Current Crush: Knee High Boots

Thursday, November 1, 2012

1.) Target. 2.) Madden Girl. 3.) DSW. 4.) Forever 21. 5.) 6.) Kohl's. 7.) LOFT.

Thank you Mother Nature for FINALLY realizing that it is fall and offering us some fall temperatures. Seriously, last week it was in the 80’s around here. I was starting to think it was normal to wear open toed shoes at the end of October.

But Mother Nature got with the program and delivered some nice, chilly days. So now I can finally crush on Knee High Boots and not just have to dream about them. I can actually buy them and wear them (in fact I wore some yesterday!). After scouring Polyvore to create the above photo, I now have a list that includes several different kinds of boots I would like to add to my closet (sorry Tolar!).

Not included in the photo are these beauties from my favorite store, LOFT.
Right now, they are my absolute favorites since the wedges give me height, but don’t hurt my feet. However, I’m waiting on a good sale before I purchase them. Hopefully LOFT will have one soon, they are usually pretty faithful.

Has anyone seen any good sales on Knee High Boots anywhere? Leave me a comment below, I love a sale!


  1. Those Loft wedges are really cute. I wonder if I should check em out.

  2. i just bought my first pair of flat knee-high boots from DSW and wouldn't you know I have them on today--perfect timing!


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