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A Ginger Kid

A Ginger Kid Play and Learn

As a mom of a four year old, I've seen a lot of toys enter and exit my home. I know what toys keep my child's attention and which ones are going to get donated in a few months because they will be forgotten. For us, the tried and true toys that stick around are the ones that grow with Kendall. The toys that can offer her different levels of learning AND the toys that are durable are the ones we keep over and over again.

So imagine my absolute delight when I discovered A Ginger Kid. Besides the fact that the title of the company is the most appropriate toy company ever for my Kendall, we absolutely fell in love! The toys are wooden toys which are always a favorite with us because we know they will stand the test of time. Every toy we have gotten to play with is so beautiful! They are all painted with such brilliant colors and have complete attention to detail. Plus the toys offer so much more than just playtime. Many of the toys allow your child the opportunity to work on problem solving, memory building and motor skills.

I also love that A Ginger Kid is a local store with an online presence! You don't have to be local to me to purchase these incredible toys. Some of our favorite toys include:
Tick Tock Clock
Motoring Along

All Tied Up

All three of the above toys (and so many others) teach Kendall important lessons that she will use throughout her life - like tying her shoes and telling time - while allowing her to still use her imagination and play creatively. And a bonus for moms who like a clean house?!?! All of the toys come in their very own carrying bag, so you can keep all of the pieces together neat and tidy.

We are working on memorization a lot with Kendall now so the Motoring Along toys are getting played with the most. I love that while she is remembering where each lace goes so she can create the appropriate picture, her fine motor skills are being engaged as well. Multi-level learning at its finest!

Be sure to check out the website to get your kiddos some fabulous new toys and if you would like to get 15% off, enter coupon code PursuitOfPink at checkout.

Ginger Kid Toy
Ginger Kid Play
Ginger Kid Tick Tock Clock
A Ginger Kid
Ginger Kid Learning Toys
A Ginger Kid Toys
Ginger Kid Tie Shoes

(Photos where Kendall and I are wearing blue, taken by Kristina Rose Photography)


Mermaid Themed Birthday Party

Over the summer, our Kendall turned 4 and she insisted on having an Ariel themed birthday party. Who am I to deny my little red head of that!?!

I created an under the sea/mermaid themed party using a purple and teal color palette. I really like this color palette and I'm trying to convince Kendall that she needs this to be the decor in her new bedroom once our house is complete. But that's a different blog post all on its own.

Once I decided on the color palette, I set out scouring Pinterest to find some inspiration. I'll admit, I'm not a "create fun things in my own mind" type of person. But I can copy the heck out of stuff on Pinterest that other creative people have already come up with. Which is exactly what I did for the decor of her party. #worksmarternotharder

The decor:

My favorite part of the decor was the jelly fish that I made out of paper lanterns, streamers and ribbon. This project was a labor of love and it took me six hours to make six jelly fish. I did not know when I started out that it would take so long to complete, but the finished product was completely worth it. They turned out so pretty. I mostly used this tutorial (#5) to create them. We strung the jelly fish between the trees in our front yard to help make it feel like the party was underwater with the jelly fish swimming above us. We also purchased some bubble machines to help with the underwater feel.

Boutique Crush - Shop Ashley LeMieux

Boutique Crush Shop Ashley LeMieux

Over the summer I discovered the absolute cutest online boutique and I fell in LOVE with everything the shop featured. I bought a dress, felt absolutely beautiful and the rest was history. Shop Ashley LeMieux quickly became my go to place to look anytime I was searching for new, pretty clothes.
Beautiful clothes. Affordable prices. Ethically made. Plenty of options on sizes. Win. Win. Win. Win.

If you've read blogs a few times, you might have heard of The Shine Project and its founder, Ashley LeMieux. I've got quite a girl crush on Ashley because she has essentially dedicated her life to helping others and has found numerous ways to help those without financial means attend college. (To read all about The Shine Project and how it began, click this link.) I already trusted Ashley and admired her work, so I was completely excited to check out her new venture with Shop Ashley LeMieux.


Life is Changing

I can't start this post without acknowledging the horrible tragedy that happened in Las Vegas earlier this week. My heart breaks for the hundreds and hundreds of people involved or affected by such a senseless act. Love needs to be our loudest voice. Change needs to happen and it needs to start with us simply loving others. As many of you know, I'm a positive person who appreciates a space with rainbows and butterflies. This blog is that space on the internet for me and will continue to be just that. You will always find love here at Pursuit of Pink. No judgement, no condemnation, no negativity. Simply love. 

It is so hard for me to believe that there are only three months left in 2017. I very vividly remember New Year's Eve night when Tolar and I celebrated with friends. Three couples, six people, stood together in the middle of a cabin in North Carolina and prayed for the upcoming year. Tears were shed as each couple separately was dealing with personal issues/struggles and pleaded with God to make changes. Dreams were shared and bold prayers were said. And here I sit, nine months into the year and I see many changes and promises fulfilled.

The promises fulfilled for my friends are their stories to share, but I can certainly fill you in on what is happening with my family!!!!

The very first thing happened in March of this year. Tolar was in a miserable job that left him barely any time for family time/down time and often kept him traveling for weeks at a time. None of us were happy and Tolar felt like he was just existing. Well God opened a door to a job that kept Tolar close to home (6 minutes down the street to be exact!), had zero travel and plenty of work/life balance. Not to mention he has a pretty incredible boss to go along with the awesome job. Answered prayer...boom!


Polka Dot Print Shop - Baby Books

(Disclosure: Thanks to Polka Dot Print Shop for sending me this incredible baby book. All opinions expressed are completely my own.)

This summer brought a new birthday for my sweet little Kendall, she turned four! (Stay tuned, pictures from her Ariel themed birthday party are coming soon) Every passing year has me realizing just how fast time is flying and every year I remember that I NEVER created a baby book for her.

I had the best of intentions her first year, I kept everything in a cute little box in hopes that one day I would put her baby book together. But here we are, four years later and a crafty little baby book maker I am not! Thank goodness I have this blog and previously chronicled each month of K's first year so I hopefully won't forget much! Realization recently struck me that pretty soon I actually won't remember as much as I think I will, so I better work on creating a baby book for her immediately.

Polka Dot Print Shop Baby Book
Baby Book

Enter Polka Dot Print Shop. I found this incredible shop on instagram and was immediately drawn to the beautiful baby books they offer. The books are very modern and come with a variety of design options, perfect for many different tastes. I chose the hardcover mermaid theme in lavender and it is stunning. Perhaps I was drawn to the lavender mermaid theme because Kendall's birthday party was Ariel themed in similar colors...who cares, it is gorgeous. Also, this book is a brand new addition to Polka Dot Print Shop and is quickly becoming popular - I see why!

The hardcover books say baby on the cover and come with a personalized first page. When Kendall was looking through the book she was excited to see her name!


Shopping with thredUP

My shopping motto: buy what you love and never pay full price for anything. I live by those rules pretty much every time I step foot into a store. Which is why I was thrilled when my friend Jenny told me about thredUP.

thredUP is a women's and children's online consignment boutique featuring TONS of incredible brands. With thousands of pieces in like-new condition, you can really score some amazing deals. I have seen several of their commercials and ads on facebook about girls finding great deals on designer purses so I decided to check it out for myself.

Let me just cut to the chase...this site is the real deal. You most certainly can scoop up designer pieces at a fraction of the cost. I love a good handbag and I was stoked to find a gorgeous Street Level Bag that looks like it has never been used. The bag looked great online and it is even better in person. I am certain it will be going with me many places this summer.


Decorating Trend: Hygge


Being a (mostly) stay at home mom means that I spend a great deal of time at home. Obviously I want to be comfy and cozy where I spend the majority of my time, which is why home decor is one of my great interests. I would call my taste rustic contemporary, focusing on making myself and my guests comfortable.

I recently discovered a new decorating term called hygge (pronounced "HOO-gah," the Danish word for cozy). Google or search for the word on Pinterest and you will find thousands of beautiful images that make you want to jump right into the picture and cuddle up. To me, being comfortable and cozy is having a tidy house with everything in its place, plenty of scented candles, inspirational signs and quality pieces of furniture.


State of Things

It's been a busy couple of months around here with lots going on for us! So a catch up post is in order.

Tolar started a new job in March which means he now works just 7 minutes from home and does not have to travel. We are so thankful that we get to spend more time with him and that he is home so much more!!! It's been fun being able to stop by his office for a quick visit or for him to run home and join us for lunch. K is in heaven with all of this Daddy time, because she is a Daddy's girl through and through.

K and I rang in Easter on the couch at home. :( Poor baby had strep throat and an ear infection with a fever, so she and I stayed put on Easter Sunday. Luckily, she was feeling a bit better by the afternoon and let me dress her up and take some photos. Later that night we had a yummy dinner with my parents.


Favorite Photo Props

One of my recent passions is photography. I'm completely self taught and a TOTAL novice, but I really enjoy shooting and finding creative angles for photos. I've picked up plenty of tips since Tolar first bought me a DSLR camera, but the two tips I use the most are:
1.) find the light
2.) use props

Today, I'm sharing my five favorite props to help make your photos pop.

1.) A fun white rug
My absolute favorite prop is my sheepskin rug. If you follow me on instagram, you will see the rug used in so many different ways. I love it because it adds a pop of white, making my photos nice and bright. I also love the texture difference between our wood floors and the fluffy white rug.
And Kendall loves the rug because she pretends it is snow. Any time she sees me taking photos using the rug, she can't wait until I'm finished so she can play with it. It's super cozy too.
You can score this rug for a steal on Amazon.


Nickel & Suede Leather Earrings


It is no secret, I'm an accessories girl. I love earrings, necklaces, bracelets, all of it. And if it is a statement piece, there is a 99.9% chance that I will love it. Statement pieces are often heavy, which is fine if I'm wearing it around my neck, but not on my ears. Enter the incredible lightweight leather earrings from Nickel & Suede. These leather earrings are so lightweight that you cannot even feel them when you wear them. So ladies with sensitive ears, you don't have to worry a bit (and they are nickel free to boot!).


The thing I love most about Nickel & Suede is that they have tons of options. TONS. You can pick virtually any color you want and there are plenty of styles. I'm wearing Nickel & Suede's earring of the month, Gypsy Teal (get them on sale through tomorrow!). The style of the Gypsy Teal earring is their basic style, but you can also find woven, cut-out, suede, shimmer and more.


Custom Invitations and Stationery

One of my most favorite things to send and receive is snail mail. It's always been a joy for me ever since I was little to open the mailbox and see something pretty inside, waiting on me to open it. Whenever it is time for me to send our annual holiday card or thank you cards, I always love looking through all of the designs that are offered. Designers in today's world are so talented and create some pretty amazing work. Which is why I'm thrilled to introduce you all to an incredible online stationery store,
Basic Invite.


Their name might say basic, but I promise you that the designs offered on Basic Invite are anything but. Stunning is the word that comes to mind, because their designs are breathtaking. There are numerous reasons to fall in love with them, but their design offerings top the list. You can pick from photo designs, non photos, foil, real wood (yes you read that right), black tie, the options are endless. And so are the colors; with over 180 color options you can truly customize any invitation, card or piece of stationery and it will be uniquely yours. You get an instant preview online every time you make a selection.




Toys. If you have kids, you have toys in your house I'm sure.
Toys are an essential part of learning, growing and developing creativity in children. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for parents to decide which toys they need for their children since there are so many options out there. Other times it can be extremely chaotic in a household that is overflowing with toys! Lucky for us all, there is a new subscription/toy rental service that solves all of our problems.

Meet Toy-Yo, an online library full of well-crafted, educational toys. Don't be fooled - just because I use the word educational I also mean that these toys are FUN!!!!
Toy-Yo is a brand new company that I have had the pleasure of working with and I'm so excited to introduce them to you. To explain just how incredible Toy-Yo is, I compiled a list of my top reasons that YOU should purchase (or gift!) a membership.

Play this video to see Kendall in action with the toys!

TOP 10 Reasons to subscribe to Toy-Yo:

1.) You won't be overwhelmed by too many toys in your house.
Just like you check books out from the library or rent a movie from RedBox, you can do the same with Toy-Yo. At Toy-Yo, you rent the toys, play with them, then return them and rent more toys. So fun! Parents don't have to stress over finding a place to store all of the extra toys because once your child decides they are finished playing with the toys, you just return them and get a brand new set. I've had a lot of friends start a toy rotation in their house because they find that their children get overwhelmed by too many options. This is similar to that, but without having to find additional storage for the toys not in use.


Trendy Clothes For Motherhood


We live in quite a terrific moment in time. Technology allows us to do so much and offer so much; shop online, make video calls, order food and groceries online, schedule a car ride and more.
I have to say one of my favorite things about the digital age is shopping online - and all the mamas said "hallelujah" - especially when I find a Trendy Online Boutique like PinkBlush.

PinkBlush offers cute, stylish clothing for women in all stages of motherhood. Their clothes are perfect for stylish moms and they even have incredible clothes for all throughout pregnancy (they are altered to fit a mother's growing bump during every trimester). The clothes are so modern and versatile, allowing you to wear everything all sorts of ways through different seasons of life.

Seriously, why did my friends not tell me about this awesome online shop when I was pregnant with Baby K? I would have been rocking everything you find in their maternity clothes section- whenever I'm pregnant again this will be my store! Luckily, I found this shop now and they carry a complete line for women (pregnant and not).

My favorite part of their shop is that they feature so many FABULOUS styles for moms on the go like me. Being a (mostly) stay at home mama, I still want to feel pretty every single day and this purple lace dress from PinkBlush makes me feel that and more.

They have so many options - dressy, casual, formal, boho, classic, maxis - you name it, they have it. I can guarantee that a lot of clothes from PinkBlush will be showing up on my doorstep and I'm not mad about it one bit.


Fine Motor Skills and Hand Strength


Since Baby K started Preschool, one thing her teachers have talked about a lot is building fine motor skills and hand strength. In our technology world, some toddlers spend a considerable amount of time on tablets and don't always have the fine motor skills that they need.

Over the years, I've tried to work with K on her fine motor skills and these are some of our favorite activities. Not only do these activities work on fine motors, but some of these are also educational and all of them are FUN. 

1.) Bead Garden

I bought a styrofoam cube and poked holes into it and then inserted colorful pipe cleaners. I then bought matching beads and taught K to "thread" the beads onto the pipe cleaners. This activity teachers her about color matching, sorting and builds her fine motors. Also, when she plays with her bead garden I get an easy 30 minutes to myself.


Photo Editing Apps


One of the things I get asked about a lot regarding my instagram account is how do I get my photos to look so bright. Of course my first answer is ALWAYS lighting - find the light. But then I clue people into my two favorite photo editing apps that I use on virtually every picture I take.

Different people have different tastes in what they prefer for a photo aesthetic, I prefer light and white. To achieve this look in my photos I use my secret weapon of apps called PicTapGo. There are so many different filters that you can use in PicTapGo and I love that you can layer as many as you want over top of each other. You can even use the same filter several times until you get the desired look.

My favorite filter to use is called "Brightside." This is almost always the first filter I select when I edit a photo. Normally, it takes one or two times clicking Brightside until I get the desired effect I would like. Then I will select "Contrast" and play around with it until I reach the level of contrast that I prefer. Occasionally I will "Cool It Down" or "Warm It Up" to change the color composition. And that is it. I don't use a ton of filters, this is the recipe I found that works best for me.

A New Way to Shop - with Boxed

Moms, I'm talking to you all on this one. Picture it with me: you need paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, maybe some granola bars for the littles and it is 14 degrees outside with the threat of snow. Do you really want to spend 30 minutes bundling the kids up, driving to the store, unloading them all, navigating a big cart around the grocery store while everyone in town is also there and then transport everything back home? Yeah, I didn't think so.

There is a new way to shop for those household items and you can do it from the comfort of your own home or even on the go. Allow me to introduce you to a company that I learned about a few months ago from my oh so wise aunt.

They call themselves Costco for Millennials, and even though I'm somehow classified as a Millennial (later we can get into a conversation about how that just doesn't make sense to me ), I think they should also brand themselves as Costco for Moms.


Baby K's 3rd Birthday Party

While this blog was on hiatus, a lot of life happened. Nine months of our lives to be exact. And you, my dear readers, missed out on some pretty amazing events in our lives. When I decided to relaunch Pursuit of Pink I wondered what my first few posts would be about. The first thought to pop into my head was "give the people what they want!" and I without a doubt know that what you want is...Baby K!

Kendall turned 3 over the summer and we decided to throw her birthday party at a location instead of our house. There are lots of options in the New River Valley for children's birthday parties, but I am more than THRILLED with our choice of Little Leapers in Blacksburg, VA. If you take anything away from this blog post it should be this: book your child's next birthday party here. Little Leapers did everything right; we were so pleased.


I'm Back! - Resolutions from a Mom

Well hello there lovelies!!! I'm so happy to be back to blogging.

Being completely transparent, I didn't exactly plan on taking a nine month hiatus from blogging, but somehow it happened. Life happened. And I enjoyed the MUCH needed break.
During the month of December I kept feeling a prompting from God that I needed to pick blogging back up. I saw sign after sign that I wasn't finished with my little piece of the internet and I'm thrilled to say Pursuit of Pink is back in action!

Pursuit of Pink has always existed to be a place of happiness and positivity in a world with so much sadness. I believe that the world needs more smiles, more rainbows, more butterflies. This is a place with zero judgement, a place full of joy and a place to find encouragement (because Mommin' Ain't Easy). None of that will ever change!

To kick off the re-launch of Pursuit of Pink and 2017, I thought I would share some of my resolutions and goals for the upcoming year.