his crib during nap time. He's still a very happy baby and always gives us tons of smiles. We are working on getting him to clap his hands; he isn't able to do it by himself yet but he always giggles when we clap his hands for him.

Loves: Since he is mobile, Knox has shown us his fondness for new things. He LOVES the heater we keep in his room. That heater is like a Knox magnet, the second I set him on the floor he takes off after it. I have to quickly pick it up and put it out of his reach. He has also discovered door stops and that they make the most brilliant noise when you play with them. He could play with a door stop for a good ten minutes if I let him. Blowing raspberries is another favorite of his.

Dislikes: Taking naps. Seriously, this kid has the most inconsistent nap schedule ever!!!! In fact, last week I was pretty sure that he only slept for 15 minutes one day. Oh sweet baby Jesus, please help this kid nap!

Sleeping: As you can see from above, naps are a challenge. Sometimes he will sleep during the day and most of the time he won't. His naps are all over the place in length. However, he does sleep through the night, so I really cannot complain. I would much rather him sleep at night when we are trying to sleep too!

Diapers: He is still in Pampers size 3 diapers and I think he will be in them for awhile. Now that he is mobile, I don't see him gaining weight so quickly.

Eating: Food is definitely still a favorite of his. He doesn't like to wait on food; when he is hungry he wants food immediately. Knox gets four 8 ounce bottles of breastmilk each day, plus I give him food at lunch and dinner. Because he loves food so much, he really isn't that messy! He makes sure everything goes straight to his mouth!

Clothing: Knox is able to wear lots of different sizes. He can still wear 6-9 month clothing and just regular 9 month clothing. I do love that just like his sister he can wear the size that corresponds with his age. That makes it very easy to shop for him. Now that the weather is colder, I pretty much keep him in sleepers all day long. They make diaper changes easy since we prefer the sleepers with zippers.

Miscellaneous: His sister still tops his list of favorite things. I love to watch them interact,; if sister is in the room he is so incredibly happy. She is also quite fond of him and will do just about anything for him. She is such a big help, especially if I need to leave the room. I just ask Kendall to play with Knox and she will do so until I return. She tries to keep him out of things that he shouldn't get into and she does it the only way you knows dragging him across the floor by his feet!!! Since she can't pick him up, this is the next best thing. And of course Knox thinks being dragged by his sister is quite funny.
Knox is certainly a second child because we just took our first overnight trip away from him (I didn't leave Kendall until she was about 14 months old). I have quite the freezer stash of breastmilk, which makes it easy for someone else to feed him.
He's a sweet baby with a loving disposition. He often reaches out to touch the face of others and he loves to cuddle. I'm soaking up the cuddles while I can!

8 Months Standing