High Five For Friday

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thank goodness its Friday, that means the exhausting week I just went through is over! Even during all of the heartache over Baby K getting sick, I still had some good moments happen. And I’m happy to report that my precious angel is feeling much better!!! Thank you everyone for your comments and prayers.

Here are some happy moments from my week:

1.) Tolar and I had our first real date since Baby K arrived: I’m talking we were out until midnight and someone else put our little one to bed. We went to a wedding for some awesome friends of ours over the weekend. While we loved the time for just us, we definitely missed Baby K and spent a large portion of the night watching her on the webcam.

2.) I love the sleeping positions that JoJo has, this one just makes me smile.

3.) I bought my first Shape magazine in over a year. When I saw the headline to “Lose Your Belly” I knew I had to pick this puppy up.

4.) Tolar gave me an afternoon of some me time; I went and got a pedicure and made myself just sit there and enjoy it. No phone, no flipping through magazines, just sitting there and enjoying the foot massage and pampering.

5.) How awesome to log onto twitter and see that someone has filed me in a list of Top Publicists! I will take it!

I hope you had an awesome week! Head over to Lauren Elizabeth to read other High Five For Friday posts.


  1. How fun that you guys had a date night AND you got pampered?! Good for you! Your little one is precious and that is awesome about Twitter. :) Happy Friday, pretty Lady!

  2. So glad baby K is feeling better! Sick babies are no bueno. And glad that you and Tolar were able to get out and celebrate at your friend's wedding. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Yay for date night, me the and baby K on the mend!!!


  4. Girl it has been an exhausting week over here too. I think a pedi where you just RELAX is the perfect idea and much needed. Coming by from the link up. Have a great weekend!

  5. I'm so glad Baby K is feeling better. I love that you and hubby spent so much of date night watching her on a webcam. That really made me giggle. ;-)

  6. You and Tolar are so stinking cute! I am so jealous of your pedicure, I might have to have a treat myself date this week :)! Thinking of you my sweet friend!

  7. What a great night! :) I remember those days, hang in, it gets better. I have a great post in "fitness" on losing the baby belly. You might like it! Stopping by from High Five for Friday! Come visit, having a $200 J.Crew gift card giveaway - ends today!

    xo Lulu


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