Two Tips Tuesday

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I’m back with Two Tips Tuesday! I hope you are able to put my “sage wisdom” to good use.

Tip #1:
Like getting free gift cards just for doing some other online shopping? If you answer no to that question, I’m pretty sure my husband would like me to meet you! But for everyone else, you must check out This is a program that rewards you for shopping at sites within the MyPoints network – and there are tons of stores to choose from and all of them are mainstream stores (Gap, Target and iTunes are the sites I choose rewards from the most)!

It’s so simple, whenever you have some online shopping to do, just sign into your MyPoints account first, find the store that you are looking for and click thru from the MyPoints site. Then make your purchase like you would any other time, only now you are racking up points for every dollar spent. And once you have accumulated enough points, you can trade those points in for gift cards, travel miles or cash back. Who doesn’t love that? MyPoints offers a few other ways to earn points: filling out surveys, reading e-mails and clicking through to their network sites, printing coupons, booking your travel, playing games and searching the web – all things that don’t take up any extra time! And you earn points for free stuff! It really is a no brainer.

Here’s how to get signed up: click on and create an account. But to earn even more points, send me your e-mail address and when you make a $20 purchase we BOTH earn points. So if you want to be invited by me, send me an e-mail at lindsay [at] pursuitofpink [dot] com and I will send an invite your way. But no matter what, check it out! You have nothing to lose and some serious gift cards to gain.

Tip #2:

The best advice I could ever give you…do NOT follow this girl’s recommendation on how to curl your hair. Seriously even before you get to the really funny part (which I won’t give away), I was already chuckling because she just seems so bored explaining what she does. But even if you don’t take her advice, just watch the whole video because it is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I seriously have watched it at least 20 times and still cry because I’m laughing so hard. Enjoy! 



  1. I know! I wonder why she posted that video-- especially if she has other hair videos she wants people to watch.

  2. I used to use MyPoints probably 8-10 years ago, I think I got a few magazine subscriptions from it and Macy's gift cards. Omg. Thank you for posting that video---so funny! I love how righ after it happens she reaches her hand up to grab the curl and there's nothing there. Bahahah


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