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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Last...

Netflix show I watched: How I Met Your Mother. I really love Netflix and the fact that I can get totally obsessed with a tv series. When I watch episode after episode, I really start to relate to the characters and feel connected to them. How I Met Your Mother is so good! I watched a few episodes when it first came on tv, but I never stayed with it. And I'm smacking myself for not doing so. I love how clever it is - Slap Bet anyone?

Restaurant I went to: Southside 815 in Old Town Alexandria. While my family was in town over the weekend, we went out to dinner to celebrate Baby K's dedication. Although we went out the night before her actual dedication, and when I say the night before, I really mean the afternoon. Because when you have two kiddos under the age of 2 in your house, your dinner time quickly becomes 4:45 p.m. Yep, we were enjoying dinner with the blue hairs.
These two partners in crime just make me smile all. the. time.

Thing I bought for myself: Little baggies and stickers to create mini facials with Rodan and Fields products to hand out to people. Want one? Comment below with your e-mail address.

Song I listened to: Boyce Avenue's cover of Titanium. Tolar introduced me to Boyce Avenue and I'm totally hooked!!! They have tons of covers of popular songs and I just love dancing around the house to them. Such great voices! (PS - Smels, if you are reading this, I know I'm not in the Winterguard world anymore, but you have got to check out their cover of Teenage Dream. It could be an awesome warm up song. Just sayin'.)

Time I cried: Yesterday. Tolar has been out of town for the past couple of days (by the time many of you read this, he will be home!!!) and I realized that this is the first time since Baby K was born that I have slept in our house alone. Which made me think of our precious JoJo and how much I miss him. He was always with me whenever Tolar was out of town, offering me so much comfort. He would snuggle up against me in the bed, when he wasn't patiently waiting at the end of the bed for Tolar to arrive. And he would always follow me from room to room. And it hit me today that Tolar is out of town and there is no JoJo around. Losing a dog is so tough. Plain and simple.

Person I texted: My sister. She sent me a picture of her iphone wallpaper that has a photo of my nephew and Baby K on the slide together. So adorable!

Picture I took: Baby K starting early by reaching out for things in the check out line at the store. Oh man, I will have my hands full with this one for sure!


  1. I'd love a facial Baggie!:)

  2. addilyn reaches for everything! and she's still alittle wobbly in the cart so she can't stay in there for more than 5 minutes! and if we go out to dinner it's that early too!

  3. 1. Baby K is too cute! I can't get over her smile. 2. I live in walking distance to Southside. Why haven't I met you yet!?


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