The Best Thing Pinterest Ever Taught Me

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I have learned quite a lot of great things from Pinterest – new outfit creations, awesome recipes, holiday DIY and even some organizing tips. However, nothing comes close to being as amazing as what I am going to impart on all of you.

This super easy trick has been life changing in the kitchen and has saved me tons of time. Pinterest taught me how to shred chicken in just a few seconds.

The only thing you need? One of these:

Here’s what you do:
-Cook chicken as desired
-Place the chicken (while still warm) into your Kitchen Aid mixing bowl
-Make sure to use the paddle attachment and turn the mixer on medium for about 10 seconds
-Voila! You have shredded chicken and just earned yourself an extra 10 minutes catching up on Revenge [insert your favorite tv show here]


A few notes:
-This works best with warm chicken, cool chicken may be harder to shred
-If you want your chicken to be shredded really fine, just leave the mixer on longer

There you have it! I hope you enjoy this awesome trick as much as I do.


  1. This is awesome! Hi I found your blog through Lipgloss and Crayons giveaway, but I am staying for the awesome. Chicken in a Mixer for the win! More time for television, or whatever is always a plus!

    Can I invite you to my Halloween Blog Party?

  2. Cute blog! Found it through Lipgloss and Crayons giveaway! I need one of those mixing bowls!

    hope you will follow back!

  3. I'm super excited to try this. I spend so much time shredding chicken!!

  4. Holy cow. I may actually shred chicken now instead of just always doing breasts and leaving it at that.



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