9 Months Old!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

9 months old!!! How the heck did that happen???? I have no clue where the time has gone but I know it has FLOWN!!! We have been blessed with such a happy baby and are having a ball watching her grow and develop. I thought her 6 month update had a lot of changes, but I think this one will take the cake! She is into so many different things now and learning new things every single day. Its incredible!

Stats: 17.8 pounds, 26 1/2 inches tall. (Her 9 month well check up isn't until Thursday, so we had to resort to using the bathroom scale and a yard stick for these measurements)

Development: The biggest news - we have a tooth!!! She finally cut a tooth on the bottom of her mouth and is now drooling all over everything. Baby K still continues to roll all over the place, its her favorite way to travel currently. If she sees a toy that she wants across the room, she will roll until she gets to it. I love to watch her roll because she is so proud of herself every time she flips onto her belly. She has also started to pull herself up, its the cutest thing to watch - she tries so hard. She has been successful a few times to pull all the way to standing, she just needs to get her feet correctly planted on the floor to do it. She still isn't crawling but is very close; she scoots backwards just a little bit when she is on her belly. Occasionally she has leaned over from our laps and looked like she is going to take the crawling stance on her knees, but she usually falls all the way to her belly. Baby K loves to laugh and we are having such a great time with her. She currently thinks that Tolar and I are quite hilarious and we love entertaining her.

Loves: Besides laughing a lot, she LOVES to be thrown up in the air. And yes, even this very cautious mama tosses her around because she loves it so much. Anything to hear that fabulous giggle. Tolar is so happy because Baby K loves to tap on things. Whether it be her bottle, the table, her toys; she is constantly tapping on things - Tolar is hoping for another drummer in the family. Baby K loves to play; our girl doesn't like to sit still, she likes to be active and playing with all of her toys. Her eyes light up as she reaches for a new toy and discovers new things about it. We all love going for walks outside and it is very evident that our little girl simply adores being outside. She could be crying and fussing in our living room and all we have to do is put her in the stroller and head outside and our happy, talkative girl perks right up. And of course, she loves putting everything in her mouth: toy, straw, i phone, remote, bib, whatever.

Dislikes: She dislikes sitting still, there is nothing we can do to get this girl to be still. She is extremely strong willed and will do whatever it takes to get to where she wants to go or to reach whatever toy she wants. And on that note, if a toy is just a little out of her reach she will get frustrated very easily. She doesn't like to not be able to get what she wants (uh oh!!!).

Sleeping: We still have a terrific sleeper and are still using the sleep suit to help as we have experienced some super cold nights - the suit is so warm and snuggly, I don't want my girl to freeze at night. I know that we need to transition her out of the suit, but honestly I'm really scared to try because she sleeps SO WELL in it. We did try to transition her out of the suit last month and were only somewhat successful. We will keep trying, especially as the weather warms up and I don't have to worry as much about the temperatures at night.

Diapers: Nothing new here, holding steady in size 2 Pampers Swaddlers.

Eating: For the most part, Baby K is a great eater. She often gets excited at night when it is time for her to eat her dinner. If she is fussy, that is sometimes what helps her to calm down. She is still eating pureed food, but we hope to start feeding her solid food very soon. We have been practicing a lot to get her to pick up her food - she loves the puff cereal that helps with this. A lot of puffs end up in her lap because they fall out of her little hands, but she is improving each day with making hand to mouth contact. And recently when we went out to a restaurant, she started reaching for my glass of water, so I started giving her a tiny bit of water at a time through a straw and now she loves it.

Clothing: I am so sad because I have had to pack up a lot of her clothes, she is really growing. She is in 6-9 month clothing and very close to being exclusively in 9 month clothes (our girl is short - just like her mama). I'm so excited for the warmer temperatures because we have some really cute warm weather outfits for her to wear.

Miscellaneous: Just a few days ago Baby K started shaking her head no. She has zero clue what this means, its just funny to see her do it. Occasionally she will happen to shake her head as Tolar asks her a question, quite hilarious. And our girl ALWAYS has her tongue out. I don't know what it is about her tongue, but she loves to stick it out in a playful way or if she is just talking and entertaining herself. Oh and she still talks a lot and will sometimes "sing" along with Tolar, it is so adorable and completely warms my heart.

Thanks to my sweet friend Katie for snapping this terrific shot!


  1. OMG she is just tooo cute!!! Love her red hair!!!

  2. Adorable!! I love the picture of her standing in the chair. So cute!!

  3. Aww she's so cute! My little boys are turning 9 months tomorrow! Time goes sooo fast lol

  4. I can't wait to photographer her in the Tulips!!! She is growing up so much!

  5. She is so adorable! She seems like such a happy baby!


  6. Such a little cutie! My little babe is just a month behind her! They grow so fast!!


  7. Oh thank you for this she is so pretty and damn cute

  8. She is such a doll!!


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