Thursday, March 25, 2021

Spring 2021 Box from Decocrated

Thank you Decocrated for sponsoring this post. ALL opinions stated below are completely my own.

If you follow me over on instagram, it is no secret to you that I am a HUGE fan of Decocrated Curated Home. To catch you up, Decocrated is a quarterly/seasonal subscription box that ships 6-9 home decor items straight to your door. 

Decocrated 2021

One thing that makes Decocrated so great is that the items from each new season can be interchangeable with items from previous boxes. Receiving a new box every quarter helps me freshen up my house and get excited for the new season to arrive. I've been receiving boxes from Decocrated for 2 years now and I still get so giddy each time a new box arrives. The items included in the boxes are always so unique and quite useful! Oftentimes, items in each box will have dual purposes or two sides, helping me to really get my money's worth!

I probably say this every time I receive a new box, but I REALLY mean it this time. The Spring 2021 box is SO GOOD!!!! I've got places to use every piece all over my house. The color palette for the Spring box includes pinks, pale blues and turquoise. That color palette lends itself to allowing you to add florals all throughout your house so you can usher in Spring.

Decocrated 2021 Spring Box items

In the Spring 2021 box you will receive:
-a beautiful art print
-collection of wooden books
-long tray
-picture frame with a clip to easily change out artwork/pictures
-reversible pillowcase
-floral wall art (2)

Now that we've been staying home more often, it is important for me to LOVE the items I use to decorate. Decocrated boxes have helped since the pieces in each box are so beautiful and fun to use when decorating. I love moving all of the different pieces around my house each season and coming up with new ways to incorporate them into my decor. If you ever get stuck with how to use a piece, the geniuses at Decocrated have your back! Each box comes with a design booklet to give you inspiration for how to use the pieces in your home. So if you like home decor, but you feel lost, I highly suggest that you check out Decocrated. They do the shopping for you, deliver it to your house each season and then tell you how to use each piece. That sounds like a no brainer for me!

If you like what you see here and want to sign up for Decocrated, be sure to use my discount codes to score a good deal.
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Use code LINDSAYTOLAR for 20% off a single box. 
Use code LINDSAYTOLAR30 for $30 off the annual subscription.
The annual subscription gives you 4 boxes of home decor at a super deep discount.

One question I get asked a lot is if you can pick out the items that come in your Decocrated Box. You don't pick them out yourself, but I think that is what truly makes this such a unique home decor experience. To get an idea if Decocrated is right for you, below you will find a series of pictures that include the sets of items from previous boxes.

Decocrated Winter 2019
Decocrated Winter 2020
Decocrated Spring 2019
Decocrated Spring 2020
Decocrated Summer 2020
Decocrated Fall 2019

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Gamer's Gift Guide

Today's gift guide is not my usual feminine content, BUT I think it will be very beneficial for lots of people. Anyone who has a gamer in their life (aka someone who plays video games) and doesn't have a clue what to get them, this is the gift guide you need! I know there are lots of women out there who know gamers, but don't know what to buy them so I am here to help.

Since I know ZERO about video games, I went straight to the husband! He has been seriously playing video games for 32 years and he even played semi-professionally in his early adult years. He regularly plays online each week and even participates in a gaming tournament with his three best friends every year. All of that to say, the items he has selected are sure to be winners for the gamer in your life.

Gamer's Gift Guide

One thing I do want to point out is that the majority of the items in this gift guide are for Xbox, Playstation and Playstation VR (Virtual Reality). Since my husband isn't a PC gamer, we don't have suggestions for those. Please note that you will need to buy the products that are compatible with the gaming console that the gamer in your life has (Xbox, Playstation or Playstion VR). I have separated them out by gaming console to make it easy for you!


1.) Wireless Controller - This controller is only compatible with a Playstation 5 and it comes highly recommended by my husband.

2.) Charging Station (Splurge) - This charging station can charge two controllers at once and also features a cooling fan. The vertical stand minimizes space that it takes up.

3.) Charging Station (Save) - For the budget conscious folks, this charging station is easier on your wallet than the one above. It also can charge two controllers at once.

4.) Wireless Gaming Headset (Save) - I highly recommend that you purchase a headset for the gamer in your life to minimize noise for everyone! This is the more budget friendly headset and this particular headset is specific to Playstation.

5.) Wireless Gaming Headset (Splurge) - If you want a higher quality headset, this is for you! It is worth noting that this headset can be used with other gaming systems besides Playstation.

Popular Playstation Games:
6.) Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
7.) Assassin's Creed Valhalla
8.) Cyberpunk 2077
9.) Spider-Man Miles Morales

Gaming Chairs

10.) Homall Gaming Chair (Save) - For the budget conscious, this chair comes in multiple color options and features a headrest and lumbar support.

11.) Modern Depot Gaming Throne (Splurge) - Also comes in multiple colors and features a headrest, backrest, footrest, cupholders and lights.

Playstation VR (Virtual Reality)

12.) PSVR Charger and Display Stand - My husband has this exact stand and loves it. It keeps the PSVR headset out of the way and charges it at the same time.

Popular PSVR Games
13.) Superhot VR
14.) PSVR Aim Controller Firewall Zero Hour Bundle
15.) Battlezone
16.) Beat Saber - I'll add my own plug here, this game is fun for even non-gamers like me. If you have really good coordination and enjoy music, you will LOVE this game.


17.) Charging Station (Splurge) - This is a high speed charging station that can charge two controllers at once.

18.) Charging Station (Save) - Also a charging station for two controllers, just more budget friendly.

19.) Wireless Controller (Save) - A budget friendly controller for the Xbox Series X.

20.) Wireless Controller (Splurge) - An elite controller for the very serious gamer. 

21.) Wireless Gaming Headset (Save) - A really good headset for Xbox players, just more budget friendly.

22.) Wireless Gaming Headset (Splurge) - This headset has bluetooth built in and features a battery that lasts 20+ hours.

23.) Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - My husband recommends Game Pass because this is essentially Netflix for video games. You pay a subscription and get access to over a hundred different games. The games do rotate and change almost weekly, but it gives you quite a variety of games to play. The Ultimate package (this one that I linked) also features access to EA Play. My daughter actually uses Game Pass and has found some fun new games for her to play.

24.) Storage Expansion Card - Extra storage space for Xbox Series X.

Popular Xbox Games
25.) Cyberpunk 2077
26.) Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
27.) Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Friday, November 13, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

I actually feel more prepared with gift ideas for my seven year old daughter this year than I ever have before. Yes, she's more vocal about all the things she wants, so that helps. To compile this list, I also asked my followers on instagram for their feedback on gifts for girls ages 6-10. So get ready for a fun gift guide with some ideas on what to buy for an elementary
aged girl.

Gift Guide for Girls

All of the gifts that are included in this guide are either items/toys that my daughter already has and loves or are items that are on her Christmas list.

1.) Butterfly Wall Hooks - This gift actually surprised me, but when I asked my daughter what are some items that she has and loves, she told me that she loves the pretty hooks in her closet. :) She uses the hooks to hang her pajamas, her purses and her camera bag.

2.) Star Shelf - I figured if we were going to have hooks, we might as well have a pretty shelf. This star shelf is pretty enough by itself, but would look awesome in a little girl's room with some fun pictures in frames. 

3.) Light Up Tracing Pad - I am REALLY excited about this gift because I know my daughter will love it. For any little girl that loves to draw, this is the perfect gift. It comes with ten different tracing sheets, colored pencils, paper and more.

4.) Spirit Riding Free Playset - My daughter loves horses and really enjoyed the Spirit Riding Free series on Netflix. She currently owns this playset and loves playing with it. The set was easy to build and comes with plenty of accessories for playtime.

5.) Realistic Stegosaurus - This is the exact dinosaur that started my daughter's huge love of dinosaurs. While she has recently moved on to preferring dragons instead, I wanted to include this in case there are any other girl dino lovers out there (I know there are lots!). The dinosaur is extremely realistic looking; I greatly appreciate their attention to detail.

6.) Walking Dragon - For the dragon lover, this is a must. My daughter has this toy in black and the quality is great, especially for the price.

7.) Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings - Here is another dinosaur that helped fuel my daughter's love for dinos. These fingerlings are responsive to touch, they will move their heads and make noises. This is something my daughter regularly plays with.

8.) Hoverboard - I must admit, this is a gift that I want for myself. HA! My daughter uses hers often and it is quite impressive to watch her ride around on. I've let my daughter ride the hoverboard inside the house and it has not scratched up my floors at all.

9.) Fuse Beads Craft Kit - I think it might be a rite of passage for all girls to play with these. The large set comes with 5500 beads and a pattern booklet to create all sorts of designs. I can't wait to work on this with my daughter.

10.) Karaoke Microphone - If you have a singer in your family, this would be such a fun gift. The microphone has bluetooth capabilities and can be used as a speaker, player or recorder. And I'm sure the kids will love the flashing colored lights.

11.) Tablet Case - If your child has a Fire HD Tablet, this case is perfect for them. It has two handles on the side, which makes for easy holding. There is also a stand in the back that can prop the tablet up for hands free viewing. And finally, it has a carrying strap. We like to place the strap over the front seat of the car, so my kids can watch hands free while we take long trips.

12.) Frozen 2 Walk and Glow Salamander - Frozen 2 was an exceptional movie, so I am all about buying the toys that go with it. You can tell from the name that this toy walks and lights up.

13.) Caboodles Make Up Case - I cannot believe these things are back, but I am so excited! I loved my Caboodles as a kid and I'm happy to share the excitement with my daughter. But do me a favor, if you buy this for your daughter, please don't buy her play makeup to go with it. Get her the real stuff, you don't have to buy expensive stuff, just get something better quality.

14.) Fire HD 8 Tablet - You don't need to spend a ton of money on a tablet for your kids, the Fire HD is the perfect tablet for them. They are inexpensive and do everything you kids want: movies, YouTube, books and games. Pro Tip: Amazon puts these on sale A LOT, so keep your eyes peeled for a good deal.

15.) Blinger Styling Tool - Girls can have fun adding bling to their hair, their clothes, their purses and more.

16.) 3D Pen - Let your child bring their drawings to life with this 3D Pen. The pen is safe for kids to use and can be touched with no burn risks.

17.) Snow Dragon - My daughter loves the FurReal pets because they are so interactive. We've bought a couple FurReal pets over the years and they all still work, so I am confident in the quality. The snow dragon has over 50 sounds and reactions.

18.) Instax Camera - A friend of ours brought her camera to Christmas last year and let my daughter take pictures from her point of view. She loved every second of it and wanted one for herself. The camera is very easy to use and is also easy to load/unload the film.

19.) Jewelry Box - This was another item that my daughter said she absolutely loved. If the little girl in your life is anything like mine, she has collected a lot of jewelry over the years. This jewelry box has lots of different compartments making it easy to organize everything.

20.) Walkie Talkie - I feel like these are another rite of passage for children. I'm sure we all remember how much fun we had pretending to be spies while playing with our walkie talkies. These are perfect if you have a child that likes to camp in the backyard.

21.) Instax Film - If you buy the Instax Camera, you need the film to go with it. Trust me, buy the largest pack available because your child will go through a lot of film. :)

22.) Twister - Games are a must for just about anyone! My daughter loves to challenge me in Twister; she highly recommended that I add this to list because she loves it so much.

23.) Scrabble Junior - This is such a great game to work on spelling! One side has an empty board where you can play regular Scrabble. The other side has words already created and you have to match up the letters to make a word. If you have a Scrabble lover in your family, tell them to buy this for a young girl.

24.) The Game of Life - We bought this game at the beginning of quarantine and have loved playing it as a family. While it is very fun, it helps children practice counting money and also helps them see that having a good paying job is important.

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Monday, November 2, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2020

 Holiday shopping is upon us and this year I'm going to help you with your shopping! I will be rounding up some of the best Christmas gifts for the people on your list and sharing my gift guides all month long. Be sure to check back regularly as I scour the internet and stores for you to share what I think would make terrific presents. 

Gift Guide for Her

Today I'm starting with Gift Ideas for Her. The gifts included in this list are for the woman who likes pretty, girly things and who enjoys spending a little extra time on herself. Some of the items included are also on my Christmas wish list and several of them I already own and LOVE so I know the lady in your life will love them too.

1.) Be Kind coffee mug - My friend Kim started the cutest shop full of coffee mugs, t shirts and other fun items all designed to make you have a Happy Day. Check out her shop! And while you are there definitely grab that black Be Kind coffee mug.

2.) Phone Tripod with Blue Tooth Remote - For the girl who loves to take pictures wherever she goes! I just purchased this tripod and have already put it to good use taking photos of our family. The bluetooth remote is so handy too.

3.) Faux Rabbit Fur Pillow - Trust me on this one, this pillow is the softest thing you will ever touch. The pillow comes in several colors and is the perfect addition to a bed or couch.

4.) Tumbler - Dare I say this is the best tumbler I've ever tried. I've shared this before because I love it so much. A couple reasons it is so wonderful: comes in lots of different colors and sizes, comes with a straw lid and a coffee lid and keeps your ice for at least 6 hours.

5.) Handbag - Every girl needs a cute new bag that is big enough to hold all of her essentials. 

6.) Tablet and Phone holder - This stand has an adjustable height and is compatible with lots of different brands of tablets and phones. It is perfect for when you want to go hands free or need to prop your tablet up higher than a case allows.

7.) Keyring - I'm definitely adding this to my wish list as I am ALWAYS juggling my purse and phone and keys and bags and kids and everything else when I walk in the house. At least this will help get one thing out of my hands! You can put the keyring on your wrist and wear it as a bracelet.

8.) Makeup Brushes - I've never seen so many makeup brushes in a set at such a great price! This set is available in a couple different colors. A girl always likes a new set of makeup brushes.

9.) Frother - For the girl who likes her coffee extra frothy! This also comes with a travel case so you never have to settle for boring, plain coffee again.

10.) Refillable Bottles for Hand Soap, Shampoo, Etc - These bottles are perfect for anyone who likes a sleek and uniform look to the products they use. The bottles are perfect to use in the shower, at the bathroom vanity, by the kitchen sink and more.

11.) Pom Beanie - The pom on top of this hat makes it so cheery and festive. The beanie is available in several different colors.

12.) Dyson Hair Dryer - While this gift is definitely a splurge, I've heard so many amazing things about this hair dryer. This is a practical gift that will get used almost daily.

13.) Weekend Bag - A fun bag is necessary for traveling over the weekend. The canvas tote is available with other fun sayings, perfect to give your girlfriends for a girl's trip!

14.) Monogram Agate Coaster - Such a pretty addition to your kitchen or living room! I guarantee this is a gift that a girl in your life has eyed, but she doesn't want to buy it for herself.

15.) Bubbly Coffee Mug - I'm a sucker for a cute coffee mug and I bet the lovely lady in your life is too.

16.) Silk Pillowcases - Such an amazing price for a set of 2! Silk pillowcases are wonderful for your skin and hair and they just feel so luxurious.

17.) Cheese Board - The perfect addition to a dinner party or girl's night in! This cheese board also has a slicer, making it easy to use and display everything.

18.) Leopard Slippers - These are also on my Christmas list! I love moccasin slippers to wear around the house and when I saw they came in a leopard print, I knew I needed them. She wants them too!

19.) Crystal Popsocket - I absolutely love my popsocket and hardly ever pick up my phone without using it. The crystal gives your phone such a pretty, chic look.

20.) Bath Tray - For the girl who needs a little time to relax in the tub with all of her favorite things.

21.) Marble Wine Cooler - Another great item to have for a fun girl's night in. The perfect thing to keep your rosé chilled.

22.) Travel Jewelry Case - This case keeps your jewelry neat and tidy and organized while traveling. I love that there is a place to secure your necklaces so they don't get all tangled up.

23.) Travel Cosmetic Pouch - I just purchased this and love it! The pouch is huge and can hold full size bottles. There is a zipper portion in the middle, giving this three different compartments.

24.) Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat - If a girl likes makeup, she needs to have something to help clean her makeup brushes. This cleaning mat is hands down one of my favorite things ever. It makes cleaning so easy and helps to get ALL of the makeup out of the brushes.

25.) Lighted Makeup Mirror - Such a great price - definitely snatch this up! The mirror has magnified portions and can be easily adjusted to the perfect angle.

26.) Quilted Purse - Another addition to my Christmas list! This purse is so on trend at such a great price. It comes in multiple colors.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Favorite Podcasts

Pursuit of Pink Favorite Podcasts

I'm a huge fan of podcasts and have listened to them for several years. When driving in the car by myself, listening to podcasts is a favorite way to help pass the time. A couple of years ago, I shared a blog post with my favorite podcasts at the can read that post here. Since I wrote that post, I've obviously listened to quite a lot more and I wanted to give you an updated list of my current favorite podcasts.

This list does include some podcasts from my previous post, but they are so good that they are worth mentioning again.

Favorite Podcasts

True Crime

Cold - Possibly the best podcast I've ever listened to as the storytelling is phenomenal. It dives into the story of Susan Powell and is extremely captivating. I binged this podcast while I did chores around the house. I remember this story being covered in the news, but the podcast goes deeper. There are some creepy moments, so tread lightly. 

Dirty John - What a crazy story this one is! John Meehan is quite the con artist and I'm shocked that people have fallen for his lies over the years. This was also made into a tv mini series.

Dr. Death - Another crazy podcast, I can't believe that people get away the stuff that they do! Note: don't listen to this if you or a loved one are getting ready to have any kind of surgery.

Up & Vanished - There are two seasons of Up & Vanished. I personally enjoyed Season 1 more than Season 2, but I do still think that Season 2 is worth a listen. Up & Vanished is hosted by a filmmaker and he does an excellent job investigating and creating a story that holds your attention.

True Crime Obsessed - A different take on true crime, hosts Patrick and Gillian watch tons of documentaries and then recap everything for us. Their recaps are HILARIOUS and sometimes a bit snarky and that makes this podcast one of my favorites. Even though their episodes cover the full documentaries that they watch, I often want to check out the documentary because they described it so well.

Who the Hell is Hamish
- Another "how did they get away with it" podcast. Hamish is a true con artist who fooled many.

The Bachelor

Bachelor Happy Hour - Hosted by former Bachelorettes Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, this is usually my first stop for all things Bachelor related. They have tons of guests including many Bachelor alumni.

Mouthing Off - This podcast isn't strictly devoted to Bachelor content, but those are usually the episodes that I listen to. It is hosted by Olivia Caridi (from Ben Higgins' season) and she is such an engaging host. I hate that she was displayed as a villain on her season because this podcast made me absolutely fall in love with her. She does talk about her time on the Bachelor and how being a villain shaped her life.

Off The Vine - Another fun Bachelor podcast that also features other content as well. Hosted by Kaitlyn Bristowe, it is fun to hear her take on all things Bachelor and pop culture.  

Reality Steve - If you want spoilers on the Bachelor and other popular reality tv shows, this is for you. Reality Steve has a popular website where he has inside information into what goes down on the Bachelor and he has spoiled the ending for virtually ever season. He interviews past Bachelor alumni and also covers other shows including Big Brother.

The Betchelor - Maybe this is my second favorite Bachelor podcast (after Bachelor Happy Hour) as they often have the inside scoop of what is happening each season without spoiling anything. You can find recaps of episodes as they air on tv and they frequently have fun guests on to chat all things Bachelor related.

Boss Babes

On Purpose - The instagram story queen herself, Alex Beadon, has created a podcast designed to help fellow entrepreneurs navigate the social media world. Her episodes are chockfull of really good tips and tricks.  

Thrive Blogger Podcast - I cannot get enough of this podcast. Hosted by a blogger FOR bloggers, Thrive features SO MANY tips and in depth chats about all things blogging and social media.


Absolutely Not - I discovered Heather McMahan on instagram and she is a RIOT. She is a comedian by trade and her podcast is very funny and features tons of fun guests, including celebrities.

Swiping Up - Consider this the ENews for all things influencers. The three hosts are huge influencer fans and also love calling influencers out when they are being extra basic (Basic Insta Bloggers). This podcast sometimes is perceived as the hosts being mean, but they really are three fun girls who also accept that they are just as basic as the next girl.

The Morning Toast
- Another ENews type of podcast, but they cover ALL pop culture. Every episode includes the top five pop culture items happening at the moment.