My Dad Is Officially A Senior Citizen Today

Thursday, January 16, 2014

There is no denying it, no question, my Dad is officially a senior citizen today. By some companies' standards, he was considered a senior citizen in previous years, but not by some others. However, there will no longer be a question because all companies recognize the big 65 as a senior citizen (Sorry Dad, I had to go there!).

Since today is the wonderful day of my Dad's birth (that makes it partly my birthday right? so I can eat cake?), I wanted to take the time to tell everyone about him. My Dad truly is a delight! Honestly, the man loves to have fun and I ALWAYS laugh when I am with him. Even if I get upset with him, that lasts exactly 2.5 minutes because he always does something to make me laugh and smile instead. Major props to my Mom for finding a man that she can never be mad at because he just likes to have fun.

My Dad is the best person to have around whenever there is a crisis, seriously, I can't even count how many times my Dad has saved the day. And he does so without question, he sees a need and meets it. Growing up, if anything ever went wrong I knew that my Dad would be along to fix it. He was like my security net, but he still helped me learn the lesson along the way. And even as an adult, I find comfort in seeking his advice. In fact, several years ago I was offered a job at a theatre in D.C. and I just wasn't sure if I should take it and move to D.C. or not. So what did I do? I called my Dad, told him all about the offer and he told me with full confidence that I should take it. Well, fast forward six and a half years and here I am; still employed by that same theatre, happily married and now the mom to a beautiful baby girl. All because I listened to my father, took a huge leap and moved to D.C. (Whoa, that's a pretty bold statement that I just gave my Dad credit for my husband and baby!).

I'm so thankful for my Dad because he has taught me oh so much over the years. He has taught me all about hard work and having integrity. You get ahead in this world by putting your best foot forward, being the best that you can be and going above and beyond the call of duty. He's taught me that cereal really can be an amazing dinner, that there is some fun in riding a tractor (he NEVER thought I would say that - and I just went and admitted it right here on the interwebs) and that yes, I actually did need to take some business courses while in college. My Dad is one of the wisest men I know, I mean he married my amazing mother, that's reason enough!

Thanks for being you Dad! Thanks for having the tenderest heart I ever have seen in a man, but still getting outside to plow your garden and shoot those pesky groundhogs. Thanks for making us all laugh every time we see you, thanks for setting your daughters up to succeed in life and teaching us the value of a dollar (the secret can be found at Eggs & Things in Honolulu, right Dad?). Thanks for being a shining example of what it means to be a good person and help your neighbor out. And most importantly, thanks for teaching me EXACTLY what matters most in life: God and Family.

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you so much!

(Go check out my Dad's blog, he was one of the inspirations for me to start my own)


  1. Aww. This was so sweet! Happy birthday to your Dad! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad. My dad just turn 50 on Tuesday.

  3. You are so blessed to have such an awesome dad! And I LOVE that he has a blog! :-) Happy birthday to him!! :-)

  4. What great memories!!!



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