High Five For Friday

Friday, February 8, 2013

Linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for this High Five For Friday post, featuring my top five moments of the week.

1.) My Bestie Erica and I get to hang out quite a lot and yet we hardly take pictures together. So I am treasuring this fab photo of the two of us.
2.) What an incredible work week; I got to take our lead actor in Hughie to Hardball with Chris Matthews to promote the play. Chris Matthews is quite the professional and amazing to watch in action and even during commercials.
3.) Oh nothing, I’m just hanging out in the green room at AP Radio. Yep, best press week for work ever.
4.) Someone is very excited that he gets to eat some rice cereal. What a cutie my nephew is.
5.) This man can sing!!! And play the guitar and rock out on the drums and write songs and so much more. I’m one lucky woman. Best of all, he puts all of his musical talents to use by singing about Jesus.

Hope you had a great week too. See ya Monday!



  1. So glad you got to spend time with your friend. There's nothing better!

    Your nephew's face in picture 4 is so cute!! Food really is exciting! :-)

  2. Found you from FMGD and just wanted to say I love your blog! So cute and fun.


  3. sounds like you had a great time

  4. What a great week! Sounds like you have a pretty fun job!

  5. Love everything about your week!! Your job is so glamarous! :) Happy Friday, friend!

    My Polished Side Blog

  6. 4. That is one of the cutest faces!


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