Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween to all of my lovely readers! Hurricane Sandy kind of put a wrench in my Halloween planning, but I was still able to get into the Halloween spirit a bit.

In preparing for Halloween, I was looking for a manicure to capture the holiday. I came up with Candy Corn inspired nails.

Using a gold nail color I got from my monthly Birchbox (called Disco Nap) and an orange color I got from a Fall Swap (called Cloud 9), I created the above manicure. I have never done an accent nail before, but blogging and seeing other nail trends led me to experiment and I really liked the results. (Come back Friday to read about the Fall Swap!)

Since tonight is Halloween, Tolar and I will pass out candy to the cuties that live in our neighborhood. Tolar loves to assemble goodie bags for all of the Trick or Treaters and we both love to give out good candy! This year we are handing out bags filled with Snickers, Kit Kats, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Smarties. All of our favorites (we are just missing the Nerds, that whole bag got eaten before we could assemble everything!).

Here are some photos of the goodies we will pass out.
Aren't these such cute bags?

Here's the candy, I hope the stash makes it through the night.  :)

I hope everyone has an awesome holiday. Leave me a comment below to tell me what your plans are.

(I’m participating in the Halloween party that lovenailpolish is throwing over on her blog: Addicted to OPI-yum)


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