Friday, December 29, 2017

Bumpdate - 29 weeks

29 Weeks Baby Bump

Suddenly I find myself at 29 weeks with my pregnancy! Wow, has time flown!
I did a bumpdate when I was 20 weeks, to read that just click here.

How far along: 29 weeks and 1 day (Thursdays are when my weeks begin).

Thoughts: Things are getting REAL. I feel the baby moving all the time which makes me remember that in under 3 months we will be welcoming this precious boy into our family. I'm still feeling slightly overwhelmed that our lives are drastically changing by having a baby and building a house at the same time, but those overwhelming feelings are extreme blessings so I'm perfectly content. There are times I'm still amazed that a boy is joining our family and I cannot wait to see how my sweet Kendall nurtures and takes care of her baby brother.

I'm also praying through making my Kendall not feel neglected. She has had our extreme focus for almost five years and I certainly don't want her to feel like she is loved any less. I am not concerned with how I'm going to love this boy as much as her because I already have so much love for him. I just want to make sure that Kendall doesn't think there is a decrease in care, love and attention. Mamas of multiple children...share your tips? I'm certainly planning on involving her in ALL aspects of taking care of him as I know she will be a terrific helper.

Advice Received: I've read lots of things about baby sleep habits and getting them to sleep through the night. There are SO MANY OPINIONS out there. We swore by the book The Baby Sleep Solution and definitely plan to use it again as it was an absolute game changer. Kendall slept through the night around 13 weeks with the help of this book, hopefully this little guy will too! I'm preparing myself that every baby is different, but we do still plan to implement the practices from this book.

Baby: According to my app, baby is now the size of a Hawaiian Pineapple. At a recent doctor visit, they did a measurement check and determined he was about 2 pounds. He moves around a lot; I often feel pressure in the bottom of my stomach and other times I feel pressure at the very top of my baby bump.