High Five For Fridays

Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five! Its Friday! I wish you all the happiest of Fridays, so let’s get right to my top five moments from the week.

1.) We had some awesome friends come stay with us for a few days and had a blast taking them around D.C. (including the Exorcist stairs in Georgetown), playing games and eating yummy food. Come back soon Marc and Connor.

2.) Tolar, JoJo and I had the privilege of keeping our friends’ dog Riley while they were at the hospital welcoming their new baby. Riley was the best dog to have around and she definitely brought huge smiles to our faces. Here she is, not realizing that she and JoJo can’t quite fit in the same size of bed.

3.) Our master bathroom renovation is almost complete, here is a sneak peak of our new floor! I’m loving it!!! Check back soon for the final reveal.

4.) My dear friend Kristina and I are leading a young married women’s group through our church (DC Metro Church) called Girls with Swords and we are reading through Lisa Bevere’s book with the same name. We had our first meeting on Wednesday night and had a total of 17 women there. I’m so excited to bond with these ladies and see God move in all of our lives.

5.) I am 20 weeks pregnant today and Tolar and I went for our gender reveal sonogram. I realize I’m totally teasing with you this mention, so check back next week to find out the results.

Have a great weekend everyone! And be sure to stop by From My Grey Desk, Lauren has so many other fab women link up for her High Five For Friday post.



  1. I didn't know the Exorcist stairs were in Georgetown! How cool!

    And I can't wait to find out what you're having! I LOVE gender reveals!!

  2. Congrats on the baby!!!! Just found you from Heart Shaped Sweat!
    LOVE your blog sista face keep up the awesome work

  3. Congratulations on the baby, gorgeous name by the way, loving the bathroom floor :)


  4. First, congratz on becoming a mommy. 2nd I am loving your floor. And third, I love Lisa Bevere. I actually had the opportunity to have lunch with her last year and she is a riot. I love what you're doing to connect with the women at your church!

  5. Eeeekk! I'm so excited to hear if we'll be bloggy aunties to a little blue or pink bundle! :) Hope you have a super weekend. xo

  6. yes, you are totally teasing us with #5!!! I can wait on the bathroom reveal but am uber excited to hear 'pink or blue' and how you and hubs reacted! Baby stories are the best :)

  7. HI Lindsay! I just found your blog through Stlye Elixir and am now following you : ). It sounds like you had a pretty great week! How cute is Riley? We don't have a dog so I love when we get to babysit our friend's dogs. Can't wait to see the "reveal" of the floor or to read if you are having a boy or girl! Happy 20 weeks, that's exciting! I hope you are having a great weekend!


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