Black and White Inspiration

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do you remember this post where I talked about using your friends and people you see on the streets to gain some inspiration for your wardrobe? It’s so true, I have thought of great outfits just by seeing what other people are wearing. Whether it be a great color combo I never thought of before, mixing patterns that work so well together or mixing textures, I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from people I see in my daily life.

I’d like to introduce you all to my friend Rosah who is one of the most stylish people I know. The girl always looks drop dead gorgeous and has quite the fashion sense. Too bad she doesn’t have a blog, yet. One day I’ll get Rosah to start her own blog where she can chronicle what she wears on a daily basis. Seriously every time I see her, I always fall in love with her outfits.

And this black and white number is so classic and chic. I just love it.

I love how she took pants and a blazer and gave them a very feminine look. By adding a fitted corset top underneath the blazer and adding the flower in her hair this look instantly takes the blazer into female territory.  I’m a firm believer that blazers should be worn by females more regularly anyways; they have such a classic look to them that will always be in style.

Also, I love how Rosah added a little black to the white portion of her outfit (with her belt) and a little white to the black portion (with her necklace). Such a genius move! The look is pulled together so nicely.

And I just want to inform everyone that Rosah is as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside. I’ve never seen the girl in a bad mood and she is always so genuine whenever you talk to her. She seriously proves that a smile is your best accessory. Plus, you should hear her sing! The girl is amazing. She sings on our worship team at church and I can’t get enough of her voice. The girl has style, musical talent and always looks good!?!?! Yes, it’s easy to say that Rosah is a complete package. Now about getting her to start a blog…


  1. I second that she should get a blog. ;-)

  2. Hey Lindsay! Great blog post. I'm definitely loving how you get your fashion sense from your everyday life. And yes, Rosah looks great in her outfit. I hope you are able to convince her to write a blog.


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