Two Tips Tuesday

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hi everyone! Happy Two Tips Tuesday to you all! Jumping right in…

Tip #1:
If you receive excellent service somewhere, tell the person and their manager. Too often our society is quick to complain when something bad happens, but will almost never rejoice when something good happens. We live in a society where people will complain just to get free stuff, but never bother to build up fellow brothers and sisters with praise.

There were two times in my very recent past where I received excellent service and I made sure to tell the appropriate people about it. Once was at Carter’s when my mother in law and I were shopping for baby clothes. The Assistant Manager was helping us check out and she went above and beyond the call of duty. She showed us how to access their coupons via facebook, was patient with any questions we had and took the time to chat with us instead of rushing us out the store. I got the corporate phone number and called to praise her work ethic. The second time was this weekend when Tolar and I were out for a date. We had dinner at Legal Seafood and Tolar’s dinner left a lot to be desired. He wasn’t upset because clearly it wasn’t the cook’s or the server’s fault, it just wasn’t to his liking. When our wonderful server Maddie asked if he liked it he told her no and she immediately offered to bring him something else. Tolar declined, but Maddie took it upon herself to send over a free dessert and her manager just to check on us. We didn’t ask for the dessert, nor did we expect anything. She went the extra step to try and make us happy. On our way out, we found another manager and told him how impressed we were with Maddie’s service. She was terrific and if we ever go back, we will definitely ask to sit in Maddie’s section.

Tip #2:

Have you guys checked out the blog Looking to the Stars? If not, you should. The girl behind Looking to the Stars just happens to be my best friend Erica and I would love for you all to check out her little place on the world wide web. Erica loves to read and watch movies and devotes a lot of her blog to talking about those two things, who doesn’t love a good book or a movie? So go check her out. She’s an awesome friend and she would love to get to know you all! Plus, I just happen to be guest posting for her today. I’m talking about being adventurous in your fashion and not being scared to try trends you once thought wouldn’t work for you. So get your pretty little butts over to Looking to the Stars right now!!!! Tell Erica I sent ya.



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