High Five For Friday

Friday, July 5, 2013

For once I’m not overly excited that today is Friday because as I’m sure you can imagine, the days are a blur to me. We’ve been home from the hospital with Baby K for a week and 2 days and each day blends into the next. We are leaving the house for doctor’s appointments, but I’m hesitant to take her out for errands and other visits while she is still so young/little. Even with remaining in the house and not being sure which day it is on the calendar, I still have some awesome moments to highlight for you from my week.

1.) My sister and nephew were in town for several days visiting and my nephew was so curious about Baby K. He was very gentle with her and really stared at her more than anything. I love this photo of him checking on her.

2.) Tolar turned 31 on Monday and I let him sleep in a bit. However, I was so excited for him to come open his presents I quickly started regretting my choice to let him sleep. (I mean, I was way too excited for him to open those Cheetos so I could eat them. Because it’s just not a birthday present display without a bag of Cheetos.)

3.) Baby K and Tolar had their first story time together – heart melted!

4.) We are almost finished with the nursery, Tolar and I hung up the last few items this week and now we are only waiting on the curtains to arrive. So pictures of the nursery will be up very soon! I love this cross that my sister, brother in-law and nephew gave to Baby K. It hangs over her crib.

5.) Its just not the 4th of July without a little Legally Blonde!!! I heart Elle Woods and decided to watch Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde in honor of our nation’s birthday. Also, I love the line that Paulette says, “You look like the 4th of July – it makes me want a hot dog real bad.”  Since I wasn’t able to eat hot dogs during my pregnancy, I found myself saying this line a lot. (You better believe I am more than making up for not eating hot dogs for the past 7-8 months!)

So that was my blur of a week. To see other awesome bloggers and read about their week, be sure to stop by Lauren Elizabeth and check out her High Five For Friday link up!


  1. Oh my goodness, that pic of your nephew and Pinky is adorable! :) Hope you had a great holiday!

  2. Baby K is so adorable! Glad your nephew was so good with her!
    The picture of the first story is so precious!
    Stopping in from High five for Friday link up!

  3. Baby K is precious and I'm really loving catching a glimpse into your life as a new family. So beautiful.


  4. I'm glad things are going so well with your little one! She is just a doll!


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