I Heart My ErgoBaby Carrier

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Since Baby K arrived, I have tried out several different baby carriers, hoping to get the whole “baby wearing” thing down.  In fact, I’ve tested out a total of four! And the fourth carrier is the winner. I am extremely excited to have found a carrier that is comfortable and that I love – I just wish I would have discovered the goodness that is the ErgoBaby carrier earlier on in my maternity leave. I sure would have gotten a lot more house work done with Baby K strapped to me!

Seriously, the ErgoBaby carrier is amazing. I first found out about Ergo when we traveled by plane with Baby K so we could celebrate my nephew’s first birthday. Tolar and I ended up chatting with another Mom who was traveling with her toddler and she used the ErgoBaby and highly recommended it to us. She told us a little bit about its features and when we got home I did some research and decided, yep, we needed this carrier. And I am in love!

I feel I must confess that ErgoBaby has ZERO clue who I am, I have not been paid for this post. I simply just adore their product and want to tell everyone about it.

She's smiling, I think she likes it too!!!

Let’s start by telling you how secure Baby K feels. With another carrier I used, I never felt hands free. I always had to keep one hand on Baby K because I felt that I could never get the carrier tight enough around my body. But not with the Ergo, I slide Baby K in and she immediately feels tight and secure. As soon as I snap the last buckle, I can leave my hands off of her and go about my business. Speaking of snapping, it is so simple to snap everything and get Baby K situated. I prefer buckles instead of having a carrier that ties around me. I can put on the Ergo and have Baby K ready to go in about 2.5 minutes! There is no struggling to get her legs through the correct hole, I just hug her against me and wrap the carrier up around her.

Also, I love that there are a couple built in safety features. With the waist belt, you simply slide the buckle through an extra strip of tight elastic that holds the buckle in place should it come undone (but it won’t!). And there is another buckle that snaps between your shoulders to keep both arm straps on you. I don’t ever have to worry if a strap will slip down my shoulder.

Every time I have carried Baby K in my Ergo she has fallen asleep. So for you Mamas out there who are having a hard time getting your baby to sleep, test this product out. It’s a miracle worker. And I must tell you that I also love the thick waist belt, because it hides my postpartum stomach. Yep, I said it, I just had to. I am completely comfortable when I wear this!

You definitely will get your money’s worth with this product, because the Ergo can be used for a long time; up to 45 pounds! So Baby K will have a nice little carrier for a couple years. I can definitely get down on that.

Here are a few more thoughts to consider that are great about the Ergo:
-has a hood to cover baby’s face if napping
-contains a zipper pocket, perfect for holding a cell phone or pacifier
-you can carry baby on your front, back or hip
-machine washable

Its official, this is an amazing baby product. I would recommend this to anyone.


  1. Yay I registered for one.....I've heard they're the best!


  2. Can't wait till I get mine! And that first time after our baby's born and I get to try it out!

  3. I've thought about buying one in the past because the tie on wraps didn't look safe enough to me. I never went through with buying one though because I didn't know anyone who actually tried one and I didn't want to spend over $100 to find out it didn't work. I'm glad to see its a good one. Did you get the infant insert?
    ~ Natalie G

  4. I bought one for baby #3, and I get so overwhelmed when I try to put it on! I also am nervous of where to put her legs-she's too small to hang out the side, and I feel like I'm hurting her by putting them around me!

    I've tried the baby ktan and the baby bjorn and have heard only great things about this product-except that they can't face out. I've given a lot of thought to do that issue and I think just like there's not one perfect stroller, perhaps there isn't a perfect baby carrier!



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