Gala Wrap Up

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Monday night, my work (the Shakespeare Theatre Company) held our Annual Gala. This is a HUGE fundraiser for our theatre and quite a fun night too. Every year, we honor an actor who has made significant contributions to classical theatre and this year we honored F. Murray Abraham (you know, the guy from Amadeus). The night also includes a performance (I’m trying really hard not to use my official press release language to describe the evening) featuring multiple types of performing arts: opera, jazz, rap, modern dance and classical theatre were included this year. It’s such a cool idea bringing different art forms together to celebrate the greatest art form of all – theatre (hey, this is only my opinion!).

After the performance, everyone heads over to the GORGEOUS National Building Museum for dinner and dancing. I normally try to keep my composure and not go all “crazed fan” on people, as we rub elbows with the Washington and theatre elite. My first year, I was thrilled to be sharing a dance floor with David Gregory from NBC News.  I have always had an awesome time at the Gala (this was my fifth year!) and this year was no different. It’s such a good time getting to dance with my coworkers and supporters of the theatre and just celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, without having to worry about what’s coming next. For one night, we all dress up really fancy and just party!

Here are some shots from last night:
Tolar and I clean up pretty nice, if I say so myself.
You can dress him up, but you can't make him stop working.
Me and my girl Marcy - one of the best friends ever.
The National Building Museum is one of my favorite places, its so pretty.
A little sass never hurt this lady.
Paparazzi shot - that's our Artistic Director Michael Kahn introducing me to F. Murray Abraham.
Me and a fellow lady from the South, Emily - who is the sweetest thing around (and super pretty!).

 My favorite part of the evening? Getting to dance with the love of my life – he’s a cutie.



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