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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Clean out your makeup bag everyone! You might not be aware of this, but beauty products do expire and can contain some pretty nasty bacteria (gross). I’m sure every single one of us has several old tubes of mascara and lipstick sitting in our bag, it’s time to ditch them. Not only has the color of the lipstick probably changed over time, but if you use super old makeup you could probably get some sort of skin or eye infection and at the very least a breakout. So clean out your bag and only keep what is current. While everyone is doing some spring cleaning in their house, why not add your makeup bag and brushes to the list?

Here are expiration dates for some popular products:
Mascara – 3 months
Eyeliner – (liquid) 3 months, (pencil) 2 years
Foundation – 6 months
Blush – 6 to 9 months
Eye Shadow- 12 to 18 months
Lipstick – 18 months to 2 years

To all of my preggo readers out there…have you checked out the Baby Center My Pregnancy app yet? I’ve been using it since I found out I was pregnant and it is an awesome resource. For starters, there is a daily countdown that tells you a fun fact about your pregnancy or baby each day. I love finding out what new organ my baby grew during the week and reading about tips to deal with leg cramps, trouble sleeping and other pregnancy side effects. In addition to the daily countdown, there are checklists, forums to ask questions of other users and a kick counter to track your baby’s movements. My husband also downloaded the app to his phone so he can keep track of how the baby is growing as well. And when you sign up, Baby Center sends you useful e-mails each week full of tips, advice and stories from other users.



  1. You're only supposed to keep mascara for THREE MONTHS?!? I suppose it's time for me to buy new stuff. :/

  2. What a lovely app! I cleaned out my makeup bag and threw away 15 items!!!! So thank you for that because otherwise I would have still be using them


  3. GROSS!!! I don't like knowing that almost all my makeup is expired! I need to do something about that!!!

  4. Such good tips! Thanks, I need to clean out my makeup bag!


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