I'd love to work with you to promote
your brand or shop!

I enjoy collaborating and working with brands to tell a story. I am always open to new ideas on ways we can work together to grow your business and meet your needs. I’m here to answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in collaborating with Pursuit of Pink,
please reach out via email.

All collaboration requests will be reviewed carefully to make sure that each brand is a great fit. 
All reviews on Pursuit of Pink are my own opinions. I will accept products/brands that fit my personal style and the tone of my blog.
I am happy to accept products and/or clothing items for review from brands or stores. 

Please note, I do not accept guest blog posts.


  1. Love your blog, you are presh! I would love buy an ad from you. I see you have your button down below. Does that mean I can 'grab' it for posting on my lifestyle blog?

  2. VIM sent me in this direction and how could I resist.


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