Thursday, May 24, 2018

3 Months Old

3 Months Old

Stats: We don't have actual stats on our fast growing boy as he won't have another check up until 4 months old. But we are thinking he is around 14 pounds, maybe? He has definitely grown and his feet have really gotten big as they don't fit into his sleepers. We can't wait to find out his real stats next month.

Development: These past few weeks have been so fun because Knox has really been able to focus and make tons of eye contact with us. He is SUPER smiley most of the time and his smile makes all bad things a distant memory. He moves his head around alot, checking out his surroundings. And his neck control is impressive; he can hold his head up for a very long length of time. I even started putting him in the Bumbo seat and he can hold his head/body up without slumping.

Loves: Not much has changed, he still LOVES his sister. I adore watching their relationship, they both have so much adoration for each other. He also loves to eat as you can tell from his growing body!

Dislikes: Right now his only dislikes are being hungry and being sleepy. He has had a couple fits of screaming because he was so hungry and was unaware that his milk was right in front of his face.

Sleeping: We started using The Baby Sleep Solution to help him sleep through the night. Right now Knox will go down around 8 p.m. and sleep until 5 a.m. most nights! We are thankful for those nine hours of uninterrupted sleep. He will wake up and eat just a tiny bit and then go right back to sleep which makes me think he will drop that 5 a.m. feeding soon. I'm super hopeful that he will sleep 12 hours straight (just like his sister did) very soon.

Diapers: Still in size 1 Pampers, but once we are done with the opened box, we will switch to size 2. We did start using size 2 overnight diapers.

Eating: Since we started using The Baby Sleep Solution, Knox is primarily bottle fed so we know how much milk he is eating throughout the day. He gets pumped breastmilk and eats every 4 hours. I have quite a LARGE supply of milk and already have almost 2,000 ounces frozen. I had no where near an oversupply with Kendall, it is incredible how different my body is this time.

Clothing: Most of his clothing is size 3-6 months, but there are a couple 3 month outfits that he can wear. It still amazes me how two different brands can be labeled the same size and yet vary in size drastically.

Miscellaneous: This past weekend we traveled to Illinois/Missouri for our niece's graduation, making it Knox's first road trip. On the way there he was a rockstar as we split the drive up over two days. For the return trip, we made the trip all in one day. The first six hours of the ride were perfect and he was so easy going. However, the last three hours were not so fun. I couldn't blame the poor kid, I wouldn't like to be stuck in a car seat all day either. We decided that we won't be traveling over six hours at a time anymore until he is older.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Living A Bold Life As A Second Time Mom

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1850 Brand Coffee

It is no secret to my friends, I'm a coffee lover and I look forward to my morning cup of java each day. I use the time while I enjoy my morning coffee to help me clear my head, plan my day and start out on a positive note. One thing I'm currently focusing on is being bold, both in words and actions. To me, the boldest a person can be is when they are completely truthful and don't try to act like life is always 100% perfect. Because it isn't. Sometimes to be bold, you need the help of a bold coffee to start you on the right foot. I'm currently enjoying the bold yet smooth flavor of 1850 Brand Coffee, a new premium coffee from the makers of Folgers. It wakes me up and starts my day in a positive way.

Now that I've been a second time mom for a bit more than three months, I've had plenty of time to gather my thoughts and truly reflect on how different our lives look. There is a cute little quote that grandparents often say, "If I knew how much fun grandkids were, I would have had them first." That is how I feel about being a second time mom. If I knew how much more relaxed I would be the second time around, I would have chosen to be a second time mom first. :)

Second Time Mom
1850 Brand Coffee Mug

I feel like a completely different mom with my second baby than I did with my first. I feel free, I feel in control and I actually find myself enjoying every aspect of newborn life. Yes, often even those middle of the night feedings can be enjoyable because I know he won't be that little for long. I wish I could invite every new mom I know over, brew a cup of 1850 Brand Coffee which will help her to feel more awake, and share my insights with her. I even wish I could go back five years and tell past Lindsay everything I'm going to share now.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Decor Plans For Kids Rooms

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We are a little less than a month away from moving into our new home. That means that I've had home decor on the brain basically 24/7. While Tolar might be thinking about how much more space we are going to have and Kendall thinks about playing on her swing set at the new house, I've been imagining how I will decorate and organize every room.
I've been most excited about decorating the bedrooms for each of my children. Their rooms are much more fun to decorate because they both have themes. Kendall has decided on a mermaid theme because she really wants me to keep the jellyfish that I made for her birthday party last summer. And I will decorate the nursery with mustaches.

Even though we have chosen specific themes for their rooms, I am still trying to include neutral pieces that can be used for years to come. I'm sure as both of them get older, their tastes will change and new decor choices will be needed. By adding some neutral pieces keeps me from having to completely redecorate down the road.