Wore: Maxi Skirt

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I love maxi skirts, I seriously wear them year round because I love them so much. Not only are they super comfortable, but they are extremely feminine too. Most people just wear them in the summer, but I like to rock my maxi skirt in the winter too. Although if Mother Nature is paying attention to the calendar, winter is almost over and I’m so ready for it to be.

To take your maxi skirt into the colder months, I have a couple tips.

If you read this post you know I love tights. And under a maxi skirt is no different. It’s fun to put on a pair of cute tights and have them barely peek out at the bottom. Do be cautioned, that tights do stick to cotton so if you find yourself in tights and a cotton skirt on a very windy day, your skirt will be sticking to your legs.

Also, layering on a sweater will take your maxi skirt into the colder months. And I’m also keeping my soul warm by wearing nice light, springy colors (I sound like such a nerd, I know!). I hope by wearing light colors the temperature takes a hint and decides to warm up.

Do you have a look that you try to wear through all seasons? Tell me about it in the comments section below.

Maxi Skirt and Black Wedges: Target. Tank: Macy's (old). Sequined Cardigan: LOFT. Tights: gift. Necklace and Earrings: Charming Charlie.

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  1. I wore a lot of maxi skirts in high school/college (1995-2000) but I dont think i've worn once since.

    You look great!

    -- Dana

  2. gotta love a maxi skirt! looks great, lovin' the spring colors! I keep my tank tops out year round. I like layering them under sweaters or button ups and yes, even cardi's!

  3. Great outfit! I love a good maxi skirt as well.

  4. You look great girlfriend! I haven't tried the maxi skirts yet but maybe sometime in the future. I actually talk about them in What a cute outfit! Stopping by from style elixir. I hope you'll participate in my my post today!! haha.

  5. I wear my maxi skirt year round as well. The pop of your patterned tights is really cute with this skirt!

  6. I love a good maxi. And that is too cute with the lace tights.

  7. I have a black maxi dress that I wear all through the winter. I pair mine with leggings and boots underneath and a cardigan over the top. I love anything that I can wear through all seasons!

  8. I'm definitely ready for winter to be over and am in search of some cute spring shoes (flats - I have a closet full of high heels and flip flops). You look amazing!

  9. pretty Lindsay!

    Here are mine if you get a second to take a peak:

  10. I love to wear all kinds of skirts into the winter. Being girly shouldn't just be in the warm months. :-)

  11. I have a blue maxi skirt from target that I love, but I have yet to break it out all winter. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Penniless Socialite

  12. That pink is such a pretty color!
    Newest follower :)


  13. I love how the cardigan has some sparkle! Super cute! You look beautiful as always!

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  15. Gorgeous outfit, I love the maxi skirt and the top, you look amazing



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