High Five For Friday

Friday, July 12, 2013

Another fabulous week to add to my list! And this weekend is sure to continue the awesomeness as it is my birthday tomorrow! It doesn’t quite feel like my birthday since I got the best birthday present I could imagine back in June. Tolar and I love being parents and can’t get enough of our little angel. So here you have it, some of the best moments from my week.

1.) I can’t handle the sweetness of how Baby K is sleeping. I could stare at her sleeping for hours!

2.) These baby fingers slay me!

3.) My awesome Mom stayed home with Baby K for several hours so Tolar and I could have a day date. We went to Top Golf and had an amazing time. One of us knew the proper way to golf, the other gave it the old college try and had about 15% success. It was great to be able to spend time just the two of us, but I sure missed my baby.

4.) Nap time is awesome, especially when you get to nap with Daddy!

5.) I had my first glass of wine since I found out I was pregnant and it was glorious.

So there you have it, a peek into my life as a stay at home mom (at least for the next 10 weeks!). I hope you all had a great week too. To see other High Five For Friday posts, head over to Lauren Elizabeth right now.


Do you remember my master bath renovation? Well the fabulous Katie from Olios Design is the designer behind all of the amazingness. She has an awesome blog that you should check out; Blog by Olios is full of tips for decorating and styling numerous spaces. I love her post that features design tips for a summer to do list. Who knew that the summer sun looks different than the winter sun and can affect a paint color? Katie sure did! Seriously, check out her blog before you begin any home project because I know Katie will provide you with some valuable tips. And in the meantime, check her out below.

1. Why did you start blogging? 
I started blogging simply to jot down my inspiration and keep a journal for my design ideas. To me, blogging is my own personal design journal that just so happens to be public. I wanted a place to write about my design ideas, inspiration and anything else that stirred up in my mind. 

2. Describe yourself in three words?
Girl. Next. Door.

3. What is your dream job and why?
Believe it or not, it is to be an interior designer. For some odd reason, I do not have the desire to do much more than designing spaces for people to enjoy. The human race needs to have well-designed spaces- we use them daily. Have you ever been in a horribly designed space? Maybe a hotel room that is dysfunctional or an office building that feels more like a Rubix cube to navigate through? It is those types of spaces that make me want to design better.

4. What does the average day in your life look like?
I typically wake up, get ready and head into the office around 7:30 a.m. For some reason I cannot eat breakfast until after 8 a.m., so coffee and breakfast is drank/eaten at my desk :-) I usually have some sort of furniture delivery or install, collaboration meetings and client meetings every day. AutoCAD is always open on my computer- it is the number 2 software I use, right up there with my Outlook calendar. I try to spend about 30 minutes on social media (sometimes all at once and sometimes spread out throughout the day).

5. What is something weird about you that no one knows?
I have a secret crush watching Duck Dynasty with my husband. Although the show is totally staged, it is really funny! (haha, I started laughing out-loud as I was writing this).

6. When you aren't blogging, what is your favorite hobby or pastime?
In the summer, I love playing tennis. I used to play competitively in high school and college. Something about being on the court that makes me smile. In the winter, I am a ski bunny. I learned to ski when I was four and I cannot remember a winter that I was not on the slopes. There is something about the ski slopes that is relaxing and refreshing (oh, and definitely a workout, that's for sure). 

There you have it? Isn’t she great? A designer, an athlete and someone who loves Duck Dynasty – Katie’s awesome!


  1. Um, that first picture is probably one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. LOVE sleeping babies and she takes the cake! I'm so jealous of your glass of wine! I'm waiting impatiently for mine!

  2. I am so glad you guys got out for a date! I am hoping we can do the same since my parents are so close by. And look at how much hair K has!!!!!!!

  3. Yay for a date, a glass of wine and adorable babies! Happy almost bday my friend!


  4. you are looking fabulous!! so glad y'all are taking time for each other!

  5. Oh no - baby fever alert! Nate's probably going to have to require me to stop reading your blog until we're ready to be parents. Your little girl is far too cute!!! :-)

  6. Baby K is just an angel! Enjoy every single second. They grow up so fast! Glad you and the hubs got a little date time...we LOVE Top Golf!! And cheers to that glass of wine!!

  7. Oh my baby pictures make me feel so warm and happy................golf is not somehting I have ever tried

  8. Congrats on the wine! Haha! Awesome. Baby K is such a doll!... no litereally. She MUST be a doll because nobody can look that cute sleeping! Her little hands! Oh my goodness!


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