Turn That Frown Upside Down

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Let’s face it, as much as we don’t like them, bad days are inevitable. We have to endure a little rain every now and then so we know how good the sunshine can be. I’m a firm believer in rising above your situation and still finding the good. The second I start to give in to my bad mood, the worse I feel. Bad days and unhappy times are not fun for anyone, so I asked around seeking advice on how others turn a bad day into a good day. I hope the below suggestions give you plenty of ideas on how you can tell that bad day to take a one way trip out of town!

Or at the very least, I hope this picture makes you smile!

Amber suggested grabbing a coffee, taking a walk, taking kids to the park (if you don’t have kids, I suggest maybe just go watch kids having fun in the park – in a non creepy way that is), taking a shower, really anything that will clear your head.
The shower idea is definitely one I follow. Anytime I am sick, a shower or a bath instantly make me feel better. And who says that having a bad day doesn’t fall under the same category?

Candice likes to buy herself flowers, that always makes her day brighter. Amen sister! Flowers instantly put a smile on my face. And judging by the looks of my instagram feed, Trader Joe's is rocking it with some beautiful peonies this season. I might go buy myself some even though today is a great day!

Vicki suggested choosing to be thankful. I couldn’t agree more. Focus on the good in your life instead of letting one thing derail you completely. Missing the metro and having to walk in the rain even after you just curled your hair is not reason enough to be upset, especially when you are healthy, have a job, a roof over your head and clothes on your back!

Allie likes to take some me time (shopping, coffee, reading, taking a nap) whenever she has a bad day. Again, all great advice. A nap is definitely helpful because more often than not when I’m over emotional and think I’m having a bad day its usually because I’m sleepy more than anything else.

Kristine turns her bad day around by getting in some exerrrrrcise and playing some good music. Does anyone remember my favorite line from one of my favorite made just for me movies, Legally Blonde? “Exercise produces endorphins, endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands, they just don’t.” Kristine knows where it’s at! Getting your body up and moving is a perfect way to release some tension and to forget about what made you upset in the first place. And yes, playing some sweet jams also helps. I heart Karmin and love to listen to their station on Pandora. So fun!

My real life friend Kim likes to send thank you notes or emails when she has a bad day. She said it best herself: gratefulness wins. I completely agree. When you turn your attention onto others, the blessings you get back are immeasurable.

Sarah watches Christmas movies to lift her spirits.  What an awesome idea. Christmas is such a joyous time of year and people in the movies are always so happy and enjoying life. You just can’t help but smile. Good thought Sarah!!!

What do I do to turn a bad day around? Number one is that I call my mother. It doesn’t matter how old I get, when I’m feeling upset a quick call to Beckaroo instantly makes me feel better. Something about a mother’s love that just warms you up! I also allow myself to enjoy an indulgent treat, whether it be fro-yo, a cupcake or a donut, something sweet instantly helps.  And finally, I try to smile!!! A smile is your greatest accessory, so why not use it to its full advantage. Smile through the pain and eventually you will always choose to smile instead of focusing on a frown.

And if all else fails, use a personal day and lay in bed watching HGTV and awesome chick flicks. Mood lifted just thinking about it!


  1. I like to squeeze on my four-legged friends when I am having a bad day. They are always happy to see me and greet me with an abundance of energy. Feeling loved, even from a fury creature, can stop a bad day in its tracks.

  2. Tons of great tips for turning a bad day around! I haven't had a day long marathon of HGTV in forever!!! I need one of those stat!

  3. These are some seriously great tips!! :)


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