Wore: A Little Bit of Leopard

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

In case you don’t know this yet, leopard is a neutral. At least in my book it is.

Something about leopard (when worn in a tasteful way!!!) just makes me feel so pretty and well dressed. I love adding little touches of leopard to my outfits - whether it be a skinny leopard print belt, a bag, some awesome wedges or a super awesome shirt.

And just add some touches of red to your leopard inspired outfit and you are golden! Red and leopard are such a great combo, they complement each other so well.

How do you wear leopard? Or do you? If not, give it a try – start with something small and you just may find that you want to add more leopard to your closet. Just don’t go overboard or you may look like your new name should be Bambi or Precious.

Cardigan: Zara. Top: JCPenney. Jeans: Old Navy. Shoes: Payless. Necklace: Very Jane.

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  1. I love the leopard! I just bought a pair of leopard heels and they are such a great pop of pattern.

  2. Looking good girl! Your hair has so much volume...jelly over here! I had to start small with leopard, was a little scared of it but now I love it!

  3. This is such a fun top! And those flats! Love love love! You look fabulous!

  4. I need leopard flats!!!! I agree that it's a neutral pattern :)

  5. Loving the red with the leopard and those flats are perfect!
    New follower from TPP!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  6. oh I'm with you!! I love that we are all wearing leopard as a neutral now!!


  7. You're so beautiful! :) I love leopard everything!

  8. I agree...leopard is a neutral! Love how you styled it with the red necklace!

  9. what an amazing necklace!
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