This Is How We Entertain Our Friends...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Whenever Tolar and I invite our friends over for dinner we somehow always end up watching funny YouTube videos on our Apple TV. Yes folks, we lead a very crazy life. It’s fun because we all take turns searching for our favorite videos and I love getting introduced to new things that make me laugh until my belly hurts.

Currently, this is my favorite video (and it has been for years!).

And of course, we all know that I love this gem of a video too.

I wish that I could say no one was harmed in the making of these videos, but sadly the videos speak for themselves. 
Do you have any YouTube favorites that you can recommend to me? I’m looking for videos that make me laugh so hard I have trouble breathing.  Come on, leave your favorites in the comments section below. My next evening with dinner guests depends on it.


  1. Bahahahaha that hair tutorial one is hilarious. Oh man I have so many favorite YouTube videos! Hard to pick just one!

  2. The first one would be me.............the second one cracked me up a little more the look on the poor girls face priceless.......

  3. hahahah omg i am in tears laughing at the hair tutorial girl. omg. this isn't a home video, but it's been a favorite in the family for years...


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