Mixing Up An Entire Look

Monday, March 10, 2014

One of the things I have tried to use this blog for is to show everyone just how versatile a wardrobe can actually be. So many pieces in my closet can be worn with multiple items, really stretching my wardrobe and maximizing my shopping budget.

Yes, it is great to have special items that you only wear a certain way or to a certain event, but overall, it is so wonderful to be able to have so much flexibility and limitless options with your wardrobe. When I got dressed in this outfit, I realized that every single piece I was wearing had been featured in a previous Wore post here on Pursuit of Pink! So why not show you how I can create multiple looks using the same items of clothes, huh?

After all, it does help stretch some creativity in my brain by thinking up different ways to wear the same pieces. So I like to consider getting dressed each morning a brain activity for the day. Take that old age! :)

Lace striped shirt: White House Black Market outlet (similar).

Black Chiffon Blouse: Genesis (similar).

Jeans: Old Navy.

Booties: DSW (similar).

I'm linking up with Lauren over at Fizz and Frosting for Mix It Monday.


  1. YES! I could not agree more. Having re-mixable pieces is so important to me! I'm glad you shared all of the different ways you've worn the pieces. It's so helpful to get the juices flowing with my own closet!

  2. I love having a re-mixable closet. Have a great week

  3. Super cute! I have been really trying to mix and match lately with my wardrobe. I know I have clothes in there I have forgotten about!


  4. loving the cami and the blouse and all the ways you have styled them

  5. I like the red shoes and the way the skirt looks on you

  6. nice! you're so good at that, seriously! come to my closet? lol


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