Nail Polish Designs

Monday, October 8, 2012

I love nail polish and painting my nails, but I must admit that I don’t do my nails that often because I cannot possibly sit still for awhile afterwards and let them dry. There is just too much to do to sit and be still (though a good moment of stillness would be good for my soul; new goal!). Well after I had my Julep manicure and bought the awesome quick dry polish drops, my tune has changed.

There are so many cute trends happening right now in the world of nail color/design and I’m ready to try a few new ideas. Thank goodness I found a miracle worker in these quick dry drops. (Serious life problems solved here people) As always, I checked out trusty Pinterest for inspiration and found some cute nail ideas that I can’t wait to try. Here they are below; I’ll report back soon on the results and hope to even do a few tutorials.

[All images pinned here.]
So what do you think? Have any pics of your nail polish endeavors to share? Tweet them at me @lindsaytolar.
Happy Columbus Day!

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  1. I totally want to try that pink and purple, to bad I am extremely uncoordinated!

    adorable blog
    newest follower from #yolo

    1. Thanks for finding me Hallie! I want to try the pink and purple too, hopefully I'll have some success. I'm heading to your blog now!

  2. I am obsessed with painting my nails! I started a whole board on pinterest dedicated to manicures too :D I love YOLO mondays, I am always linked up :)

  3. Since I started blogging I have become more and more obsessed with painting my nails...I have sort of started to spend a fortune on different nail polishes! Hahaha! Its becoming a problem!! Love your blog...newest follower via YOLO!!!


    1. Same here! I've bought more nail polish since I started following blogs and now blogging than ever before in my life. But I love it!

  4. Love all of them. When I paint four of my nails one color and my ring finger another I like to use a sparkly polish to add some pop.

  5. I need to know that is there any software available for practicing nail art?


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