Two Tips Tuesday

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Everyone ready for Two Tips Tuesday? Stop by every Tuesday for two new tips on a variety of subjects. And if you have questions/suggestions, just leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Tip #1:

Get some sleep!!! This little lady makes sure, more often than not, to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, but I really prefer more. I've been that way my entire life.  There are numerous health benefits to getting a good night’s sleep, but I like to think that the fact that I regularly get a good night’s sleep keeps my immune system doing just what it’s supposed to do and has kept me out of the doctor’s office except for checkups and this pregnancy. (Although it’s kind of ironic that I’m writing this after just getting over being sick, but that had more to do with my pregnancy than no sleep!)

I’m telling you, your friends will thank you, your work will thank you and most importantly your body will thank you. So go ahead, those clothes can wait to be folded tomorrow (just put the dryer on fluff and you are good to go), you need to get to bed.

Tip #2:

If you are a blogger or even looking to start a blog, you should look into finding other bloggers in your area that you can connect with and meet in real life. One thing I love about blogging is the incredible community and I love interacting with everyone.  And I am fortunate enough to live in an area where they are TONS of other bloggers. I had an awesome opportunity to meet up with 8 other Northern Virginia bloggers over the weekend and we had a fabulous time. (#nvablogmeet) We met at PF Changs for lunch and it was so fun to be able to “talk shop” with other people who are also trying to navigate this blogging world. Meeting other bloggers in real life is a great way to share ideas, build support and help grow your blog.

I met some great ladies who have some terrific blogs, you should check them out. Here is everyone who was there, stop by their blogs and say hi:
And here are a few pics from our fun get together.

Thanks to Melanie from Now A Queen for the first two shots.

Abbey from The Makings of a Mess and Mia from The Chronicles of Choas.

My Bestie Erica from Looking to the Stars and some chick who likes pink.
And the obligatory food pics.



  1. I know I'm miserable if I don't get enough sleep!
    Love the pics and the food looks delicious.

  2. I need to listen to the "get more sleep" advice! About 4 days out of 5 I get 5-6 hours of sleep and I am seriously dragging. I keep taking care of tasks instead of getting some shut eye. Thanks for the reminder!
    The bloggers date looks awesome! Great idea!
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. such good advice :) I am almost didn't go b/c I was nervous, so glad I did! so worth it :)

    1. It was so good to meet you! Glad I got to sit next to you.

  4. I'm glad I went and met you ladies! I felt like we'd been friends forever!

    And yay for a fellow July baby!!

    1. i'm a july baby too!! so nice to meet you lindsay :) thanks for the shout out!

    2. I am too! I'm actually due the day before my own birthday. So glad to meet you Caitlin!

  5. great tip about sleep and what a fun get together

  6. I love sleep , at least 7-8 hours a night and I sleep more on the weekends. Napping is also very good if you can during the day. I take 2-3 hour naps on weekends. It refreshes every aspect of your health. You look amazing in the photos, thanks for sharing this fun day and the super bloggers.

    1. I agree! Naps are amazing, I try to get a Sunday nap in most weeks.

  7. I had so much fun getting to meet you and sitting across from you! :) You are seriously the sweetest person and I loved getting to know you even more.


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