How To Make Money On UnUsed Gift Cards

Monday, March 31, 2014

Gift cards, the most loved and hated present around! At least in my book, they are viewed that way.

I LOVE gift cards because I can actually get what I want (or sometimes need), instead of asking for a list of things I'm not really sure I want, but wrote it down because I felt pressure to supply my gift giver with a list. However, I sometimes hate them because I don't always use them! Oftentimes, I forget that I have a gift card because for some strange reason I do not keep them in my wallet. I have no idea why I don't, so it will just waste your time to ask me why. :)

How many times have you ever forgotten you had a gift card and got bummed because you weren't quite sure when you would find a use for it again? To me, that feels like wasted money...until NOW. Have you heard of This is an AWESOME site where you can sell your old gift cards that you won't use and you can also buy gift cards for less than the face value. Um, hello, that is amazing!!! We all know that when Living Social offers a $20 Starbucks gift card for $10 that they sell out. Well now is your chance to get similar types of deals any time you want! And that poor gift card that is just taking up space in your purse or wallet? Sell it and at least get some cash for it to spend on an indulgence item, something you really want.

For me, the thing I really want is always going to be a new purse. Hands down, all the time, I will pick a new purse. It's sad, but quite the reality. Tolar and I have really been tightening up on our budget lately and not allowing ourselves frivolous items. But if I had extra cash thanks to the amazingness of, I would most definitely consider another purse. This Michael Kors purse below was purchased when Tolar got a holiday bonus at work...of for that time to enter our life again!

Let's allow Raise to put their idea to you simply:
"Shoppers can buy discounted gift cards to save on everyday essentials, and sellers can earn cash for otherwise unwanted gift cards to spend when, where and how they choose."

So go check out, there are gift cards available to purchase from so many vendors! I have my eye on some gift cards to Babies R Us - yes, that is my life right now! And of course, you can sell your unused gift cards on there too.

Tell me, what is an indulgence item that you would purchase if you had extra cash from selling your gift cards? It can be anything! I'd love to hear.


  1. I also love gift cards I like being able to go shopping for stuff and not have to worry if I can afford what I want to get

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this! Thanks for sharing! I have a ton of gift cards that I will never use . . . I seem to hoard them for some reason :)


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