I'm Not A Miracle Worker, But This Thing Might Be.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sorry guys, I have to get away from my style, beauty and life posts to talk to you about something that has changed my life. It’s called the Miracle Cleaner and the name says it all. Remember when I talked about my bathroom renovation and how I was so excited to have it all brand new because it meant everything was nice and clean and sparkly?

Well, sadly our shower has started to get a little mildew in one corner. Not too dirty thank goodness, but enough to have me freak out because seriously how can the place you go to get clean stay dirty so often? I have bought a couple different cleaning solutions and scrubbed as best I could (with a tooth brush mind you!) and nothing seemed to work. So I scoured trusty Pinterest and found the answer in something called the Miracle Cleaner that you can make at home.

I didn’t put much faith in it because a Clorox brand cleaner that I bought didn’t work, so I wasn’t sure if something I could make at home would work – but it did! The grout in my shower corner is back to looking almost like new and our shower pan which started to get a little dingy completely looks brand new. And I barely had to use elbow grease to scrub! I just applied the solution and swirled my scrub brush around in a circular motion on the shower pan and I could see the dirt coming up right before my eyes. For the grout, I actually applied the solution, let it sit for a little while by scrunching up paper towels to get it to stay and then scrubbed with a tooth brush. It was so easy.

So what is this miracle cleaner you ask?
1 part Dawn Dish Washing liquid
2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide

That’s it! And both of those products are $1 or less, so you will also be saving some serious cash in the long run!
These are exciting pictures aren't they?

You can use a spray bottle to hold everything or even an old dish washing bottle; I actually used my peri bottle because it has really good spraying power (good riddance to that thing – new Moms, you know how I feel!).


  1. Oh man, I can't wait to attack our shower with this stuff! We have little cutouts for soaps, etc. in al the corners in our shower and they always look dingy - this is so exciting!

  2. LOL! I'm flabbergasted and highly amused you found a use for that dreadful bottle!!!! But you are right about the spraying power....hmmm....

  3. White vinegar also works really well for attacking the grout and stubborn stains. Also works well to clean coffee makers, linens and shower liners etc. Also very inexpensive.

  4. Good old Dawn. My mom's been using it for years. I use CLR Bath on my shower and it's better then anything I've ever used. Our shower bottom has grooves in it that have gotten dingy. I've tried bleach but nothing works. I will definitely give this a try.

  5. What a simple mixture... I need to try this!

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  6. Oh this is a good tip - I've never heard of this but will definitely be giving it a try! I cleaned my shower yesterday and it wasn't as sparkly as I like it to be!

  7. I've heard of this but I didn't know if it worked! How awesome to know that it does. :-)


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