Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This will probably be my last pregnancy/bump update for you because I am thisclose to my due date!!! I’m just over 3 weeks away and I cannot believe how fast everything has gone.

I’m trying to stay as ahead of the game as I can and I hope to have enough blog entries prepared to post for while we are at the hospital. But if for some reason you stop by Pursuit of Pink on a weekday and I don’t have a new post, you will know where I am and why I’m not posting! Sweet Tolar is going to try and publish as many posts as I have from the hospital’s wifi, so stay tuned!

How far along: 36 weeks, 5 days

Thoughts: I cannot believe I’m so close! I am extremely excited to meet our little one and incredibly anxious about the whole birthing process (as I’ve told you in the past). And I do think we are ready, not that we have a choice! I constantly think about holding my little girl – I wonder what she will look like; will she be as dramatic as her two parents are or will God grant us some grace in that department? All of my thoughts are centered around the baby.

Advice: My sister has been awesome with offering up thoughts of encouragement during these last few weeks. She even texted me yesterday that I can do it!!! And my Mom has been so helpful with encouragement as well and reminding me to take it easy. I have limited my plans on the weekends to allow myself some down time (and to prep any last minute things) and this past weekend was glorious. My entire Saturday was free to do whatever I wanted!

Baby: She now weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 ½ inches long (according to my Baby Center app)! At the end of this week, my baby will be considered full term!!!  

Movement: She has taken up camp on the right side of my stomach, just under my ribs. I think she keeps pushing my side with her feet, there is constantly something there. And it is so cool to see my stomach move. Tolar and I could sit there and watch it all day if she would actually move all day. It’s such a neat thing to experience.

Sleep: Sleep has eluded me for about the past 4 months. And I just started having problems with my lower back/left hip so I really can’t get comfortable. I toss and turn all night and usually give up and move to the couch around 3:30/4 a.m. Tolar has got to be the sweetest husband ever – he refuses to let me sleep downstairs in the living room alone. In fact, he insisted that I wake him up whenever I decide to move down there. Not only does he join me in the living room, the man sleeps ON THE FLOOR to allow me to have the biggest couch and to try and get as comfortable as possible. I’m sure your question is “why don’t I just start out sleeping on the couch?” I tried that and couldn’t fall asleep. I seem to do better switching to the couch in the middle of the night. Strange I know, but it’s true.

Food: Not much of an overactive appetite lately. It’s so weird, throughout my entire pregnancy I have not had any cravings! I wish I did, it would sure make deciding on what I want for dinner easier. Three foods have been constant during this pregnancy: bananas, cereal and ice cream.

Preparing for baby: We were thrown three separate baby showers and received so many terrific gifts from such fabulous friends and family. Plus Tolar and I went to Buy Buy Baby over the weekend to purchase any remaining items on our registry, so we are finished and have everything we need! The nursery is basically complete. The only thing I am waiting on are the curtains that match the crib bedding. Everything else is ready to go. I hope the curtains arrive soon so I can show you guys the finished product!!!

Prayer request: The same as always – please pray for me to have strength and faith that I CAN DO THIS! I constantly pray for God’s strength to sustain me. Also, please pray for our beautiful girl to be healthy and happy. And while you are at it, please pray for Tolar. I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that he will be the absolute best coach for me, pray for him to have strength throughout the entire labor and delivery as well.


  1. mmm mmm, goooooooood lookin'. ;)

  2. You'll do great and be an excellent mom!

  3. You look wonderful! I will be praying for you and baby's safety and a healthy delivery!

  4. You will be amazing, it's what we're meant to do!

  5. Ahhh! So excited for yall!!! :) I'll be praying for a smooth last few weeks of pregnancy, a smooth delivery - and for you and your baby girl!!! :)

    *hugs from SC*

  6. SOOO close!! I have not been sleeping at all either! I usually get up around 2 to go in the other bed so I have more space and can toss and turn there! I'm ready to sleep on my stomach again!

  7. You look great! I am 34 weeks and so ready to be done. I go to sleep easy enough each night but wake up at about 3 am.
    Good Luck!


  8. You look great! You will be in my prayers as you approach your due date! You can do it! :)

  9. What a cute little bump!! And you look beautiful!! I came over from Glam Hungry Mom!

  10. So exciting, girl!

    Oh, and thanks for the giveaway at Glam Hungry Mom :)

  11. you are adorable! So close now! I am jealous, I am so ready to be in my 3rd trimester! Good luck!

  12. Yayayayay!!! I'm so excited to "meet" your little girl! :-)

  13. I am soooo excited for you! You're in the home stretch, mama, hang in there!

  14. EEEEEK! Girl! This makes me so excited! I cant wait to see that Instagram pic of your precious baby girl!!


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