How To (Almost) Ruin Your Family Photos...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Funny story for you...
If you didn't know, its No Shave November. I've heard of this event in the past and knew the No Shave was intended for men (and I guess those few women who fight back!), but I didn't really know much more than that. One morning I was watching the Today Show and heard Matt Lauer and Al Roker say that they were going to participate and I casually (and kind of jokingly) mentioned to Tolar that he should consider participating.

You see, Tolar doesn't really grow facial hair. He might need to shave like once a week - tops. I so hope he doesn't get upset that I'm writing this for everyone to see. I have only ever seen him with a little stubble before he just starts looking like a dirty slacker. So I thought it would be cool to see what his beard would actually look like if he didn't shave for the whole month. And without me needing to twist his arm, offer to do something crazy in return or even offer up reasons why he should participate, Tolar agreed!

Ok, cool - I get to see what he looks like with a beard, maybe. But then we go and decide that we want to get photos taken of the three of us so we can send out holiday cards. Nice move there Lindsay, because now Tolar is going to look all disheveled in those pics. People are going to think that Baby K isn't sleeping through the night or something. Oh well, I decide its ok, his beard might actually look normal at the end of the month and I'm sure our pictures will be fine (plus everyone will finally see the red in his beard and maybe quit asking us where Baby K's red hair comes from).

But my amazing and do good husband decides that he isn't going to stop there. Oh no, he decides to join some guys that he knows (well he knows one of them, the rest he met on the internet!) and raise money for Prostate Cancer (what No Shave November is all about). And if they each raise $5000 by the end of the month they will....wait for it...shave. their. heads!!!! Tolar informs me of this and I am immediately thankful that our photo session is scheduled for November, so I won't have to worry about a shaved head AND a full beard. But then I realize that Tolar's family wants to get family photos taken and I kind of freak out. He is going to have a shaved head in those pictures for sure, because we won't see them until December! His mom and sister are going to kill me (deny all of your involvement Lindsay).

Luckily, Tolar decides to extend his fundraising deadline a bit, so we can take family photos featuring only the beard. He won't shave his head until later in December. Crisis kind of averted. And I write all of this as if Tolar has raised the $5000 because I KNOW he is going to. Especially if he knows that I'm less than thrilled about a shaved head. Have you seen the size of our heads? Yes, I'm adding myself to that because its no secret, we are a family with rather large craniums. I'm not so sure a huge bald head sitting on top of Tolar's body is the way to go. Or maybe it is? People will constantly ask him why he shaved his head, thus opening the door to talk even further about raising money for cancer - because cancer sucks! And beating that beast is the ultimate goal.

So maybe I'm not as worried about it in reality, because at the end of the day the point of this is to raise awareness and money for cancer. Not to worry about Tolar's healthy appearance. His hair will always grow back, others aren't that lucky. And our photos won't be ruined. If anything, when Baby K is older and looks back at photos of her first Christmas, she will see a man who has a huge heart for helping others. A loving man who sticks to what he says he will do, despite it messing up his appearance. She will see her strong Daddy, setting an example that one person can make a difference.

Do you want to get in on the action and actually see Tolar reach his goal? Or maybe you just really want to see Tolar with a shaved head? It doesn't matter the reason, what does matter is that we work to raise money and help stop cancer!
If you would like to donate to Tolar's cause, simply click this link. Tolar has set up his fundraiser on an awesome site called CrowdRise, so you will be submitting your payment on a secure site. And any donation is 100% tax deductible to the extent allowed by law (for all of the info, click here.)

We all know someone who has cancer, who lost a battle with cancer, or is at least affected by cancer. This horrible beast needs to be stopped. Won't you help Tolar try to reach his goal to make a difference? Any amount helps. I thank you in advance for even considering a donation. I'm so proud of Tolar for taking this on, he is going to change the world starting by setting an awesome example for our baby girl.

To donate to Tolar's cause, raising $5000 for cancer, just click here!
Thanks for your support!

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  1. My husband is a hairless wonder too! It's so funny considering just how hairy my dad and brother are.

  2. How awesome is HE? And at least you have a solution to the photos! :-)



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