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Monday, April 8, 2013

(This is an example of something I DON'T do, I just thought this would get your attention!)

1.) Arrive Early: I really dislike being late or when other people are late. A lady should never be kept waiting by anyone. So I always arrive early; I’ve been known to be stressed out thinking I’m going to be late and then end up arriving 10 minutes before I’m supposed to.

2.) Clean…A Lot: I’ve posted on here before that I really cannot relax until my house is clean. Because of this I clean my house often, even when it really isn’t that dirty. I think I have a sickness, someone please help me!

3.) Spend Way Too Much Time Reading Blogs: The reason I started blogging myself was because I loved reading what tons of other fabulous bloggers had to say. And I often get sidetracked because I stumble on a really cute outfit or awesome recipe and just keep reading!

4.) Pet My Dog Each Morning Before I Leave: I do this for two reasons. One, because I love him and miss him dearly when I’m not home and Two, because that way if I make a habit of always petting him before I leave I know I didn’t forget to let him back inside! (Yes, I’ve had to call my husband before and have him come home from work early to check on poor JoJo)

5.) Make Fun of My Mom (In The Most Loving Way Possible): I can’t help it, when I’m around my Dad and my sister we usually gang up on Mom. She just makes it so easy for us to pick on her. But I have to say, my Mom has the best sense of humor and NEVER gets upset when we pick. I so hope I am that way when my daughter and husband decide to gang up on me one day. (Note: there are so many things I hope I inherit from my Mom once I’m a Mom myself – she’s just fabulous!)

6.) Call My Dad Anytime I’m Sick: Yes, I’m 30 years old and still call my Dad when I’m sick. I mean, the man is an awesome Pharmacist and knows EXACTLY what medicine I need to take to feel better. I remember even calling him around 3 a.m. when I was sick in college and he didn’t get upset at all. He just told me what medicine I needed to buy. Thanks Dad!

7.) Wash My Face Every Night Before I Go To Bed: I have to, I can’t go to sleep with make up on. There are some nights in my past where I did NOT wash my face and I woke up with sore eyes and just a gross feeling on my skin. I have to wash my face each night, no matter how tired I am.

8.) Ask Tolar Each Night If He Locked The Basement Door: I can’t explain why I ask him, I just do. I like to know I’m secure (never mind that the entire basement door is made of glass and if someone really wanted to get in…well, I won’t finish that sentence).

9.) Take A Long Time To Return Voicemails: I apologize in advance if I have done this to you. I see the number on my phone telling me that I have a missed call and a voicemail; I just forget to check it. It’s nothing personal at all!!!!

10.) Tell The Important People In My Life How Much I Love Them: This is so important to me, you never know when you will and won’t see people again. I don’t ever want someone I deeply care about to wonder how I feel about them. I love my family and friends so much!

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  1. I do a lot of these too! I always always always wash my face before bed and lateness is a pet peeve of mine so I am always early. And I am always sure to say goodbye to my pets every time I leave the house!

  2. We are so alike it's scary! I'm always crazy early. I panic if I think I'm going to be late. I'm also an obsessive cleaner. I think I have an unrealistic expectation of how my house is supposed to look. I need it to look like no one lives there. The problem is 2 people and 2 dogs live there. I always tell my babies to "be a good boy" and "be a sweet girl" before I leave. Happy Monday!

  3. You and I are on the same page for a lot of these. I never even listen to voicemails- I just call the person back and ask them then!

  4. You look really good holding a gun, Mrs. Tolar!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am also a person who gets sooooo annoyed with being late. My hubby will drive me crazy because he is never on time....I literally feel my blood pressure raised when he is taking his sweet time..and I am also obsessed with my house being clean. I love the way everything smells after and I feel so outta control if I don't get it done!!!! haha!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  6. i LOVE this! and i am the SAME way - i HATEEEEEE being late.

  7. Refer to #8. That is why you need to have a gun by your bed. DAD

  8. I hate it when people are late too! Great post


  9. That picture is cool... it's almost like the gun is popping out at us, 3-D style. :)

    Oh man, I really need to be better about washing my face every night. I know exactly what you mean about waking up with the sore eyes, etc. Such a terrible thing to do to my skin, but some nights I'm so tired, I just plop in bed. Sigh. Thanks for the reminder, I need to do better! :)

  10. definitely needed to hear #10 today. thanks girl xoxo


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