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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Beach Still Calls My Name...plus a giveaway

Since summer is (un)officially here, I often catch myself mentally planning our next beach vacation. We had a terrific time with my family and I cannot wait to do it again. I think Baby K feels the same way because she woke up yesterday talking about the beach and her cousin!

Feast your eyes on these fun pictures from our beach vacation. I couldn't help myself, there were too many that I wanted to share. My heart comes alive when I get to spend time with my family and this vacation has filled me up for awhile!

(And stay tuned at the bottom, there is a giveaway for some serious cash too!)

Getting back into the swing of things after a vacation isn't always easy.
Good news… it's a shorter "work" week.
Better news… we've got a giveaway going on with a lot of goodies that you could likely win.

Starting off with some moola.
Like, a lot of cash.
$105 isn't anything to shake a stick at.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

High Five For Friday

Of course this has been a terrific week - we were at the beach. Sadly we are now home, but we spent the week making some sweet sweet memories. Here are some fun moments from the week!

1.) This magnificent and beautiful house is where my family stayed while at the beach. I'm telling you, renting a house is the way to go. Especially when they have beach chairs, a golf cart, kayaks, bikes, games, umbrellas and so much more. Renting was definitely better than getting a hotel and lugging all of that stuff with us.

2.) Sweet daddies and sweet kiddos. This picture melts my heart.

3.) We took my nephew and Baby K to a putt putt course for the first time, they both had an absolute blast. I had so much fun watching them that I didn't even finish playing my own game.

4.) Baby K loved riding in the golf cart, I think it was the highlight of our trip for her. And "driving" the golf cart was a special treat!

5.) Check out these adorable kissing cousins! Potential cover for a future romance novel??? :)

I hope your week was fantastic!!!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The App I Couldn't Live Without

We are back from vacation...ho hum.
Getting away was so great for us, we really enjoyed the sun and the sand and the laughs from Baby K and my nephew - those two kept us all smiling.

If you have ever traveled with a baby or a toddler you know one thing to be true: they require A LOT of stuff. Going on a beach vacation is no different, you still need to take so much stuff with you. In fact, it felt like I had to take even more stuff with me this go round! I've never been a light packer (you never know what situation you might get in to and what extra clothes you might need), but I definitely try to find ways to simplify. And there is one iphone/ipad app that has simplified my life and made it so I could leave one thing at home.

We have used a sound machine with Baby K since day one. We use it more so to drown out the noise outside of her room so that we don't disturb her sleep and yet can still go on with our lives without having to tiptoe around the house. But I don't like to travel with her at-home sound machine because it is one extra machine that I have to pack and could potentially get damaged in transition. So when we travel, we use the Sleep Pillow app.

This app is awesome because there are so many settings that you can select. From a fire crackling, to waves crashing, to rain falling you can sleep peacefully to virtually any sound you would like. Volume controls allow you to adjust to whatever level you prefer (we like to turn it up louder especially when traveling because we tend to make a little more noise). There is also a timer associated with the app in case you only want the noise to play for a couple hours until you (or baby) fall asleep. Or you can leave the app on all night. And one really great thing that I love, this app does not drain your ipad battery. We leave the Sleep Pillow app running all night long (which is about 11 hours) and it barely takes any battery life. And since I'm already taking my ipad on trips, it makes sense to just use this app instead of adding another thing to our suitcase. The Sleep Pillow app has saved us from waking Baby K on numerous trips.


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Lasts

This photo has nothing to do with this post, but I just couldn't keep this cuteness to myself!

The last...

Thing I ate: a crab cake sandwich when Tolar, my sister and I went out for a yummy dinner - child free.

Thing I watched: Pitch Perfect. Yes, I've seen this movie a thousand times, yes I have it on my ipad and watched it when it came on ABC Family, but I can't help myself. I just love it. And I cannot wait to get my booty into a movie theatre to see Pitch Perfect 2.

Account I followed on Instagram: Little Elle Boutique. Oh my goodness, can you say cute hairbows for little girls?!?!? Check them out, I'm totally in love. Thank you to my sweet friend Ruthie for introducing me to this shop.

Activity I did: Packed. We are heading home from the beach tomorrow afternoon (so sad) and I spent a little bit of time packing everything up. (Although I'm heading home to a clean house and the laundry is finished - so I can still relax at home!)

Product I used: Rodan + Fields eye cloths (did you have to even guess on this?). I love to use these eye cloths to take off my makeup.

Time Baby K shocked me: Last night; she went kayaking with my sister and home girl was not scared to get in that boat one bit. She was so excited to wear her life jacket and to get on the water. K loved every second of being in the boat.

Really cute thing that Baby K and her cousin did: Kiss! Oh my goodness, we told them to give each other a goodnight kiss and it was seriously the cutest thing I ever did see. And no, I didn't get a picture. But I will certainly try again tomorrow when we have to say goodbye.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First Beach Day

Vacation...what a wonderful word. We are currently at the beach with my parents, my sister, brother in-law and nephew and we are having a blast. This trip is Baby K's very first visit to the beach and I have loved every second of watching her experience all of these new things. I'm taking an embarrassing amount of pictures which is ok in my opinion because she will only be this young and carefree once.

Our first beach day was quite a lot of fun. Baby K loved playing in the sand and running around kicking a ball with her daddy. She was a bit timid getting into the ocean at first, but that was just because the water was a bit cool. As the temperature rose and heated things up, she quickly decided that playing in the water was pretty fun too.

And a great word of advice, go to the beach the week before Memorial Day. The beaches and roads are not crowded and the weather is still perfect!!! We will be making this a yearly habit.

Friday, May 15, 2015

High Five For Friday

I LOVE that you guys love my High Five For Friday posts. Here are the top moments from my week!!

1.) I went to a Rodan + Fields business training with my sister down in Charlotte, NC. I am so blessed that I get to be in business with my sister and also live closer to her. I really enjoy getting to see her as often as I do.

2.) While mommy is away, Baby K and daddy will play. Tolar took Baby K out for dinner at Cookout while I was out of town, K had a blast.

3.) I had a pretty great Mother's Day. I was showered with jewelry: both a Stella & Dot bracelet and an Origami Owl necklace. Plus we went to brunch with family and lifelong friends. And then we relaxed! It was a terrific day and I'm oh so grateful to my little redhead for making me a mommy.

4.) My in-laws were in town visiting this week and Baby K soaked up all of the extra attention. Spoiled doesn't even begin to describe this picture.

5.) There is a fun little cookie shop in Radford called Crumb and Get It. They have super yummy cookies and a cute little shop. And if you live locally, they deliver. Um, that is amazing!!!! (list of things to do, figure out how to live in Radford)

Have a fantastic weekend party people!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can You Share Your Beach Tips With Me?

I'm going to turn the tables on you a little bit and ask for your thoughts/suggestions/tips today. Any and all help is appreciated!

We are getting ready to take our first beach vacation with Baby K and I need your help!!! Baby K has only been on sand once and that was when we took her to the local lake last summer. She didn't really play in the sand, so this will be a new experience for her.

I'm packing plenty of sunblock for my little redhead, I've got several swimsuits (and all six pairs of her sunglasses) packed, we have lots of sand shovels and buckets and I'm going to have lots of help since we are going with my parents, sister, brother in-law and nephew. So tell me....

  • What important things should I pack?

  • Do you have any fool proof tips for leaving the sand at the beach?

  • What are the best toys/rafts for a 2 year old?

  • Any safety tips you want to share with me?

  • Are there any fun things you recommend that we do besides the normal playing in the sand and putting Baby K's toes in the ocean?
  • What else do I need to know?
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