An Open Letter To Our Dog

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear Sweet, Adorable, Oh Man Your Breath Stinks, JoJo,

First, I must apologize to you for the fact that your breath totally stinks. Halitosis called, it wants its stank back. I’m talking the worst breath ever – I can smell your breath when I’m sitting across the room from you. I’m sorry that you have such bad breath, but with your crazy heart murmur we would rather keep you alive than give you clean teeth and fresh breath. I hope you can forgive us for that. And in the meantime, I’ll forgive you for that nasty stank breath.

I know there have been some major changes in the house with the arrival of Baby K, but I would like to thank you for handling it like a champ. I’m actually quite amazed that you have been able to maintain your sleep schedule with such a cute little baby demanding so much attention. Your dedication to staying on top of 18 hours of sleep a day is commendable. Actually, I think you might get more like 20 hours a day and I am just downright impressed, maybe a little jealous. The nursery also appreciates your sleep schedule, especially since you nap in there quite frequently. I mean, we spent a lot of time and money getting the nursery ready and Baby K has quite the nerve to sleep in our room currently. So I’m glad someone gets a good use out of the room.

Oh sweet JoJo, I so appreciate how you don’t want to wake the sleeping baby, so you choose to ignore the sound anytime someone knocks on the door. That is super helpful to me, especially when I’m upstairs with the baby and the sound machine playing and I’m expecting a delivery. I thank you for your care in keeping Baby K on her sleep schedule (you must want her to be like you!).

And I appreciate how you are already teaching Baby K to crawl up the stairs. Seriously, your persistence to army crawl up the stairs instead of bounding up them like a normal dog will prove very successful to her in several months time. It’s just the thing that I won’t be able to teach her, you have the slow crawl nailed! But we do need to chat about your ability to come down the stairs. It is rather inconsiderate of you to expect me to carry you down the stairs the way I carry the baby. I mean, Baby K can’t even crawl, what’s your excuse?

Overall though, you really have been an amazing pup. I love being able to tell people who ask how you have adjusted to Baby K that your schedule remains unaffected. Your sloth and laziness are an inspiration to us all.

Your Indentured Servant

(This post is all in fun. I seriously love our little JoJo, he brings us so much joy. Including the laughs and joy I got from writing this post.)


  1. This post had me rolling- I love that he crawls up the stairs, army-style! So cute.

  2. Ahhhh, I love that little old man!

  3. Awww, he is so cute! I love the picture of him curled up in the nursery. What a freaking cutie! :)

  4. Oh what a sweet letter and what a cute looking dog, I like little dogs and it is good JoJo is a small dog can you imagine carrying a great dane like a baby down the

  5. Aw, your dog is ADORABLE!


  6. Sweet JoJo--he looks like he is begging for you to help him when he attempts his climb to the top of the stairs and also when he is ready to make his way downstairs. He finally just gives up the sad look and makes it on his own. Aunt Candy

  7. I love this post! I can't imagine what our dogs will do if/when we have kids. Jojo seems to take the older sibling role quite seriously!


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