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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You all know this cutie right here…

My brother in law has joked that I have turned my nephew into a celebrity by putting his cuteness on my blog (I appreciate that my brother in law thinks I have that kind of power!). Now’s your chance to help turn him into a real celebrity.

This fab photo (above) of my nephew getting excited about eating solid foods is in the running to become a weekly winner with Parents Magazine for their Cover Contest. If selected as the weekly winner, my sister and her awesome family will win $250 and have the chance to be included on a cover of an upcoming issue. How cool is that? Admit it; you all get just as excited about eating as my little bug does. He sure knows what’s good; he loves any fruit and he gobbles up Mac and Cheese with veggies (all pureed of course! The kid has to start somewhere).

You can all help turn him into a celebrity. All it takes is a quick click to this link on the Parents Magazine site to vote. You only have to answer a simple question which they give you the answer to – so it’s the easiest thing ever! And click the link every day between now and May 5 as you can cast a vote each day.

My sister and I would greatly appreciate your assistance. I mean, what else are you going to do at work besides browse twitter and vote for my cutie of a nephew? Kidding!

But seriously, get to voting, because you don’t want to make my nephew look like this do you?

 Thanks everyone! We appreciate the help!


  1. Okay the eyebrow raised picture is TOO cute! Love it! Voted!


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  2. I love the third one!
    Glossy Blonde sent me over!

  3. Such a cutie! Voting now!! How exciting would that be if he won! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, the first one with him in the laundry basket is too cute! Coming over from the Glossy Blonde giveaway :)

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  5. My brother and I used to watch TV on Saturday mornings in a laundry basket with our favorite blankets!

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  6. Love him in the laundry basket! So cute.

    P.S. the Glossy Blonde sent me over!

  7. I'm dying, this sweet guy is SO CUTE! Count my vote!


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