Wore: Yellow and Blue

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ok, you are all going to think I’m crazy, but I started typing this post in the midst of contractions. We didn’t know exactly what would happen as my contractions were very sporadic, but I figured I better use the idle time to blog since nothing good is on tv at 4 a.m.!

So forgive me for the brevity of today’s post, but I did want to show you all this outfit.

I love yellow and blue together and not just because I went to UNCG and those are the school colors, just something about the different hues really pops for me! And of course I love a good maxi dress or skirt, even when I’m not pregnant.

So enjoy the below pictures. I hope to be able to introduce you to our little one VERY soon.

Dress: Marshall's
Cardigan: LOFT.
Shoes: DSW.
Necklace: Caroline G.

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  1. Gorgeous outfit (as always). Hope you are enjoying your time with your little one and getting as much rest as you can before heading home :)

  2. Love that bubble necklace! Really adds a nice pop of colour. You're so beautiful and full of life.


  3. Yellow and blue really do pop together. =) You look so beautiful!

  4. omg, I'm envisioning you typing this in between contractions. You are a SUPERSTAR!

    Can't wait for more pictures of that adorable little one, and hope that you're getting some rest!


  5. you look beautiful!! maxi dresses are the best! love that one! can't wait to meet your baby! :)

  6. incredible that you are posting in between contractions. I love this look, pregnant or not!

  7. WOW! Great look and colors on you. I have that exact necklace. Rock Star!

    I would say, Come link up with me at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday! www.themummychronicles.com
    but I think you are probably too busy. :)

  8. First time I ever read a blog post by a woman giving birth. Wow lady! You are amazing.

  9. What a gorgeous outfit! You are glowing. :)

  10. Bloody hell you look good I love that yellow necklace............

  11. Lovely outfit!



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