Do You Shop At ULTA?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Calling all of my beauty lovers! Do you shop at ULTA? Well, I guess the better question is do you shop at ULTA if you have a store near you?

I personally love the store and get super giddy whenever I see one. I pretty much feel like a kid in a candy store when I visit, or Tolar in Game Stop. I'm so happy shopping the aisles looking at all of the hair care products, fragrances, makeup and other beauty products they sell. So I decided to list the reasons I shop there...hopefully you agree with some!

1.) They are a one stop shop!
Seriously, ULTA carries a ton of stuff. From higher end/salon quality products to items you would find at a drug store, they have everything there for you. I always go in looking for a particular item and end up browsing just to see what else they have. I have found new products that I love on multiple occasions. Anytime I hear of a product from one of my other favorite beauty bloggers, ULTA is the first store I hit up.

2.) Their free gifts are seriously amazing.
Ok, admit it, how many times have you gotten a free gift with purchase from somewhere that ended up just sitting around your house or being donated because you never used it? Yep, happens to me a lot. But not at ULTA. I love their free gifts. In fact, I recently purchased a new fragrance and I received the softest bathrobe ever as a free gift. That robe has quickly become my favorite one to wear. Another favorite free gift was a carry on travel bag that has wheels! You may think this sounds silly, but it is such an awesome bag. It meets all airline size requirements and can fit a ton of stuff in it without being too bulky (not like the small suitcase carry on bag - its smaller and better). And the fact that it is on wheels is genius. And I got it at ULTA for free! So cool.

3.) If you sign up for their Rewards Program you receive coupons on the regular.
I receive their catalog in the mail very often and frequently get coupons for $10 off a purchase. Those coupons get put to good use! Plus I earn points on items that I buy that can be redeemed for future purchases. To sign up, you can just click this link.

4.) They have an amazing fragrance section.
Several times I have been looking for a new fragrance and just didn't know what I wanted, so I hit up ULTA because they have a very large selection. Plus, you don't have to get hassled by the sales people in a department store. I love it because I can take as much time as I want selecting a new fragrance and still get department store brands.

5.) Free samples with every order online.
Yes, I usually buy my beauty products in person at the store. But if I know exactly what I want (like if I'm buying something as a repeat order) then I will just order online. And ULTA always sends you free samples. You can select if you want to receive free beauty samples, free fragrance samples or if you want to be surprised. I actually found a fragrance I liked by receiving their free samples. So cool!

Do you have reasons that you love shopping at ULTA? Share those in the comments below.



  1. I am so overwhelmed when I walk into Ulta but I love it nonetheless! I didn't know they have a rewards program... I just signed up. Great post! :)

  2. I love Ulta! They have great sales online each week, so I usually shop there

  3. I love how all there flyer have a coupon in them.

  4. I love Ulta too! I will be going there tomorrow to get the Bare Minerals starter kit! I am pretty darn excited about that. And I almost always walk out of there with much more than what I needed. I LOVE it so much!

  5. Another reason I love ulta is that you can use manufacturer coupons on top of their coupons. So when the 20% off your entire purchase comes around I can get certain day to day type items (shaving cream, etc.) and get some killer savings!

  6. They FINALLY opened one near me last year…..I'm obsessed!


  7. I've actually never been in an ULTA--they opened up one near us a few months ago but I've never made it over yet!

  8. I've only been in Ulta once, but I've been thinking that I should start buying all of my makeup there because of the rewards program! I just wish there was a store where I live because I hate buying things online.

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