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Monday, November 4, 2013

One of the funniest bloggers out there, Taylor, hosted a link up last week called “Someday I Will…” and I absolutely loved the idea so I thought I would put together my list. Someday I Will participate in a really cool one time link up on the actual day instead of posting late. Le sigh…

Someday I will remember to plan meals for Tolar and I. Most nights when I plan out our evenings (time is of the essence around these parts!), I completely forget dinner. Poor Tolar has had to ask on more than one occasion when dinner is and what are we having. And my answer is usually “uh, what would you like (with nothing in the fridge)?”

Someday I will get to sleep for longer than 6 hours at a time. And this is so not because Baby K doesn’t sleep, because my brilliant child does! But while she is still so young and in need of breast milk, a mama’s got to take care of business.

Someday I will get my butt back to the gym, which reminds me I owe you a “Get This Butt Back In Gear Post,” but since I haven’t really been to the gym there isn’t much of an update.

Someday I will actually make every recipe I have pinned on Pinterest. Has anyone ever done that?

Someday I will use the remind me feature on my iPhone instead of asking Tolar to help me remember something and having to hear him say “if only there was a calendar reminder program on our phones.”

Someday I will be a stay at home mom. This is the biggest desire of my heart right now. I so desperately want to stay home with Baby K, but while we live in such a high mortgage area it’s important for me to work so we can maintain the lifestyle we are used to.

Someday I will quit watching E! and ABC Family, but then I wonder what I would actually do with my time if I did that. And what would I do without 25 days of Christmas?

Someday I will finish the three books that I started reading and stop wondering when I will find time to read again. Maybe if I stopped watching E! and ABC Family.

Someday I will not be obsessed with Instagram. By then I’m pretty sure there will be a new form of social media that has captured my interest.

Someday I will quit beating myself up over the fact that yes, my parents were right about everything. Because my day to be right about everything is coming too!

Someday I will learn to pack light, but I’m pretty sure that said packing light will just be for a day trip.

Someday I will realize the full potential of this here blog, but until then I’m having one heck of a time figuring it out.

The Daily Tay


  1. I hope you will realize your dream of being a stay at home mom in the future!

  2. Love this, especially the last one. I'm having a heck of a time, too.

  3. i love E! and instagram. and i am just starting to try to meal plan again! i also would love to go to the gym again someday!!

  4. Love this, I'd love to be a stay at home mom too.....but Lala land is WAY too expensive!


  5. 25 days of Christmas is the best! Can't wait for it! :)


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