Get This Butt In Gear, Update 1

Thursday, August 29, 2013

As you learned in this post, I am on a mission to lose my pregnancy weight (and then some!). Because I need structure and I also need someone to tell me how much I’m supposed to eat, I joined Weight Watchers with my Best Friend Erica. I tried Weight Watchers in college and had great success with it, overtime I just let myself eat what I wanted (and I got pregnant!) and the weight came back. But I know the program works and I was ready to hop on the wagon again.

After being on Weight Watchers for 2 weeks, I was so happy to find out that I had lost 5.6 pounds!!! Woohoo. Progress is happening. I did lose some weight after Baby K arrived, but to report my total pounds lost I am starting with my weigh in at WW.

I haven’t drastically changed my lifestyle, I’ve just adjusted a few things and I really don’t feel all that deprived at all. Here are steps that I know worked to help me lose those 5.6 pounds:

-Replace soda (either regular or diet) with water. I do allow myself the occasional soda, but for the most part I drink water.

-Walk. I have taken Baby K on numerous walks and I walk on the treadmill at the gym. Eventually I will get back to running on the treadmill, but for now walking is working!

-Eat lots of fruit and veggies. Tolar and I can basically put away an entire watermelon between the two of us in just two days! We fill up on that instead of looking for other sweets to satisfy us. Also, it is VERY common for us to have asparagus and corn on the cob with our dinner. We love them both so much! And we just add a protein and bam! yummy and filling dinner.

-Eat low calorie snacks in between meals. I snack on fruit, string cheese, 100 calorie pack cookies and Fiber One bars. All satisfy some sort of craving and definitely don't leave me feeling like I need something else.

-Cook meals at home. This one is huge! It not only trims your waistline, it increases your bank account (well, maybe it doesn’t increase your bank account, but it doesn’t deplete it like going out to eat all the time will). Tolar and I have cooked almost every dinner at home this month while we are committed to losing weight and it is amazing how much it helps. We know everything we put in our meals (no extra butter like they add in restaurants) and we control the portion sizes. If a restaurant serves up a large portion on my plate, it’s hard for me to stop eating. At home, I can put the correct portion on my plate. And I am totally loving the savings we are seeing in our budget!

Those are the strategies that have worked for me the first two weeks of my weight loss journey. For other thoughts on getting healthy, check out this post here.

What strategies do you incorporate into your diet/exercise lifestyle?

And because I absolutely hate posting something without a picture, I'm including the below gem. Maybe I will find myself with a pink BB gun intimidating enough that I will keep up my progress. :)


  1. Yay, so excited that you're having success! I've done WW in the past too, and can't wait to start it up once the little one arrives! Are you doing online? Or going to meetings?


  2. That's awesome! Definitely go to the Skinny Taste website and try some of her recipes. They all have the WW points attached to each meal. Keep up the good work!

  3. I've had the most success, like over 300lbs lost success on weight watchers! It's a lifestyle change not a diet! I'm proud of you! Maybe I'll come to DC and we can talk a walk along the mall sometime :) and earn some AP's :)


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