Wore: My Go To Outfit

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We all have one; an outfit or even a single article of clothing that we know when we put it on that we will feel great. I call this my go to outfit. If I am filling uninspired when selecting an outfit, but still want to be presentable and feel put together, I know that my go to outfit will do the trick.

Ever since I bought these super comfortable and extremely versatile black jeans, I have had them in constant rotation. They seriously go with everything! With just enough stretch, they are easily the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned. Pair the jeans with this fab shirt I recently purchased from LOFT, throw on my messenger hat and my black boots and boom! Pulled together in 2.5! No thinking whatsoever.

Which leads me to ask the question, how does everyone plan their outfits? Do you stare into your closet each morning, mixing and matching outfits? Do you pretty much know the entire contents of your closet and plan your outfit while in the shower (that's what I'm working with these days)? Do you pick your clothes out the night before? Do you try on a zillion things before finally deciding? I'd love to know, leave me a comment below and share your tips and tricks for getting ready each day!

Jeans: Old Navy.
Top: LOFT.
Boots: DSW.
Necklace / Rings: Stella & Dot.
Hat: Wet Seal (old).

Just a note for all of you Mamas out there with cute and adorable kids: I'm co-hosting a link up with Katie from For Lauren & Lauren for you to show off those cute kids and their awesome clothes. So for those of you with budding fashionistas on your hands, join us THIS FRIDAY (January 24). No rules, just link up photos of your cute kids. 

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  1. I start thinking about my outfit while in shower then go to closet and make final decision after browsing and thinking about what eye shadow palette I want use that day......LOL! Quirky I know, but you did ask....LOL! I would be honored if you and any of your viewers would check out my new blog here on Bloglovin or at www.bethandbeauty.com. Thanks in advance!

  2. When I used to work I would put my outfit together the night before, I also would think about what I was going to wear in the shower or walking the dog. Now for the most part I just stand in front of the closet and decide what to wear. I also think about my outfit the night before as i'm trying to go to sleep. Since I'm doing 30x30 right now. I have been having no problem pairing my outfits.

  3. I always start with that one thing that I want or need to wear, like winter boots, a light jacket, a larger purse, or quite honestly nail polish - and then I work backwards from there!

  4. I really like this sweater! So cute! I am the WORST about getting dressed in the mornings. I never plan ahead and end up making a big ole mess. I definitely need to work on that!

  5. you're right - we do all have a go to outfit, I could think of mine immediately when you said that. haha. yours is so cute!

  6. Look at you, Gorgeous! :) I am loving that hat- you look so cute! I am the same way with my "go-to" outfits... it's nice having something that just "works".

    xo Always, Abby

  7. I definitely lay my clothes out the night before. If I don't, I don't look too good. My brain doesn't create cute outfits in the morning. ;-)

  8. I just bought the SAME jeans! Yay for great taste :-)



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