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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Being a Southern girl, this should come as no surprise to everyone that I LOVE hairspray. I know my Bestie Erica is probably reading this and agreeing out loud, she knows hairspray is one of my favorites (side note: go check out Erica’s new blog design, its gorgeous!).

I definitely have my favorite brand, so I thought I would compare some hairspray products that I have used in case you are looking for something similar.

Here are the brands:

1.) TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray (Aerosol):
This is by far my absolute favorite hairspray. I love the product for two main reasons; the hairspray provides amazing hold all while still allowing my hair to move. No helmet head here! I have used this hairspray for years, have tried others and keep coming back to it. Plus, the price is amazing! You can score a huge bottle at Target for a little less than $4. I use this hairspray on all of my hairstyles: curls, straight hair, updos, pony tails, everything (and Tolar may or may not be a fan of this too). I also love this one because I don’t get a ton of buildup in my hair. Yes, I will touch up my curls by spraying a little hair spray multiple times a day and my hair still feels fresh and bouncy. I highly recommend this and give it 5 Pink Polka Dots!

2.) Aussie Sprunch Spray (Non-aerosol):
This brand has been in my beauty arsenal since freshman year of college, so going on 13 years! I get the best results when I “scrunch” my hair to create loose waves. There is definitely some magic in the formula because this hairspray will take my straight hair and add tons of waves. I do use this product very generously and I apply it to both wet and dry hair. This is another super affordable product, about $3. And the smell is amazing! I think it makes my hair smell like grapes and I always seem to get compliments on my scent whenever I wear it. I don’t really prefer a non-aerosol hairspray unless I’m scrunching my hair because you don’t get as much coverage and the spritz can weigh your hairstyle down. I would not use this product when I curl my hair or keep it straight; in addition to scrunching I would only use this if I pulled my hair into a pony tail. Because I can’t use it on every hairstyle, this brand gets 4 Pink Polka Dots.

3.) Kenra Volume Spray 25 (Aerosol):
Whoa – it you are looking for something to give you some serious hold, this is your product! I was first introduced to this brand when my sister got married. The hairstylist used this on my updo and told me that my hair would not move in a hurricane and she was right. I have found that I prefer to use this brand only on updos because it almost provides too much hold. If I use this brand on my curled hair, I find that my hair is pretty hard and doesn’t move as freely as I would like. This is a bit more pricey, you can purchase it at Ulta for around $24. Because of the price and the fact that I can’t use it on all hairstyles, I give it 3 Pink Polka Dots.

4.) Pantene Fine Hair Lasting Volume Hairspray (Aerosol):
This is my back up hairspray if I ever run out of my TRESemmé. I like the product because it does provide some hold without weighing my hair down. However, I feel like I need to spray even more of this than normal on my hair when I use it.  My hair does get some bounce with this product and also doesn’t feel too much like helmet head. Because I have to use so much, my bathroom cabinets definitely get a good coating as well. This product rings up around $4 as well, so it is still very affordable. Because I use it as a back up, I give this one 4 Pink Polka Dots.

So there you go, my favorite hairsprays with multiple uses. Do you have a favorite hairspray that you can’t live without? Tell me about it in the comments sections below.

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  1. I've been using the tresemme one for years, and I agree, it's absolutely amazing !

  2. I'm shocked not to see my fave in your list! L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray is the only one I'll buy any more. It's great hold with a super soft feel. Love it!!

  3. Tresemme is my favorite too! I tried it once, and never looked back!!

  4. I can never find a hairspray I like. I'm going to have to try out the Tres Semme brand!

  5. The Tresemme is my favourite, too. I especially like it because it doesn't smell weird like most other kinds.

  6. This made me laugh because I rarely have hairspray in my house, and my friends were over one day and wanted to borrow some, and when I told them I didn't have any, I may as well have just told them that I throw things at baby orphans al the time. they were SHOCKED, and it was hilarious. oh, southern girls and their hairspray. =)

  7. Great post! I have been looking for a good hairspray to hold my thick hair when I curl it so I will definitely be trying the TRESemme hairspray!!


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