Two Tips Tuesday

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I know that 5K Season is upon us; you should definitely check your area and participate in one if you get the chance. Besides being terrific exercise, running in a 5K is a lot of fun and a great way to support different charities. One of the fun runs that I have participated in is called the Color Run (or Color Me Rad in some areas), but this isn't your typical 5K. In this race, you get sprayed/sprinkled with colored powders as you finish each kilometer. Because this is a different type of race, I have a few tips to really make the experience worthwhile.

-wear as much white as possible so you can really see the multiple colors by the end of the race
-if you are going to carry anything with you (i.e. phone or camera), carry it in a sealable ziploc bag
-for the best photo ops, without getting too much colored powder on your phone or camera, have a friend run through the color station first and snap pics of you while you run through and get sprinkled,  then switch
-take as many pictures as you can, the colors really make for great photos
-take a change of clothes with you for after the race, if you are anything like me you don't want to have
color stained seats
-also take a trash bag to throw your dirty clothes into, again so you don't get the color all over the car
-a towel will help to wipe off your arms and legs that were not covered by clothing
-Have fun! The Color Run attracts tons of people, not just people who like to run, so just get out there and act like a carefree child. I know you will be smiling through the whole thing (even if running isn't your thang!).

Looking for a quick nail polish remover for when you run out? This has happened to me several times before, so I did a bit of “research” to figure out what to do. All you have to do is apply a coat of top coat over your painted nails and then immediately wipe it clean with a cotton ball. You must wipe the top coat as soon as you paint the top coat to really get the removal process to work properly. I suggest applying top coat and wiping clean one nail at a time. 


  1. my bff is going to do this run this summer! She was hoping I would join, you think it would be okay for a pregnant lady?

  2. I'm doing the color run this summer! I can't wait!!

  3. Great tips on the Color Run- thanks! I am doing one over Memorial Day in Wisconsin and will remember these!


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