Two Tips Tuesday

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I’m back with my weekly post, Two Tips Tuesday. I’m always interested in hearing from my readers, so if you have any suggestions for tips or questions in general, please e-mail me at Lindsay [at] pursuitofpink [dot] com or leave a comment below.

Tip #1:
If you saw my guest post on Heart Shaped Sweat, you know that I am crazy about a makeup primer. This is a relatively new find for me, but I love it. By using a makeup primer, my makeup stays put ALL DAY with barely any touch ups. Plus the primer (combined with my mattifying lotion) drastically cuts down on shine. Adding a makeup primer to my daily routine has been terrific, especially on Sundays. I get up quite early on Sunday mornings (4:45 a.m. to be exact) and my makeup still looks flawless by 5 p.m.  Click here to purchase the primer I use and be sure to click this link to read my full thoughts on the primer.

Tip #2:
Send a letter via USPS more often. Raise your hand if you like receiving mail that isn't a bill, an ad or junk mail? Keep your hand raised if you love Christmastime and all of the fab Christmas cards you receive from friends and family? Yep - I see you all and my hand is still raised too. In this extremely digital world we live in, written cards and letters have drastically diminished. It takes only a few minutes to write a sweet note to a friend or family member and tell them that you love them. And when they check their mailbox, I guarantee they will flash a smile when they see your thoughtful card in their stack with bills and other items that they just want to trash. So go ahead, write a thinking of you card, send a thank you note, send a Valentine via USPS. It will make someone's day.



  1. I love eye primer. I don't wear face makeup often enough to use it all over.

  2. I am all about MAIL! I love getting it and I love sending it. I really think people should be doing this more often than just send an email. It's so much more personal :) Plus, there are so many cute note cards out there!

  3. I have always sent mail. I love getting it to. Email is far to impersonal and means the person is not worth any effort. If you mail a special card or letter it shows you have class and that you care. I always take time to find a special card that means somemthing personal to those I am sending it to.

    My tip for the winter skin months: Mix a pea size of your bronzer with your moisturizer. It gives you a nice glow.

  4. love snail mail! i consistently send thank you cards, birthday cards, or even letters! love getting mags and fun notes!

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  5. As a wife of a Soldier I adore letters!!!!!


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