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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


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If you are pregnant, have I got a really fun ultrasound option to tell you about. Yes, the 2D profile pictures that you receive from your doctor are terrific. But you know what is really great? A 3D ultra sound where you actually get to see your baby’s face! Tolar and I had our 3D ultra sound appointment over the weekend and we had a blast. Now this is an optional ultrasound and not performed at your doctor’s office; its more for fun than anything. We used InfantSee 3D/4D in Fairfax, VA and really enjoyed it. They have a huge theatre room that can hold up to eight people (it was just Tolar and myself though, which was still really cool). The room is dark, like you are going into a movie and they have really cushy couches for everyone to sit on. And the bed for mama to be is so awesome! This was not an exam table, but a nice comfortable bed fit for a queen with plenty of padding. Directly in front of the bed is a huge screen where everyone can watch the baby and see the ultra sound in 3D. It is recommended to go around 30 weeks of your pregnancy and I was 29 weeks, so perfect timing. We got to see our baby smile, blink and suck her thumb! She would not let go of her thumb or her feet. She is definitely a sucker! (Uh oh, I was a thumb sucker; Tolar and I will have our hands full with this one!) The package we purchased included printed photos of baby girl, a DVD of the entire experience and a recorded heartbeat - I love how cool technology is these days. It was such a surreal experience seeing my baby’s face and getting a better glimpse at what she will look like. She definitely has my little stubby nose. We can’t wait to meet her in just a couple short months, especially after this fun appointment. I recommend googling 3D/4D ultrasounds in your area if you are interested.

And I’d like to wish a very special Happy Anniversary to my two awesome parents. Their marriage has been such an inspiration to Tolar and myself. I’m so honored to have parents who have loved each other for more than 30 years! Love you Mom and Dad!!!


  1. Those 3d ultrasounds really are incredible. It was really cool when we got one for my second little baby. He looked just like his older brother!

    Newest follower coming over from Glossy Blonde!

  2. awwww!! Her picture is perfect! How funny that she's a little thumb sucker. Landon was doing that during his 3D ultrasound too then he got the hiccups. It was so funny to watch his little body bounce with each hiccup. Looking forward to the link up!

  3. we did that a few weeks ago - I loved it!!!

  4. OMG!! Baby girl is smiling!!! That is the coolest thing ever Lindsay!

  5. so sweet!!! we are hopefully going to do one in a few weeks!

  6. we almost didn't get a 3D/4D ultrasound but decided to do it last minute and are SO glad we did!!! Its so fun getting to see baby's face! My cousin did this ultrasound with her little boy and he looked EXACTLY the same in person!

  7. It looks like your little girl is smiling!! I can already tell she's beautiful! :-)

  8. Love this link up idea! Coming from Glossy Blonde giveaway :)


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